The Millionaire

  • Genre(s):Drama
  • Release year: 1955
The Millionaire is an American anthology series that aired on CBS from 1955 to 1960. It was originally sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive. The series, produced by Don Fedderson and Fred Henry, explored the ways that sudden and unexpected wealth more

The Millionaire is an American anthology series that aired on CBS from 1955 to 1960. It was originally sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive. The series, produced by Don Fedderson and Fred Henry, explored the ways that sudden and unexpected wealth changed life, for better or for worse, and became a five-season hit during the Golden Age of Television, finishing in the Nielsen ratings at #9 for the 1955–1956 season, #13 in 1956–1957, #17 in 1957–1958 and #30 in 1958–1959. It told the stories of people who were given one million dollars from a benefactor who insisted they never knew him, with one exception.

Original Release

01/19/1955 on CBS

US Release



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# Title Air Date
1 Millionaire Mark Fleming Tuesday, 15 September 1959
2 Millionaire Harry Brown Tuesday, 22 September 1959
3 Millionaire Lorraine Daggett Tuesday, 29 September 1959
4 Millionaire Phillip Burnell Tuesday, 06 October 1959
5 Millionaire Doctor Joseph Frye Tuesday, 20 October 1959
6 Millionaire Jim Hayes Tuesday, 27 October 1959
7 Millionaire Maureen Reynolds Tuesday, 03 November 1959
8 Millionaire Jeff Mercer Tuesday, 10 November 1959
9 Millionaire Tom Hampton Wednesday, 18 November 1959
10 Millionaire Sergeant Matthew Brogan Tuesday, 24 November 1959
11 Millionaire Mitchell Gunther Tuesday, 01 December 1959
12 Millionaire Andrew C. Cooley Tuesday, 08 December 1959
13 Millionaire Nancy Pearson Tuesday, 15 December 1959
14 Millionaire Jackson Greene Tuesday, 22 December 1959
15 Millionaire Timothy Mackail Tuesday, 29 December 1959
16 Millionaire Elizabeth Tander Tuesday, 05 January 1960
17 Millionaire Sylvia Merrick Tuesday, 12 January 1960
18 Millionaire Whitney Ames Tuesday, 19 January 1960
19 Millionaire Janie Harris Tuesday, 26 January 1960
20 Millionaire Margaret Stoneham Tuesday, 02 February 1960
21 Millionaire Jerry Mitchell Tuesday, 09 February 1960
22 Millionaire Sandy Newell Tuesday, 16 February 1960
23 Millionaire Larry Maxwell Tuesday, 01 March 1960
24 Millionaire Karen Summers Tuesday, 08 March 1960
25 Millionaire Jessica March Tuesday, 15 March 1960
26 Millionaire Julie Sherman Tuesday, 22 March 1960
27 Millionaire Tony Rogers Tuesday, 29 March 1960
28 Millionaire Susan Johnson Tuesday, 05 April 1960
29 Millionaire Nancy Cortez Tuesday, 12 April 1960
30 Millionaire Katherine Boland Tuesday, 19 April 1960
31 Millionaire Mara Robinson Tuesday, 26 April 1960
32 Millionaire Dixon Cooper Tuesday, 03 May 1960
33 Millionaire Vance Ludlow Tuesday, 10 May 1960
34 Millionaire Peter Longman Tuesday, 24 May 1960
35 Millionaire Maggie Dalton Tuesday, 31 May 1960
36 Millionaire Patricia Collins Tuesday, 07 June 1960


Alfred E. Green, James Sheldon, Gerald Mayer, Robert Altman, John Peyser, James V. Kern, William A. Seiter, Leslie H. Martinson, Harry Keller, Charles F. Haas, Sobey Martin, Joe Parker, John Brahm, Dick Darley, R.G. Springsteen, Jules Bricken, Anton Leader, Edward Bernds, Robert Ellis Miller


Muriel Roy Bolton, Robert Hardy Andrews, Milton Merlin, Mary C. McCall Jr., Jo Pagano, Tapan Saha, Jerry Adelman, David Chandler, Al C. Ward, Seeleg Lester, Gail Ingram, Lawrence L. Goldman, Barry Trivers, Milton Raison, Jack Laird, Jack Marlowe, Patrick Rodriguez, Robert Altman, John T. Kelley, Ed Adamson, Josef Montaigue, Lorraine Edwards, Lee Erwin, DeVallon Scott, Doris Gilbert, Robert Creighton Williams, James Bloodworth, Leonard Neubauer, Frank Hursley, Doris Hursley, Barbara Merlin, Jack Hanley, Wilton Schiller, Fred Schiller, Howard Estabrook, Jack Townley, Joe Morheim, Dory Previn, Wellyn Totman, Frank Gill Jr., Danny Arnold, David Boehm, Robert Leslie Bellem, George Tibbles, Robert Clayton, Charles Hoffman, Paul Savage, Teddi Sherman, Charles R. Marion, Marvin Johnson, Louis Vittes, Frank Waldman, Sloan Nibley, Albert Aley, Eric Freiwald, Malvin Wald, Frank Cavett, Lee Loeb, Howard J. Green, Whitney Ellsworth, Robert Bassing, James R. Webb, Jackson Gillis, Ellis St. Joseph, Douglas Morrow, George Van Marter, Harold Jack Bloom, Endre Bohem, Bert Granet, Lou Shaw, Paul Franklin, Irma Kalish, Gene Wang, Estelle Conde, Mel Durslag, Dick Stenger, Richard Pedicini, Phil Cole, Walter Goetz, Steven David, Ray Wander, Jack Leonard, John Fulton, June Purcell, John Stephens, Debra Griffith, Hobart Donavan, Wesley Haynes, Gena Canestrari, Ruth Weddle, Paul de Sainte Colombe, Aileen Hamilton, Carolyn Slade, Ira V. Adkins, Elizabeth Coulson, Isabel Gilbert, Besse Zuckerman, Betty Andrews Blunt, Betty A. Blunt, Bertrand Casrelli, Richard Kayne, Gavin Lambert, Robert Schaefer, Lawrence Menkin, Halsey Melone, Jack Jacobs, Elon Packard, Fred Shevin, Leonard Kantor, Lowell S. Hawley, Betty Ulius, Hal Fimberg, Jan Winters, Stuart Palmer, Barney Slater, Ellis Marcus, Stanley Davis, Polly James, Peggy O'Shea, George Carleton Brown, Lou Morheim, Samuel Newman, Karl Brown, Robert Ellis Miller



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