Jack Chefe

IVA Star Rating : 65


Sunday, 01 April 1894


Monday, 01 December 1975

Actor Filmography

The Prize Reception Guest 1963
Take Her, She's Mine Party Guest 1963
Strangers When We Meet Waiter at Romanoff's 1960
Please Don't Eat the Daisies Sardi's Headwaiter 1960
Seven Thieves Ball Dance Participant 1960
The Story on Page One Courtroom Spectator 1959
Mr. Lucky Club Patron, Waiter 1959
The Man Who Understood Women Waiter at Costume Party 1959
The Untouchables Courtroom Spectator 1959
I Mobster Waiter 1959
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Actor Filmography

The Prize Reception Guest 1963
Take Her, She's Mine Party Guest 1963
Strangers When We Meet Waiter at Romanoff's 1960
Please Don't Eat the Daisies Sardi's Headwaiter 1960
Seven Thieves Ball Dance Participant 1960
The Story on Page One Courtroom Spectator 1959
Mr. Lucky Club Patron, Waiter 1959
The Man Who Understood Women Waiter at Costume Party 1959
The Untouchables Courtroom Spectator 1959
I Mobster Waiter 1959
The Restless Years Man at Parents Night 1958
The Buccaneer Monsieur Lesaint 1958
The Perfect Furlough Maitre d' 1958
Houseboat Country Club Waiter 1958
The Last Hurrah Crowd Member 1958
77 Sunset Strip Waiter 1958
Man with a Camera Waiter 1958
The Ann Sothern Show Marcel 1958
Lafayette Escadrille French Officer / Baseball Spectator 1958
Mike Hammer Waiter 1958
The Tarnished Angels Chef at Roger's Memorial Dinner 1957
Bombers B-52 Nightclub Waiter 1957
Jailhouse Rock Waiter in Strip Club 1957
My Man Godfrey Official at Scavenger Hunt 1957
How to Marry a Millionaire Waiter 1957
Maverick Butler 1957
Perry Mason Courtroom Spectator, Waiter, Court Clerk, Juror, Restaurant Waiter, Waiter / Courtroom Spectator 1957
Man of a Thousand Faces Extra in Bullpen 1957
Bailout at 43, 000 Headwaiter 1957
Ten Thousand Bedrooms Party Guest 1957
Funny Face Frenchman at Flostre's Party 1957
Top Secret Affair Waiter 1957
Crime of Passion Bartender 1956
Death of a Scoundrel Restaurant Waiter 1956
Around the World in 80 Days Extra 1956
Accused of Murder Waiter 1956
The Boss Servant 1956
Nightmare Nightclub Waiter / Nightclub Waiter (Uncredited) 1956
Crashing Las Vegas Waiter 1956
When Gangland Strikes Member of the Jury 1956
The Price of Fear Headwaiter 1956
Glory Nightclub Waiter 1956
I'll Cry Tomorrow Nightclub Waiter 1955
Guys and Dolls Waiter at Mindy's 1955
Sudden Danger Jack - Headwaiter 1955
Bobby Ware Is Missing Waiter in Club 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Waiter 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Waiter, Detective 1955
Casablanca Waiter 1955
One Desire Bank Customer 1955
To Catch a Thief Hotel Security 1955
There's Always Tomorrow Waiter 1955
Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy Cafe Patron 1955
Ain't Misbehavin' Waiter 1955
Son of Sinbad Seer in Caliph's Palace 1955
The Big Combo Waiter 1955
The Millionaire Waiter 1955
TV Reader's Digest Antoine 1955
Prince of Players Balcony Spectator in Washington DC 1955
Soldiers of Fortune Waiter 1955
There's No Business Like Show Business Nightclub Patron 1954
Woman's World Waiter at Tony's 1954
Rogue Cop Waiter at Turf Club 1954
Dawn at Socorro Waiter 1954
The Gambler from Natchez Francois - Riverboat Waiter 1954
Magnificent Obsession Waiter 1954
The Whistler Maitre d' 1954
The Long Wait Bank Employee 1954
Playgirl Waiter 1954
Paris Playboys Servant at Dinner 1954
Dangerous Mission Party Caterer 1954
The French Line Wine Steward 1953
The Bigamist Waiter 1953
How to Marry a Millionaire Waiter at Wedding 1953
The Loretta Young Show Frederick 1953
Mister Scoutmaster Man at Ceremony 1953
Sky Commando Officer in Club 1953
Here Come the Girls Room Service Waiter 1953
Latin Lovers Engagement Party Guest 1953
So This Is Love Headwaiter 1953
