Herman Hack

IVA Star Rating : 63

Birth Name

Herman H. Hackenjos


Thursday, 15 June 1899


Thursday, 19 October 1967

Actor Filmography

The Ride to Hangman's Tree Show Spectator 1967
Waco Townsman 1966
An Eye for an Eye Townsman 1966
The Rare Breed Train Passenger 1966
The Loner Barfly, Settler, Townsman 1965
Laredo Townsman 1965
The Big Valley Bartender, Gunman at Standoff, Man with Shovel, Miner 1965
The Bounty Killer Townsman / Churchgoer 1965
Town Tamer Henchman 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Trial Spectator 1965
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Actor Filmography

The Ride to Hangman's Tree Show Spectator 1967
Waco Townsman 1966
An Eye for an Eye Townsman 1966
The Rare Breed Train Passenger 1966
The Loner Barfly, Settler, Townsman 1965
Laredo Townsman 1965
The Big Valley Bartender, Gunman at Standoff, Man with Shovel, Miner 1965
The Bounty Killer Townsman / Churchgoer 1965
Town Tamer Henchman 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Trial Spectator 1965
The Outlaws Is Coming Barfly 1965
Taggart Man at Fort 1964
Your Cheatin' Heart Theatre Patron 1964
Young Fury Townsman 1964
Daniel Boone Settler, Trapper 1964
The Rogues Bar Patron, German Officer, Train Passenger 1964
Destry Towsman at Diner 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre Barfly 1963
Showdown Townmsan 1963
The Dakotas Townsman 1962
Judgment at Nuremberg Concert Attendee 1961
Frontier Circus Townsman 1961
Dr. Kildare Juror 1961
Whispering Smith Man Turning in Reeger, Soldier 1961
Gun Fight Barfly 1961
Five Guns to Tombstone Townsman 1960
Two Faces West Townsman 1960
Klondike Townsman 1960
Outlaws Townsman, Juror 1960
The Tall Man Townsman, Barfly, Bartender, Lynch Mob Member 1960
A Dog's Best Friend Minor Role 1959
The Miracle Fleeing Townsman 1959
Hound-Dog Man Townsman 1959
Johnny Ringo Townsman, Fight Spectator, Townsman Carrying Bags 1959
The Deputy Townsman, Barfly, Cowhand 1959
Face of a Fugitive Train Passenger 1959
No Name on the Bullet Townsman 1959
Plunderers of Painted Flats Rancher 1959
Black Saddle Townsman 1959
Tumbleweed: Baron of Purgatory Henchman 1959
Frontier Gun Gunman 1958
Cimarron City Townsman 1958
The Texan Barfly, Bartender, RR Fireman / Cook 1958
Rescue 8 Workman, An Actor, Construction Workman 1958
The Defiant Ones Search Party Member 1958
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold Barfly 1958
The Toughest Gun in Tombstone Gang Member 1958
Cattle Empire Townsman 1958
The Notorious Mr. Monks Court Extra 1958
Gun Battle at Monterey Townsman 1957
Casey Jones Outlaw 1957
Trackdown Barfly 1957
The Californians Ship Passenger, Townsman 1957
The Parson and the Outlaw Henchman 1957
The Restless Gun Townsman, Man on Horse 1957
Maverick Townsman, Barfly 1957
Wagon Train Wagon Train Member, Gambler, Party Guest, Townsman 1957
Sugarfoot Fight Spectator, Townsman 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Cowhand, Townsman 1957
Copper Sky Townsman on Stairs at the Trial 1957
Gun Glory Townsman 1957
Last Stagecoach West Townsman 1957
Fury at Showdown Fight Spectator 1957
Drango Rider 1957
Reprisal! Blacksmith 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Townsman, Gracie Man, John 1956
Broken Arrow Juror, Townsman, Wagon Train Member 1956
Flesh and the Spur Barfly 1956
Circus Boy Townsman, Show Spectator 1956
The Boss Parade Spectator 1956
The First Traveling Saleslady Cowhand / Juror 1956
Blazing the Overland Trail Cavalry Wagon Driver 1956
Frontier Gambler Bartender 1956
The First Texan Courtroom Spectator 1956
Gunslinger Barfly 1956
A Day of Fury Barfly 1956
Telephone Time 3rd Official 1956
Red Sundown Townsman 1956
Fury at Gunsight Pass Townsman 1956
At Gunpoint Barfly 1955
Top Gun Townsman 1955
Man with the Gun Townsman 1955
