Pierre Watkin

IVA Star Rating : 60
Pierre Frank Watkin was an American character actor best known for playing distinguished authority figures throughout the Golden Age of Hollywood. He is best remembered for being the first actor to portray Perry White in both of the Superman serials of the late 1940s, and as the father of Eleanor Twitchell, the lady who captures Lou Gehrig's heart in Pride of the Yankees (1942).

Pierre Frank Watkin was an American character actor best known for playing distinguished authority figures throughout the Golden Age of Hollywood. He is best remembered for being the first actor to portray Perry White in both of the Superman serials of the late 1940s, and as the father of Eleanor Twitchell, the lady who captures Lou Gehrig's heart in Pride of the Yankees (1942).

Birth Name

Pierre Frank Watkin


Thursday, 29 December 1887


Wednesday, 03 February 1960

Actor Filmography

Rin-Tin-Tin: Hero of the West Doc Hyer 1991
The Republic Pictures Story G.W. Rhodes (clip from Sioux City Sue (1946)) 1991
American Masters Second Trial Judge 1986
The Flying Fontaines Doctor 1959
77 Sunset Strip Plastics Executive 1958
Bat Masterson Judge Smith 1958
Frontier Doctor Dr. Breen 1958
Bronco Judge Blair 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Dr. Bowers 1958
The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin (archive footage) 1958
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Actor Filmography

