The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

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A continuation of the dramatic anthology series hosted by the master of suspense and mystery. When the series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" was revived in 1962, the name was changed but the format stayed fairly true to the more

A continuation of the dramatic anthology series hosted by the master of suspense and mystery. When the series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" was revived in 1962, the name was changed but the format stayed fairly true to the original. In each episode, viewers would be strung along with the story, never knowing which way the final twist would turn.

Original Release

09/20/1962 on NBC

US Release




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# Title Air Date
1 Return of Verge Likens Monday, 05 October 1964
2 Change of Address Monday, 12 October 1964
3 Water's Edge Monday, 19 October 1964
4 The Life Work of Juan Diaz Monday, 26 October 1964
5 See the Monkey Dance Monday, 09 November 1964
6 Lonely Place Monday, 16 November 1964
7 The McGregor Affair Monday, 23 November 1964
8 Misadventure Monday, 07 December 1964
9 Triumph Monday, 14 December 1964
10 Memo from Purgatory Monday, 21 December 1964
11 Consider Her Ways Monday, 28 December 1964
12 Crimson Witness Monday, 04 January 1965
13 Where the Woodbine Twineth Monday, 11 January 1965
14 Final Performance Monday, 18 January 1965
15 Thanatos Palace Hotel Monday, 01 February 1965
16 One of the Family Monday, 08 February 1965
17 An Unlocked Window Monday, 15 February 1965
18 The Trap Monday, 22 February 1965
19 Wally the Beard Monday, 01 March 1965
20 Death Scene Monday, 08 March 1965
21 The Photographer and the Undertaker Monday, 15 March 1965
22 Thou Still Unravished Bride Monday, 22 March 1965
23 Completely Foolproof Monday, 29 March 1965
24 Power of Attorney Monday, 05 April 1965
25 The World's Oldest Motive Monday, 12 April 1965
26 The Monkey's Paw--A Retelling Monday, 19 April 1965
27 The Second Wife Monday, 26 April 1965
28 Night Fever Monday, 03 May 1965
29 Off Season Monday, 10 May 1965


Alf Kjellin, Joseph M. Newman, Bernard Girard, Harvey Hart, Robert Stevens, John Brahm, Joseph Pevney, David Friedkin, Jack Smight, Robert Douglas, Alan Crosland Jr., Norman Lloyd, Herschel Daugherty, Harry Morgan, Sydney Pollack, Laslo Benedek, David Lowell Rich, Alex March, Charles F. Haas, William Smith, James Sheldon, Jerry Hopper, Leo Penn, William Witney, Arnold Laven, Herbert Coleman, Alfred Hitchcock, Lewis Teague, Leonard J. Horn, Philip Leacock, James H. Brown, Paul Henreid


James Bridges, Henry Slesar, Arthur A. Ross, Alfred Hayes, Robert Bloch, William D. Gordon, David Friedkin, William Link, Richard Levinson, Morton S. Fine, Robert Arthur, Lewis Davidson, Joel Murcott, Paul Somers, John Bingham, Stanley Abbott, Jack Ritchie, Anthony Terpiloff, Barré Lyndon, Richard Fielder, Oscar Millard, Richard Matheson, Lou Rambeau, Davis Grubb, Leigh Brackett, Lukas Heller, Henry Kane, Ray Bradbury, William Jerome Fay, Clyde Ware, John D. MacDonald, Alec Coppel, Alvin Sargent, Lee Kalcheim, Rebecca West, Marc Brandel, William Bast, Francis Didelot, George Bellak, Hugh Wheeler, Charles Beaumont, H.G. Wells, Oliver H.P. Garrett, Robert Westerby, Gilbert Ralston, Lee Erwin, Harold Swanton, John Collier, Roland Kibbee, Randall Hood, John Resko, Larry M. Harris, Kenneth Fearing, S.B. Hough, Edward D. Hoch, Marie Belloc Lowndes, Cecil Day-Lewis, André Maurois, Samuel Rogers, Max Marquis, Avram Davidson, Margaret Manners, Clark Howard, Emily Neff, C.B. Gilford, Veronica Parker Johns, Robert Branson, Sidney Rowland, Nigel Elliston, James Holding, Thomas H. Cannan Jr., Robert Twohy, Charles Runyon, Amber Dean, Elizabeth Hely, Hilda Lawrence, V.S. Pritchett, Robert Gould, Edith Pargeter, Douglas Warner, John Garden, Celia Fremlin, Anthony Gilbert, Julian Symons, Miriam Allen DeFord, Margaret Millar, Gabrielle Upton, Selwyn Jepson, Henry Cecil, Manfred Lee, Frederic Dannay, John Wyndham, W.W. Jacobs, Cornell Woolrich, David Goodis, Ethel Lina White, Patricia Highsmith, Mann Rubin, Francis Gwaltney, James Yaffe, James Parish, Helen Nielsen, Boris Sobelman, Harlan Ellison, Neal Huff




Edward W. Williams, Douglas Stewart, Bud S. Isaacs, Marvin I. Kosberg, Danford B. Greene, Tony Martinelli, Howard Terrill, John Whitney, Lee Huntington, John C. Fuller

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