Dellaventura is an American crime drama that aired from September 23, 1997 to January 13, 1998.

Dellaventura is an American crime drama that aired from September 23, 1997 to January 13, 1998.

Original Release

09/23/1997 on CBS


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# Title Air Date
1 Above Reproach Tuesday, 23 September 1997
2 Pilot Tuesday, 30 September 1997
3 Music of the Night Tuesday, 07 October 1997
4 Joe Fallon's Daughter Tuesday, 14 October 1997
5 Clean Slate Tuesday, 21 October 1997
6 Fathers Tuesday, 28 October 1997
7 Hell's Kitchen Tuesday, 04 November 1997
8 In Deadly Fashion Tuesday, 02 December 1997
9 With a Vengence Thursday, 04 December 1997
10 Dreamers Thursday, 11 December 1997
11 The Biggest Miracle Tuesday, 16 December 1997
12 David & Goliath Tuesday, 06 January 1998
13 Made in America Tuesday, 13 January 1998
14 The Human Factor Sunday, 01 February 1998


Michael Dinner, Danny Aiello III, James Quinn, Alan J. Levi, Rick Rosenthal, John D. Hancock, Robert Mandel, Donna Deitch, Peter Levin, Chuck Bowman, Dan Lerner, James Quinn, Sandy Smolan


Richard Di Lello, Julian Neil, Bernard L. Nussbaumer, Frank Abatemarco, Richard Vetere, Tom Towler, Joe Viola, Michael Cole Dinelli, Georgina Lindsey, J.J. Valcoeur, David Assael, Lorenzo Carcaterra, Peyton Webb, Jack LoGiudice, Eric Ellis Overmyer, David Assael


Richard Di Lello, Julian Neil, Bernard L. Nussbaumer



Danny Aiello Executive Producer
Frank Abatemarco Executive Producer
Jonathan Estrin Executive Producer
Michael Dinner Executive Producer
Richard Di Lello Executive Producer
Danny Aiello III Executive Producer
Danny Aiello Producer
Sascha Schneider Producer
David DeClerque Producer
Julian Neil Producer
Scott Citron Producer
Sharon Boyle Producer
Bernard L. Nussbaumer Producer
Frank Abatemarco Producer
Jonathan Estrin Producer
Michael Dinner Producer
Danny Aiello III Producer
Richard Di Lello Producer
Tom Blomquist Producer
Joe Viola Producer


Marc Laub, David Ray, Robert Q. Lovett, Andrew Mondshein, Briana London

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