Rin-Tin-Tin: Hero of the West Doc Hyer 1991
The Republic Pictures Story G.W. Rhodes (clip from Sioux City Sue (1946)) 1991
American Masters Second Trial Judge 1986
The Flying Fontaines Doctor 1959
77 Sunset Strip Plastics Executive 1958
Bat Masterson Judge Smith 1958
Frontier Doctor Dr. Breen 1958
Bronco Judge Blair 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Dr. Bowers 1958
The Challenge of Rin Tin Tin (archive footage) 1958
It! The Terror from Beyond Space Spokesman at Press Conference 1958
High School Confidential! David Wingate - Lawyer 1958
Marjorie Morningstar Civil Official 1958
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour Mr. Robinson 1957
Pal Joey Mr. Forsythe 1957
Colt .45 Col. Duncan 1957
Tombstone Territory Mr. Starr 1957
The Restless Gun Homer Danfield, Judge, Doc Nibble 1957
Perry Mason Judge, Judge Keetley 1957
Wagon Train Doctor Sam'l Caldwell 1957
Calypso Heat Wave Thornwall 1957
Spook Chasers Dr. Moss 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Doctor 1957
Don't Knock the Rock Mayor George Bagley 1956
Shake, Rattle & Rock! Armstrong / Armtrong 1956
Cha-Cha-Cha Boom! Investor 1956
The Sheriff of Cochise Judge 1956
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu Secretary of Commerce 1956
Thunder Over Arizona Dr. E. Peterson / Dr. Peterson 1956
The Maverick Queen McMillan 1956
The Count of Monte Cristo Charcot 1956
Sudden Danger George Caldwell 1955
Fury Ellis 1955
Crossroads Governor, Judge Richter 1955
Highway Patrol Mr. Larson, Thomas Corbin 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Porter 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Inspector 1955
Brave Eagle Col. Bond, Col. Matt Matthews 1955
Jungle Jim Horatio Erskine 1955
Cheyenne Harvey Sinclair, The Colonel 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Colonel Bankhead 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Ross Oliver 1955
Lay That Rifle Down Mr. Coswell 1955
Creature with the Atom Brain Mayor Bremer 1955
The Big Bluff Winthrop / Mr. Winthrop 1955
The Eternal Sea General 1955
The Millionaire Jonathan Jeffries, the Governor 1955
TV Reader's Digest Dr. Parish, Glen Coombs 1955
The Star and the Story Mr. Hendrickson 1955
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Dr. Hyer, Vet, Doc Hyer 1954
Climax! Family Friend 1954
December Bride Roger 1954
The Jimmy Durante Show Self 1954
It's a Great Life General, Jason 1954
Captain Midnight Dr. Morgan 1954
The Whistler Roarke 1954
About Mrs. Leslie Lewis 1954
Johnny Dark Ed J. Winston 1954
Duffy's Tavern Fenston 1954
Public Defender Chester Lamont, Dr. Morse 1954
Stories of the Century Judge Isaac C. Parker 1954
Annie Oakley Banker Henry Lormier, Rev. Mills 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Tremont 1953
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse The Doctor 1953
The Flaming Urge Albert Cruickshank 1953
City Detective Davis 1953
The Stranger Wore a Gun Jason Conroy 1953
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders Commissioner Morrison [Chs.1,10-12] / Commissioner Morrison 1953
The Lost Planet Ned Hilton / Ned Hilton - Editor 1953
The Life of Riley Teasdale 1953
The Ford Television Theatre Mayor 1952
Cavalcade of America (as Pierre Watkins), Allan Pinkerton 1952
Four Star Playhouse Mr. Morgan 1952
Life with Luigi Judge 1952
Adventures of Superman Admiral, Airline Official, Harry Green, Man on Phone in Montage, Sir Lancelot 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Banker Henry Warren 1952
Francis Goes to West Point Col. Hedley 1952
Thundering Caravans Head Marshal 1952
Lovely to Look At Bald Prospective Investor 1952
A Yank in Indo-China Kingston 1952
Hold That Line Morgan T. Stanhope 1952
Death Valley Days David Dows 1952
The Unexpected J.B. Crane 1952
Scandal Sheet Baxter 1952
The Roy Rogers Show Prescott - Banker, Prof. Petrie 1951
Dragnet 1951
I Love Lucy Mr. Dorrance 1951
Schlitz Playhouse J. Harrison Hardesty 1951
Sky King Colonel Yates, Joe Dorn, Railroad President 1951
Mysterious Island Confederate Officer 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Sheriff 1951