Last of the Desperados Townsman 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Club Patron, Diner Patron, Townsman, Worker 1955
Count Three and Pray Fight Spectator on Horseback 1955
My Friend Flicka Townsman 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Barfly, McBain Employee, Pete Burris, Race Spectator 1955
Cheyenne Rancher in Shootout 1955
Duel on the Mississippi Delta Man 1955
Apache Woman Townsman 1955
Gunsmoke Townsman, Barfly, Passerby, Pool Hall Manager, Storekeeper, Blacksmith, Courtroom Spectator, Cowboy, Dead Station Employee, Diner Patron, Diner, Juror 1955
The Gun That Won the West Trooper 1955
The Road to Denver Barfly 1955
Pirates of Tripoli Pirate 1955
Prince of Players Protester at Theatre 1955
Masterson of Kansas Townsman 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Trooper, Deputy, Townsman 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Homesteader with Stokes 1954
The Desperado Trail Herder 1954
The Long Wait Driver 1954
The Forty-Niners 1st Bartender 1954
Public Defender Courtroom Spectator 1954
Battle of Rogue River Trooper 1954
The Boy from Oklahoma Townsman 1954
The Far Country Townsman 1954
Stories of the Century Card Player, Townsman 1954
Vigilante Terror Townsman 1953
Fighting Lawman Posse Rider 1953
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Docklin Henchman 1953
Northern Patrol Townsman 1953
Son of Belle Starr Townsman 1953
Powder River Townsman 1953
Jack McCall, Desperado Gang Member 1953
Born to the Saddle Barfly 1953
The Redhead from Wyoming Townsman 1953
The Lawless Breed Juror 1952
The Blazing Forest Party Guest 1952
Wyoming Roundup Howard Cowhand 1952
The Raiders Barfly 1952
Arctic Flight Barfly 1952
Canyon Ambush Deputy 1952
Toughest Man in Arizona Townsman 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Rancher 1952
Cavalcade of America Cowboy 1952
Cowboy G-Men Outlaw 1952
Kansas Territory Barfly 1952
Wild Horse Ambush Henchman 1952
Rancho Notorious Posse Rider 1952
Fort Osage Settler at Dancer 1952
Stage to Blue River Townsman 1951
Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere Theros Man 1951
Desert of Lost Men Townsman 1951
The Vanishing Outpost Barfly 1951
Honeychile Townsman 1951
Whistling Hills Posse Rider 1951
Sky King Search Party Member 1951
Arizona Manhunt Townsman 1951
Oklahoma Justice Posse Rider 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Hotel Clerk 1951
Hurricane Island Seaman 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Townsman 1951
Don Daredevil Rides Again Barfly 1951
The Range Rider Townsman, Henchman, Posse Member, Joe's Partner Tom, Henchman Art, Henchman / Townsman, Brother Ramon, Hack - Mine Worker, Passenger / Posse Rider, Man at Party, Surveyor, Sheepman, Show Patron, Soldier 1951
Silver City Bonanza Man at Party 1951
The Missourians Townsman 1950
Devil's Doorway Townsman 1950
Streets of Ghost Town Fred - Settler 1950
Fast on the Draw Townsman 1950
The Iroquois Trail Frontiersman 1950
Hills of Oklahoma Townsman at Dance 1950
The Savage Horde Townsman 1950
Cody of the Pony Express Townsman 1950
Over the Border Posse Member 1950
The Baron of Arizona Guard 1950
Singing Guns Townsman 1950
Dakota Lil Barfly 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Townsman 1950
Trail of the Rustlers Rancher 1950
Fence Riders Posse Rider 1950
Powder River Rustlers Henchman 1949
Ranger of Cherokee Strip Messenger 1949
Deputy Marshal Townsman 1949
Bandits of El Dorado Copper City Townsman 1949
Fighting Man of the Plains Man at Dance 1949
Roaring Westward Townsman 1949
The James Brothers of Missouri Townsman 1949
Brimstone Townsman 1949
Masked Raiders Barfly 1949
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass Townsman 1949
The Blazing Trail Deputy 1949
The Younger Brothers Cedar Creek Barfly 1949
Gun Law Justice Deputy Hack 1949
Rustlers Barfly 1949