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Proprietor 1953
The Maze Waiter 1953
Affair with a Stranger Jacques - Restaurant Chef 1953
Dream Wife Doorman 1953
Siren of Bagdad Tribesman at Magic Show 1953
Call Me Madam Soldier 1953
General Electric Theater (unconfirmed) 1953
Angel Face Man 1953
April in Paris Waiter 1952
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation French Waiter 1952
Adventures of Superman Waiter 1952
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Villager 1952
Captain Pirate Dresser 1952
Last Train from Bombay Waiter 1952
Dreamboat Headwaiter in Silent Movie 1952
Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom Storage Plant Guard [Ch. 2] / Borrego's Servant [Ch.12] 1952
Carrie Waiter 1952
Sound Off Maitre D' 1952
The Half-Breed Croupier 1952
A Girl in Every Port Hotel Waiter 1952
This Woman Is Dangerous Croupier / Croupier (Uncredited) 1952
Meet Danny Wilson Makeup Man 1952
Double Dynamite Pierre - the Chef 1951
My Favorite Spy Nightclub Waiter 1951
Two Tickets to Broadway Charlivels Manager 1951
The Blue Veil Cousin / Cousin (Uncredited) 1951
I Love Lucy Bellhop, Waiter 1951
The Lady Pays Off Maitre d' 1951
On the Loose Waiter 1951
An American in Paris Audience Member 1951
Roadblock Waiter 1951
Sunny Side of the Street Waiter Captain 1951
Painting the Clouds with Sunshine Waiter 1951
Little Egypt Captain of Waiters 1951
The Basketball Fix Waiter 1951
Rich, Young and Pretty Waiter 1951
The Strange Door Townsman 1951
Sirocco Minor Role 1951
When the Redskins Rode French Lieutenant 1951
The Fat Man French Chef 1951
On the Riviera Reporter 1951
I Can Get It for You Wholesale Ball Guest 1951
Valentino Waiter 1951
Royal Wedding Ship's Officer 1951
Target Unknown Peasant's Friend in Cafe 1951
Payment on Demand Headwaiter 1951
Hunt the Man Down Man in Visitor's Pen 1950
California Passage Townsman / Gambler 1950
Three Husbands Movie House Patron 1950
Chain Gang Convict 1950
Blues Busters Henry - Headwaiter 1950
Last of the Buccaneers Party Guest 1950
All About Eve Sarah Siddons Awards Guest 1950
Dark City Croupier 1950
Pretty Baby Waiter 1950
Bunco Squad Maitre d' 1950
Shakedown Shop Proprietor 1950
The Petty Girl Club Patron / Artist 1950
Atom Man vs. Superman Eddie - TV Truck Crewman [Chs. 10-12] 1950
Three Little Words Waiter 1950
The Second Woman Country Club Cook 1950
It's a Small World Diner 1950
Spy Hunt Waiter 1950
In a Lonely Place Bartender 1950
Lucky Losers Roulette Player 1950
Please Believe Me Captain of Waiters 1950
Pier 23 Waiter 1950
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town Nightclub Patron 1950
Nancy Goes to Rio Nightclub Patron 1950
Tarnished Maitre d' 1950
The Heiress French Waiter 1949
Holiday Affair Waiter 1949
The Great Lover Steward 1949
Tell It to the Judge Roulette Croupier 1949
That Forsyte Woman Party Guest 1949
Everybody Does It Hairdresser 1949
Once More, My Darling Nightclub Waiter 1949
Post Office Investigator Stamp Auction Attendee 1949
Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff Barber 1949
House of Strangers Waiter 1949
The Great Sinner Gambling Casino Patron 1949
Alimony Mr. Dumont 1949
Batman and Robin Plant Guard in Hallway [Chs. 13-14] 1949
The Lady Gambles Casino Patron 1949
Appointment with Murder Johnny - Hotel Clerk 1948
An Innocent Affair Rocket Roof Waiter with Menu Board 1948
Larceny Bald Waiter 1948
Superman Dupe 1948
The Velvet Touch Headwaiter 1948
The Senator Was Indiscreet Waiter 1947
High Wall Charlie 1947
It Had to Be You Paul the Waiter 1947
Saigon Hotel Clerk 1947
The Crime Doctor's Gamble Jacques, Waiter 1947
Louisiana 1947
This Time for Keeps Waiter 1947
Lured Pierre the Headwaiter / Pierre, Headwaiter 1947
Killer Dill Speakeasy Headwaiter 1947
The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West Andre / Headwaiter 1947
That's My Gal Waiter 1947