The Amos 'n Andy Show Traffic Court Judge #1 1951
Racket Squad Dr. Trevillon, Frank Metcalfe, Robert Marshfield 1951
In Old Amarillo George B. Hills 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Dr. Wells, Porter 1951
The Range Rider Dad Harris, Dr. Chancellor 1951
Belle Le Grand Parkington's Associate 1951
Two Lost Worlds Magistrate Jeffries 1951
The Second Face Mr. Hamilton 1950
Frontier Outpost Col. Warrick 1950
Southside 1-1000 Police Commissioner 1950
Emergency Wedding Doctor 1950
The Jack Benny Program Mr. Lewis, Washington Art Gallery Man 1950
Last of the Buccaneers Gov. Claiborne 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Arthur Stebbins, Howard Williams, Mortimer Douglas - Principal, The Man Customer, The Principal 1950
Lux Video Theatre Sleamish, Dr. Smithton, Porter, Hinchecliffe 1950
Sunset in the West Gordon MacKnight 1950
Redwood Forest Trail Arthur Cameron 1950
Dick Tracy Police Chief Pat Patton 1950
The Gene Autry Show Colonel, Sheriff 1950
Atom Man vs. Superman Perry White 1950
Three Little Words Philip Goodman 1950
The Big Hangover Samuel C. Long 1950
Shadow on the Wall Dr. Dan Hodge 1950
Rock Island Trail Major 1950
Over the Border Rand Malloy 1950
Nancy Goes to Rio Michael 1950
The Cisco Kid Bonanza Sheriff, Mr. Holbrook, Sheriff 1950
Key to the City Mayor Cabot of Hartford, KY 1950
Radar Secret Service Mr. Hamilton 1950
Blue Grass of Kentucky Head Steward 1950
Samson and Delilah 2nd Priest of Dagon 1949
The Story of Seabiscuit Charles S. Howard 1949
Mary Ryan, Detective Commissioner Ward 1949
The Lone Ranger Captain Prescott, Colonel Stacy, Colonel Webster, Dan Sherwood, Judge Scott, Sheriff Collins 1949
Zamba Benton 1949
Barbary Pirate President Adams 1949
Hold That Baby! John Winston - Lawyer / John Winston 1949
The Fountainhead Cortlandt Official 1949
Look for the Silver Lining Society Man Theater Goer 1949
Neptune's Daughter Mr. Canford 1949
Tulsa Winters - Attorney 1949
Flamingo Road Senator on Power Commission 1949
Make Believe Ballroom Program Director 1949
El Paso Mr. Seton 1949
Miss Mink of 1949 Cranston 1949
Slightly French Publicity Man 1949
Alaska Patrol Mr. Sigmund 1949
Colgate Theatre (as Pierre Watkins) 1949
Knock on Any Door Purcell - Lawyer 1949
Siren of Atlantis Colonel 1949
Incident C. W. Sloan 1948
The Gallant Blade Governor 1948
The Strange Mrs. Crane Clinton Crane 1948
An Innocent Affair T.D. Hendricks 1948
The Gentleman from Nowhere Hoffman 1948
Lady at Midnight John Featherstone 1948
A Southern Yankee Major 1948
Fighting Back Colonel 1948
The Arkansas Swing Horse Vet 1948
Daredevils of the Clouds Douglas Harrison 1948
Superman White / Perry White 1948
Shanghai Chest Judge Wesley Armstrong / Wesley Armstrong 1948
The Counterfeiters Carter 1948
Trapped by Boston Blackie Dunn 1948
Money Madness Judge 1948
The Hunted Simon Rand - Attorney / Simon Rand, Attorney 1948
State of the Union Sen. Lauterback 1948
B.F.'s Daughter Joe Stewart - Brett's Boss 1948
Mary Lou Airline President 1948
Glamour Girl T.J. Hopkins 1948
Brick Bradford Prof. Salisbury / Professor Salisbury 1947
Road to the Big House Minor Role 1947
Her Husband's Affairs Vice President Beitler 1947
The Fabulous Texan Citizen 1947
Song of Love Duke of X 1947
The Wild Frontier Marshal Frank Lane / Frank Lane 1947
Monsieur Verdoux Prison Official 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Reverend 1947
The Red Stallion Richard Moresby 1947
Living in a Big Way Hausman 1947
Seven Keys to Baldpate Mr. Bentley 1947
The Web Mr. Porter 1947
Hard Boiled Mahoney Dr. Rolfe Carter 1947
Violence Ralph Borden 1947
Danger Street Turlock's Publisher Friend 1947
The Ghost Goes Wild Murgatroyd - Monte's Attorney 1947
Cigarette Girl District Attorney 1947
Jack Armstrong Uncle Jim Fairfield 1947
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim Wendell Paige 1947
Magnificent Doll Harper 1946
Sioux City Sue G.W. Rhodes 1946
Plainsman and the Lady Sen. Allen 1946
High School Hero Gov. Huffington / Governor Huffington 1946
Swamp Fire P.T. Hilton 1946