Outlaw Country Henchman 1949
The Valiant Hombre Henchman Hank 1948
Hidden Danger Townsman 1948
Sundown in Santa Fe 2nd Wagon Driver 1948
Sheriff of Medicine Bow Deputy Larry 1948
The Denver Kid Townsman 1948
Black Eagle Man at Bar-B-Que 1948
Son of God's Country Townsman 1948
Dead Man's Gold Barfly 1948
Silver Trails Townsman 1948
Borrowed Trouble Barfly 1948
Back Trail Deputy 1948
Triggerman Barfly 1948
The Gallant Legion Waiter 1948
Whirlwind Raiders Barfly 1948
Partners of the Sunset Barfly 1948
Albuquerque Wayne's Man 1948
Western Heritage Man at Gaming Table 1948
Trail of the Mounties Trapper 1947
Under Colorado Skies Henchman 1947
The Fighting Vigilantes Vigilante 1947
Prairie Express Townsman 1947
Merton of the Movies Cowboy Actor 1947
Along the Oregon Trail Rider 1947
Marshal of Cripple Creek Captured Robber 1947
Jesse James Rides Again Cave Henchman / 2nd Joe - Well Worker 1947
King of the Range Henchman 1947
Hollywood Barn Dance Audience Spectator 1947
Land of the Lawless Man in Gunfight 1947
The Lone Hand Texan Well Worker 1947
Over the Santa Fe Trail Posse Rider 1947
Last Frontier Uprising Horse Bidder 1947
South of the Chisholm Trail Townsman 1947
Raiders of the South Carpetbagger 1947
Son of Zorro Raider #3 1947
Renegade Girl Mr. Shelby 1946
The Fighting Frontiersman Henchman 1946
So You Want to Keep Your Hair Man With Dog 1946
Landrush Fred 1946
Silver Range Townsman 1946
The Devil's Playground Henchman 1946
Trigger Fingers Henchman 1946
Rio Grande Raiders Barfly 1946
Heading West Henchman 1946
The Desert Horseman Henchman 1946
The Gentleman from Texas Townsman 1946
In Old Sacramento Vigilante 1946
Two-Fisted Stranger Henchman 1946
Joe Palooka, Champ Fight Spectator 1946
Bad Bascomb Gang Member 1946
Terrors on Horseback Barfly 1946
West of the Alamo Deputy 1946
Renegades Juror 1946
Gentlemen with Guns Barfly 1946
Moon Over Montana Deputy Herman 1946
Roaring Rangers Henchman 1946
California Gold Rush Posse Rider 1946
Frontier Gunlaw Barfly 1946
Two Years Before the Mast Sailor in Bar 1946
Drifting Along Man at Dance 1946
The Phantom Rider Townsman 1946
The Cherokee Flash Deputy 1945
Lonesome Trail Townsman 1945
Prairie Rustlers Henchman 1945
Blazing the Western Trail Townsman 1945
Outlaws of the Rockies Townsman 1945
Bandits of the Badlands Barfly 1945
Three in the Saddle Henchman 1945
Trail of Kit Carson Townsman 1945
Flame of the West Barfly 1945
Gangster's Den Mine Guard 1945
Renegades of the Rio Grande Barfly 1945
Beyond the Pecos Townsman 1945
Corpus Christi Bandits Barfly 1945
The Return of the Durango Kid Henchman 1945
Shadows of Death Barfly 1945
Crime, Inc. Carnival Worker 1945
Law of the Badlands Army Officer / Henchman 1945
Sheriff of Cimarron Townsman 1945
Marked for Murder Sheepman 1945
The Topeka Terror Lyncher 1945
Sheriff of Las Vegas Bartender 1944
The Big Bonanza Barfly 1944
Saddle Leather Law Deputy 1944
The Falcon in Hollywood Cowboy Actor 1944
Vigilantes of Dodge City Cave Henchman 1944
Dead or Alive Posse Member 1944
Sheriff of Sundown Cattleman 1944
Law of the Valley Henchman 1944
The Old Texas Trail Bartender 1944
Wild Horse Phantom Rancher 1944
Code of the Prairie Money Carrier 1944
Gangsters of the Frontier Henchman 1944
Stagecoach to Monterey Townsman 1944
The Utah Kid Henchman 1944
The San Antonio Kid Henchman 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Henchman 1944
Call of the Rockies Miner 1944
Trigger Trail Henchman 1944
Forty Thieves Henchman 1944
The Last Horseman Henchman 1944
The Drifter Townsman 1944
Mystery Man Bar 20 Cowhand 1944
The Tiger Woman Wilson - Thug in Jail Cell [Ch. 7] 1944
Trial by Trigger Townsman 1944
Valley of Vengeance Camp Cook 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers Barfly 1944
Sundown Valley Henchman 1944
Beneath Western Skies Henchman 1944
