The Conners

  • TV-PG
  • Genre(s): Comedy
  • Release year: 2018
The Conners grapple with parenthood, dating, financial pressures, aging and in-laws in working-class America.
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The Conners grapple with parenthood, dating, financial pressures, aging and in-laws in working-class America.

Original Release

10/16/2018 on ABC

US Release




Laurie Metcalf Jackie Harris
John Goodman Dan Conner
Sara Gilbert Darlene Conner
Michael Fishman D.J. Conner
Alicia Goranson Becky Conner-Healy
Emma Kenney Harris Conner-Healy
Jayden Rey Mary Conner
Ames McNamara Mark Conner-Healy
Jay R. Ferguson Ben
Maya Lynne Robinson
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# Title Air Date
1 Trucking Live in Front of a Fully Vaccinated Studio Audience Wednesday, 22 September 2021
2 Education, Corruption, and Damnation Wednesday, 29 September 2021
3 Sober Sex, Plastic Silverware, and Losing My Religion Wednesday, 06 October 2021
4 The Wedding of Dan and Louise Wednesday, 13 October 2021
5 Peter Pan, The Backup Plan, Adventures in Babysitting, and A River Runs Through It Wednesday, 27 October 2021
6 Young Love, Old Love and Take This Job and Shove It Wednesday, 03 November 2021
7 Let's All Push Our Hands Together for the Stew Train and the Conners Furniture Wednesday, 17 November 2021
8 Yard Sale, Phone Fail, and a College Betrayal Wednesday, 01 December 2021
9 Three Exes, Role Playing and a Waterbed Wednesday, 05 January 2022
10 Spills, Pills and the Midnight Lasagna Wednesday, 12 January 2022
11 Patriarchs and Goddesses Wednesday, 19 January 2022
12 Hot for Teacher and Writing a Wrong Wednesday, 02 February 2022
13 Sex, Lies and House Hunting Wednesday, 23 February 2022
14 Triggered Wednesday, 02 March 2022
15 Messy Situation, Miscommunication and Academic Probation Wednesday, 16 March 2022
16 Gas Pump, House Dump and Stew Volcano Wednesday, 23 March 2022
17 Big Negotiations and Broken Expectations Wednesday, 13 April 2022
18 The Best Laid Plans, A Contrabassoon and A Sinking Feeling Wednesday, 04 May 2022
19 Episode #4.19
20 Episode #4.20


Jody Margolin Hahn, Gail Mancuso, Lynda Tarryk, Fred Savage, Michael Arden, Michael Fishman, Bob Koherr, Jude Weng, Kimberly McCullough, Don Scardino, Andy Ackerman, Timothy Busfield, Jean Sagal, Robbie Countryman, Rebecca Asher


Bruce Rasmussen, Dave Caplan, Bruce Helford, Amy Fox, Daniel Talbott, Cory Caplan, Simone Finch, Jena Friedman, Jana Hunter, Mitch Hunter, Emily R. Wilson, Sid Youngers, Erica Montolfo-Bura, Debby Wolfe, Kimberly Altamirano, Alicia Goranson, Darlene Hunt, Liz Astrof, Shelley Dennis, Mark J. Kunerth, Ali Liebegott


Matt Williams



Bruce Helford Executive Producer
Dave Caplan Executive Producer
Mitch Hunter Executive Producer
Bruce Rasmussen Executive Producer
Sara Gilbert Executive Producer
Tony Hernandez Executive Producer
Jana Hunter Executive Producer
Tom Werner Executive Producer
Emily R. Wilson Executive Producer
Mary T. Quigley Executive Producer
Sid Youngers Executive Producer
Erica Montolfo-Bura Executive Producer
Debby Wolfe Executive Producer
Mark J. Kunerth Executive Producer
Kent Zbornak Executive Producer
Ali Liebegott Executive Producer
Liz Astrof Executive Producer
Brian Schnuckel Producer
Matt Ember Producer
Barbara Brace Producer
Jeff Sarver Producer
Brooke Davis Producer
Sarah Schier Producer
Kip Kroeger Producer
Debby Wolfe Producer
Darlene Hunt Producer
Amy Fox Producer
Amanda Massetti Producer
Tyree Elaine Producer
Kelsie Kiley Producer
Patricia Valenzuela Producer
Eric Gilliland Producer
Tom Park Producer


Brian Schnuckel, Noel Rogers

2021EmmyOutstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series Nominated
2021EmmyOutstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series Won
2020EmmyOutstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series Nominated
2019EmmyOutstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series Nominated
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