My Favorite Brunette Henri - Head Waiter 1947
The Falcon's Adventure Headwaiter 1946
The Razor's Edge Guest 1946
The Perfect Marriage Headwaiter 1946
Nobody Lives Forever Hotel Waiter 1946
Her Sister's Secret Waiter at Pepe's 1946
The Big Sleep Croupier 1946
Holiday in Mexico Headwaiter 1946
Night and Day Headwaiter 1946
Suspense Waiter at Party 1946
Two Sisters from Boston Lab Assistant 1946
Joe Palooka, Champ Headwaiter 1946
The Postman Always Rings Twice Headwaiter 1946
Heartbeat Ball Guest 1946
Gilda Assistant Croupier 1946
Tangier Hotel Clerk 1946
Cinderella Jones Waiter 1946
Murder Is My Business Headwaiter 1946
Live Wires Headwaiter 1946
Dick Tracy Paradise Club Headwaiter 1945
Her Highness and the Bellboy Party Guest 1945
Rhapsody in Blue Headwaiter 1945
The Naughty Nineties Gilded Cage Waiter 1945
Sudan Mestat 1945
It's a Pleasure Canadian Hockey Star 1945
Bring on the Girls Captain of Waiters 1945
Hangover Square Waiter 1945
To Have and Have Not Guide 1945
The Great Flamarion Hotel Desk Clerk 1945
I Was a Criminal Rosenkrantz' Assistant 1945
Double Exposure Maitre D' 1944
I Accuse My Parents Headwaiter 1944
The Conspirators Immigration Officer 1944
That's My Baby! Pierre, a Waiter / Pierre - the Waiter 1944
Sensations of 1945 Nightclub Maitre d' 1944
Once Upon a Time Newspaperman 1944
The Mask of Dimitrios Casino Patron 1944
Bermuda Mystery Waiter 1944
This Is the Life Waiter 1944
Trocadero Pierre - Headwaiter 1944
An American Romance Graduation Ceremony Attendee 1944
Broadway Rhythm Pierre - Waiter 1944
Hat Check Honey Waiter 1944
Action in Arabia Gambler at Banco Table 1944
And the Angels Sing Croupier 1944
Career Girl Headwaiter 1944
Higher and Higher Night Club Patron / Wedding Guest 1943
Swing Fever Headwaiter 1943
Gildersleeve on Broadway Dance Floor Extra 1943
I Dood It Nightclub Patron 1943
Hi Diddle Diddle Waiter 1943
Secret Service in Darkest Africa French Soldier with Bomb Detector [Ch. 4] / French Soldier with Bomb Detector 1943
The Falcon in Danger Casino Patron 1943
Appointment in Berlin Assistant Croupier 1943
Bordertown Gun Fighters Gambler 1943
Background to Danger Elevator Operator 1943
All by Myself Jewelry Salesman 1943
Above Suspicion Paris Cloakroom Attendant / Paris Cloakroom Attendant (Uncredited) 1943
The Leopard Man Nightclub Waiter 1943
Mission to Moscow Newspaperman in Courtroom 1943
Presenting Lily Mars Captain of Waiters 1943
Taxi, Mister Audience Member 1943
Tahiti Honey Nightclub Patron 1943
A Stranger in Town Courtroom Spectator 1943
Dixie Dugan Artist 1943
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Villager 1943
Something to Shout About Man in Audience 1943
Kid Dynamite Judge at Dance Contest 1943
The Powers Girl Night Club Patron 1943
The McGuerins from Brooklyn Paradise Springs Guest 1942
Pittsburgh Barber 1942
You Were Never Lovelier Nightclub Patron 1942
Silver Queen Jacques 1942
Foreign Agent Supper Club Patron 1942
Between Us Girls Waiter 1942
The Big Street Mug at Mindy's / Mug at Mindy's (Uncredited) 1942
Tales of Manhattan Mr. Martelli (Boyer sequence) 1942
Crossroads Reporter 1942
It Happened in Flatbush Jacques - Waiter 1942
Flying with Music Club Patron 1942
The Mad Martindales Barber 1942
A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen Waiter 1942
Take a Letter, Darling Bartender 1942
So's Your Aunt Emma! Waiter 1942
Black Dragons Hotel Clerk 1942
Call Out the Marines Cafe Patron 1942
A Date with the Falcon Spectator 1942
Over My Dead Body Man in Montage 1942
Louisiana Purchase French Chef 1941
The Perfect Snob Waiter 1941
Cadet Girl Waiter 1941
Moon Over Her Shoulder Waiter 1941
You Belong to Me Night Club Waiter 1941
The Officer and the Lady Clerk 1941
It Started with Eve Commuter at Train Station 1941
We Go Fast Waiter 1941
Bowery Blitzkrieg Driver / Nick, Cardplayer / Nick 1941