The Missing Lady Police Commissioner Weston 1946
G.I. War Brides Editor 1946
Our Hearts Were Growing Up Producer 1946
Behind the Mask Police Commissioner Weston 1946
So Goes My Love Committee Man 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn E. Winthrop LeMoyne 1946
Murder Is My Business Arnold Ramsey 1946
I Ring Doorbells G.B. Barton 1946
Claudia and David Hartley Naughton 1946
Little Giant P.S. Van Loon 1946
The Madonna's Secret District Attorney 1946
The Shadow Returns Police Commissioner J.R. Weston 1946
Miss Susie Slagle's Superintendent 1946
Shock Blake - Belmont Arms Hotel Manager 1946
Two Years Before the Mast Staunton 1946
Adventure Mr. Buckley 1945
The Stork Club Mr. Gray 1945
Follow That Woman J.B. Henderson 1945
Captain Tugboat Annie Dr. Turner 1945
Dakota Wexton Geary 1945
Apology for Murder Craig Jordan 1945
I Love a Bandleader Dr. Gardiner 1945
Divorce John B. Carter / John Carter 1945
Secrets of a Sorority Girl Dr. Harlan Johnson 1945
Over 21 Joel I. Nixon 1945
Incendiary Blonde Otto Hummel 1945
Mr. Muggs Rides Again Dr. Fletcher 1945
Thrill of a Romance Tycoon 1945
Three's a Crowd Marcus Pett 1945
Honeymoon Ahead Warden Lawlor 1945
The Phantom Speaks Charlie Davis 1945
Keep Your Powder Dry Mr. Lorrison 1945
I'll Remember April Dr. Armitage 1945
Strange Illusion District Attorney Wallace Armstrong / Wallace Armstrong 1945
Front Row Center Hatfield 1945
Docks of New York Police Capt. Jacobs / Captain Jacobs 1945
Here Come the Co-eds Police Chief 1945
Roughly Speaking Financier 1945
She Gets Her Man Johnson 1945
Wing and a Prayer Admiral 1945
Meet Miss Bobby Socks Quinlan 1944
The Great Mike Col. Whitley 1944
Dead Man's Eyes Attorney / Hayden's Lawyer 1944
End of the Road District Attorney 1944
Shadow of Suspicion Frank J. Randall / Frank Randall 1944
Atlantic City Sen. Hodges 1944
Oh, What a Night! Tom Gordon 1944
Three Little Sisters Mr. Davenport 1944
Once Upon a Time Radio Stage Manager 1944
South of Dixie Dean Williamson 1944
Jungle Woman Dr. Meredith 1944
Ladies of Washington Dr. John Crane 1944
Bermuda Mystery Herbert Bond 1944
Week-End Pass John James 'J.J.' Kendall 1944
Undercover British Agent Z 1944
What a Woman! Senator 1943
Jack London American Consul 1943
Riding High Masters 1943
The Iron Major Col. White 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime State Gov. Rutledge / State Governor Rutledge (Uncredited) 1943
Crazy House Prosecutor 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Judge 1943
Fired Wife Doctor 1943
Destroyer Admiral 1943
This Is the Army Stranger in Audience 1943
Good Luck, Mr. Yates Enlistment Officer 1943
Du Barry Was a Lady Ambrose 1943
Mission to Moscow Naval Attache 1943
A Stranger in Town Supreme Court Justice 1943
It Ain't Hay Maj. Harper 1943
Cinderella Swings It Brock Harris 1943
Secrets of the Underground District Attorney Winton 1942
Whistling in Dixie Doctor 1942
Stand by All Networks Grant Neeley 1942
Wildcat Banker 1942
The Pride of the Yankees Mr. Twitchell 1942
The Magnificent Dope Bill Carson 1942
Meet the Stewarts Country Club Lunch Guest / Club Guest (Uncredited) 1942
Yokel Boy Johnson 1942
Heart of the Rio Grande Randolph Lane 1942
Nazi Agent Grover Blaine McHenry 1942
The Adventures of Martin Eden Amos Morley 1942
We Were Dancing Mr. Tom Bentley 1942
Obliging Young Lady John Markham 1942
Lady for a Night District Attorney Logan 1942
Bedtime Story Eccles - Dudley's Attorney 1941
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring Crothers 1941
Jesse James at Bay Phineas Krager - Land Dealer 1941
Great Guns Col. Wayburn 1941
Buy Me That Town Carlton Williams 1941
Father Takes a Wife William 'Bill' Fowler 1941
Lydia Speaker 1941
Unfinished Business Lawyer 1941
Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day Mr. Chanler 1941
Life Begins for Andy Hardy Dr. Bob Waggoner 1941
Cracked Nuts Mr. Benson 1941
Nevada City Amos Norton 1941
The Big Store Bedding Department Manager 1941
Naval Academy Capt. Davis 1941
Adventure in Washington Frank Conroy 1941
She Knew All the Answers George Wharton 1941