Marshal of Gunsmoke Barfly 1944
Gun to Gun Barfly 1944
Riders of the Deadline Henchman / Madigan Henchman 1943
Canyon City Fight Spectator 1943
Phony Express Dancer 1943
Return of the Rangers Courtroom Spectator 1943
The Man from the Rio Grande Barfly 1943
Outlaws of Stampede Pass Henchman Ed / Ed 1943
Hail to the Rangers Henchman 1943
Blazing Frontier Sheriff's Deputy 1943
The Renegade Townsman 1943
Robin Hood of the Range Hayes 1943
The Stranger from Pecos Barfly 1943
Frontier Fury 2nd Bartender 1943
Wolves of the Range Henchman 1943
Cowboy Commandos Henchman 1943
Western Cyclone Henchman 1943
West of Texas Yaeger Rider 1943
Saddles and Sagebrush Townsman 1943
Border Patrol Henchman / Miner 1943
Fighting Frontier Townsman 1943
The Lone Prairie Henchman 1942
Overland Stagecoach Railroad Worker 1942
Along the Sundown Trail Barfly 1942
Border Roundup Deputy 1942
Law and Order Man at Wedding 1942
Prairie Gunsmoke Henchman 1942
Tumbleweed Trail Townsman 1942
Juke Girl Townsman 1942
Perils of the Royal Mounted Henchman 1942
Down Rio Grande Way Storekeeper 1942
Stagecoach Buckaroo Barfly 1942
Arizona Terrors Henchman 1942
Forbidden Trails Townsman 1941
A Missouri Outlaw Townsman 1941
Riders of the Purple Sage Juror 1941
King of the Texas Rangers Shootout Thug / Shootout Thug (Ch. 1) / Townsman 1941
Twilight on the Trail Henchman / Henchman Extra 1941
Riders of the Timberline Logger 1941
Stick to Your Guns Henchman 1941
Outlaws of Cherokee Trail Man at Sheldon Trial 1941
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury Barfly 1941
Bad Men of Missouri Train Passenger 1941
The Son of Davy Crockett Townsman 1941
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe Rustler 1941
Gangs of Sonora Townsman 1941
Law of the Range Deputy 1941
The Gang's All Here First Truck Driver 1941
Desert Bandit Cantina Patron 1941
Saddlemates Barfly 1941
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town Barfly 1941
Sheriff of Tombstone Townsman 1941
Two Gun Sheriff Deputy 1941
Outlaws of the Rio Grande Fight Spectator 1941
Ridin' the Cherokee Trail Barfly 1941
White Eagle Townsman 1941
The Lone Rider Rides On Townsman 1941
Lone Star Raiders Henchman 1940
Law and Order Barfly 1940
West of Pinto Basin Townsman 1940
The Trail Blazers Telegraph Worker 1940
Frontier Vengeance Townsman 1940
Under Texas Skies Townsman 1940
Billy the Kid in Texas Townsman 1940
The Tulsa Kid Barfly 1940
Gun Code Posse Rider 1940
Stage to Chino Townsman 1940
Billy the Kid Outlawed Ranch Hand 1940
Deadwood Dick Juror / Juror (Ch. 2) 1940
The Carson City Kid Barfly 1940
Lucky Cisco Kid Posse Rider 1940
Frontier Crusader Cowhand 1940
Rocky Mountain Rangers Henchman 1940
Land of the Six Guns Townsman 1940
Covered Wagon Days Henchman 1940
Covered Wagon Trails Henchman at Trading Post 1940
Phantom Rancher Hideout Henchman 1940
Ghost Valley Raiders Henchman 1940
Pioneers of the West Henchman 1940
Bullets for Rustlers Stage Guard 1940
Chip of the Flying U Townsman 1940
The Marshal of Mesa City Townsman 1939
Trigger Fingers Car Deputy 1939
Jeepers Creepers Workman 1939
The Fighting Renegade Henchman 1939
Range War Townsman 1939
Western Caravans Rancher 1939
Man of Conquest Alamo Defender 1939
The Return of the Cisco Kid Barfly 1939
Silver on the Sage Winning Card Player 1939
Rollin' Westward Barfly 1939
The Lone Ranger Rides Again Posseman 1939
Tough Kid Cafe Customer 1938
California Frontier Brawler 1938
Gun Packer Henchman 1938
Law of the Texan Henchman 1938
Down in 'Arkansaw' Townsman 1938
Black Bandit Cowhand 1938
Utah Trail Barfly 1938
On the Great White Trail Fur Trapper 1938
Flaming Frontiers Townsman 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Henchman 1938
Stagecoach Days Henchman / Townsman on Porch 1938
Border G-Man Henchman 1938
Western Trails Bill - Henchman 1938