Sunset in Wyoming 2nd Country Club Waiter 1941
Accent on Love French Barber 1941
Broadway Limited Passenger 1941
They Dare Not Love Deck Steward 1941
The Cowboy and the Blonde Makeup Man 1941
City of Missing Girls Apartment House Manager 1941
Bitter Sweet Waiter 1940
Hit Parade of 1941 Waiter 1940
Drums of the Desert Steward 1940
Spring Parade Josef - Waiter 1940
Hired Wife Nightclub Patron 1940
Girl in 313 Extra at Fashion Show 1940
I Was an Adventuress Frenchman at Exhibit 1940
Forty Little Mothers Lawyer 1940
I Take This Woman Waiter 1940
The Amazing Mr. Williams Headwaiter 1939
First Love Doug 1939
The Flying Deuces Legionnaire 1939
Rio French Waiter 1939
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island Audience Member 1939
The Magnificent Fraud Nightclub Patron 1939
Second Fiddle Nightclub Patron 1939
Bachelor Mother Nightclub Patron 1939
Good Girls Go to Paris Louie the Waiter 1939
Outside These Walls Music Teacher 1939
Midnight Stephanie's Party Guest 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Waiter 1939
Topper Takes a Trip Passerby / Nightclub Patron 1939
Straight Place and Show Dancer / Racetrack Spectator / Country Club Patron 1938
I'll Give a Million Clerk 1938
Fast Company Maitre d' 1938
Always Goodbye Fashion Show Patron 1938
A Trip to Paris Man in Cafe 1938
International Crime Waiter 1938
Island in the Sky Nightclub Patron 1938
King of the Newsboys Waiter 1938
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo Attendant 1938
Fight for Your Lady Café Patron 1937
Vogues of 1938 Nightclub Patron 1937
Confession Man Outside Vera's Dressing Room 1937
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air One of Mme. Moro's Party Guests 1937
This Is My Affair Nightclub Waiter 1937
San Quentin Reporter 1937
Thin Ice Krantz's Clerk 1937
Step Lively, Jeeves! Waiter 1937
We Have Our Moments Croupier 1937
Top of the Town Waiter 1937
Espionage Foreigner 1937
When's Your Birthday? Fight Crowd Extra 1937
Stolen Holiday Bookkeeper at Bank 1937
Mama Steps Out French Waiter 1937
Man of the People Russian Club Patron 1937
Champagne Waltz Concert Attendee 1937
One in a Million Olympics Spectator 1936
That Girl from Paris Wedding Guest 1936
Winterset Shirley's Dance Partner 1936
Love on the Run Telegraph Clerk 1936
All American Chump Spectator at Bridge Tournament 1936
My Man Godfrey Headwaiter 1936
Swing Time Nightclub Diner 1936
Nobody's Fool Waiter Captain 1936
The Girl from Mandalay New Year's Eve Party Participant 1936
Small Town Girl Party Guest 1936
Taming the Wild Headwaiter 1936
Strike Me Pink Stagedoor Johnny 1936
Hitch Hike Lady Nightclub Extra 1935
A Thrill for Thelma Waiter 1935
A Night at the Opera Opera Spectator 1935
Charlie Chan in Shanghai Reporter 1935
Waterfront Lady Casino Patron 1935
Mutiny Ahead Roulette Player 1935
Sweet Music Man in Nightclub Audience 1935
After Office Hours Riverview Club Patron 1935
Bordertown Waiter 1935
I Am a Thief Man at Jewel Auction 1934
The Gay Divorcee Night Club Patron 1934
His Greatest Gamble Gambling Casino Patron 1934
The World Moves On Frenchman 1934
Monte Carlo Nights U.S. Gambling Club Bouncer 1934
Bolero Nightclub Patron 1934
Girl Without a Room Man at Art Awards 1933
Scarlet Dawn Nightclub Guest 1932
Back Street Casino Onlooker 1932
Crooner Nightclub Dance Patron 1932
Movie Crazy Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1932
Jewel Robbery Jewelry Salesman 1932
Man Wanted Impatient Man in Lois's Office / Impatient Man in Lois' Office (Uncredited) 1932
The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood Waiter 1932
One Hour with You Party Guest 1932
Forbidden Havana Gambling House Waiter 1932
Madame X Nightclub Waiter 1929
That Certain Thing Night Club Patron 1928
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