Gunsmoke Trail Loma Gang Member 1938
Gun Law Townsman 1938
Whirlwind Horseman Barfly 1938
Code of the Rangers Henchman 1938
The Last Stand Spots Rustlers 1938
State Police Henchman 1938
The Secret of Treasure Island Guard 1938
Rolling Caravans Barfly 1938
Frontier Town Deputy 1938
Border Wolves Hoot Owl Trail Guard 1938
The Purple Vigilantes Townsman 1938
West of Rainbow's End Barfly 1938
The Singing Outlaw Bixby Cowhand 1937
The Mysterious Pilot Gallagher - Lumberjack 1937
Courage of the West Gang Member 1937
Where Trails Divide Barfly 1937
Arizona Gunfighter Snake Henchman 1937
The Rangers Step In Dugan - Texas Ranger 1937
Reckless Ranger Sheepman 1937
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin Cowhand 1937
Law of the Ranger Ranger Dan 1937
The Law Commands Farmer 1937
Bar-Z Bad Men Townsman 1937
Hit the Saddle Barfly 1937
Old Louisiana Drunken Settler 1937
Santa Fe Rides Henchman 1937
The Gambling Terror Townsman 1937
Battle of Greed Henchman 1937
Stormy Trails Townsman 1936
Rio Grande Ranger Cowhand 1936
The Phantom of the Range Man at Auction 1936
Fury Below coal Miner 1936
Law and Lead Barfly 1936
Wild Brian Kent Jed's Henchman 1936
Ghost-Town Gold Fight Spectator 1936
Ambush Valley Sam - Bartender 1936
The Fugitive Sheriff Henchman 1936
Cavalcade of the West Man at Relay Station 1936
The Traitor Lyncher / Jailer 1936
The Vigilantes Are Coming Vigilante 1936
Idaho Kid Stage Passenger 1936
Gun Grit Federal Agent 1936
Last of the Warrens Henchman 1936
Roamin' Wild Henchman 1936
Heroes of the Range Barfly 1936
Desert Phantom Shack Henchman 1936
Border Caballero Show Performer 1936
Fast Bullets Henchman 1936
Trail of Terror Henchman 1935
Heir to Trouble Posse Rider 1935
The Law of the 45's Rontell Henchman 1935
The Ivory-Handled Gun Barfly 1935
Moonlight on the Prairie Townsman 1935
The New Frontier Outlaw Deputy 1935
The Throwback Deputy 1935
No Man's Range Henchman 1935
Trails End Bar-X Cowhand 1935
Western Frontier Ranch Hand 1935
Outlawed Guns Barfly 1935
The Silver Bullet Townsman 1935
Fighting Caballero Henchman Bill 1935
Toll of the Desert Henchman 1935
Gun Smoke Henchman 1935
Tombstone Terror Henchman 1935
Cyclone of the Saddle Man in Top Hat 1935
The Cowboy and the Bandit Card-Player / Card Player 1935
Smokey Smith Henchman 1935
The Outlaw Tamer Barfly 1935
The Cyclone Ranger Spectator 1935
Blazing Guns Henchman 1935
Wolf Riders Man at Dance 1935
Loser's End Ed - Henchman 1935
Unconquered Bandit Carraige Driver 1935
The Phantom Cowboy Henchman 1935
Western Justice Henchman 1934
The Rawhide Terror Hack / Deputy Hack 1934
Frontier Days Townsman 1934
Outlaw's Highway Henchman 1934
The Way of the West Barfly 1934
Law of the Wild Townsman [Ch. 6] 1934
Fighting Through Barfly 1934
The Man from Hell Miner 1934
Range Riders Pete - Henchman / Henchman Pete 1934
Twisted Rails Bar Waiter 1934
Rawhide Romance Townsman 1934
The Border Menace Deputy / Cowhand 1934
The Mystery Squadron Dam Worker 1933
The Fighting Parson Henchman 1933
Fighting with Kit Carson Townsman 1933
Crashin' Broadway Townsman 1933
The Gallant Fool Henchman 1933
Rusty Rides Alone Henchman 1933
The Fighting Cowboy Townsman 1933
The Whirlwind Wrestling Match Spectator 1933
Man of Action Henchman 1933
When a Man Rides Alone Barfly 1933
Forbidden Trail Nester 1932
Young Blood Townsman 1932
Malay Nights Barfly 1932
Texas Buddies Race Spectator 1932
Outlaw Justice Barfly 1932
Son of Oklahoma Deputy 1932
The Boiling Point Deputy 1932
The Man from Hell's Edges Barfly 1932
Diamond Trail Townsman 1932
Texas Cyclone Henchman 1932
The Fighting Fool Barfly 1932
Ghost City Barfly 1932
Cavalier of the West Henchman 1931
Border Law Barfly 1931
Pueblo Terror Henchman 1931
Way Out West Cowhand 1930
Beyond the Rio Grande Henchman 1930
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