Meet John Doe Hammett 1941
A Man Betrayed Governor 1941
Cheers for Miss Bishop President Crowder 1941
The Trial of Mary Dugan Judge Nash 1941
Petticoat Politics Alfred Wilcox 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Boss Crogan 1940
The Bank Dick Mr. Skinner 1940
Dr. Kildare's Crisis Mr. Robert Chandler 1940
Father Is a Prince Mr. Lee 1940
Street of Memories Dr. Thornton 1940
Life with Henry Mr. Joseph Anderson / Mr. Anderson 1940
Knute Rockne All American Committee Member 1940
No Time for Comedy First-Nighter 1940
Hired Wife Charlie - Phyllis's Escort 1940
Rhythm on the River Uncle John 1940
Five Little Peppers in Trouble Mr. King / J.H. King 1940
Captain Caution American Consul 1940
Mystery Sea Raider Straker 1940
I Love You Again Mr. Sims / Mr. W.H. Sims 1940
Golden Gloves A.P. Barton - Editor 1940
Sailor's Lady Captain 1940
Out West with the Peppers Mr. King / J.H. King 1940
Queen of the Mob Torey 1940
Earthbound President of the Court 1940
The Saint Takes Over Ben Eagan / Ben Egan 1940
Gangs of Chicago Shady Businessman 1940
Road to Singapore Morgan Wycott 1940
Teddy the Rough Rider Sen. Platt 1940
The Earl of Chicago Warden 1940
The Great Victor Herbert Albert Martin 1939
Rulers of the Sea Mr. Caldwell / Mr. Caldwell (Uncredited) 1939
Geronimo Col. White 1939
The Covered Trailer Horace Cartwright 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Senate Minority Leader / Senator Barnes 1939
Everything's on Ice Hotel Manager 1939
Death of a Champion Albert Deacon 1939
Wall Street Cowboy Roger Hammond 1939
The Jones Family in Hollywood Movie Studio Producer 1939
Outside These Walls Hewitt Bronson 1939
First Offenders Mr. Blakeley 1939
They Made Her a Spy Colonel Wilson / Col. Wilson 1939
Society Lawyer Henry V. Adams 1939
The Adventures of Jane Arden Albert Thayer 1939
King of Chinatown Dist. Atty. Philips 1939
The Spirit of Culver Capt. Wharton 1939
Secret Service of the Air Chief Morrow / Chief of the Secret Service 1939
Risky Business Abernathy 1939
Fast and Loose Victor Stockton 1939
Wings of the Navy Capt. March 1939
Off the Record Barton 1939
The Mysterious Miss X Winslow 1939
King of the Underworld District Attorney 1939
There's That Woman Again Mr. Nacelle / Mr. Robert Nacelle 1938
Illegal Traffic Jigger 1938
Girls on Probation Mr. Storm - Prosecuting Attorney / Mr. Storm 1938
Young Dr. Kildare Mr. Robert Chanler 1938
The Lady Objects Mr. Harper 1938
The Mad Miss Manton Mr. Fenton 1938
King of Alcatraz Ship's Doctor 1938
Girls' School Mr. Simpson / Mr. Alfred Simpson 1938
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off Mr. Wondel 1938
Valley of the Giants Banker #2 1938
You Can't Take It with You Attorney to Kirby 1938
Boy Meets Girl B.K. Whitacre 1938
Smashing the Rackets John Nelson Davis 1938
The Chaser Mr. Beaumont - Traction Co. President / Mr. Beaumont 1938
A Trip to Paris Baxter - the Banker 1938
There's Always a Woman Mr. Ketterling 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble District Attorney 1938
Tip-Off Girls George Murkil 1938
State Police Col. C.B. Clarke 1938
Dangerous to Know Sen. Carson 1938
Arsène Lupin Returns Mr. Carter 1938
Midnight Intruder Attorney Peter Winslow / Peter Winslow - Attorney 1938
Rosalie Superintendent of Academy 1937
Daughter of Shanghai Mr. Yorkland 1937
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Judge Dobson - Racing Steward 1937
Breakfast for Two Gordon Faraday 1937
Stage Door Carmichael 1937
The Life of Emile Zola Prefect of Police 1937
The Man Who Cried Wolf Governor 1937
Confession Stagoff - Lawyer 1937
Reported Missing! Reynolds 1937
Paradise Isle Steinmeyer / Dr. Steinmeyer 1937
The Californian Miller 1937
Ever Since Eve Barton 1937
The Singing Marine General 1937
Married Before Breakfast Mr. Potter 1937
The Go Getter Browne 1937
The Hit Parade J. B. Hawley 1937
Mountain Justice Governor 1937
Internes Can't Take Money Dr. Fearson 1937
Marked Woman 2nd Judge 1937
Racketeers in Exile Chief G-Man 1937
Waikiki Wedding John Durkin 1937
Bill Cracks Down William 'Bill' Reardon Sr. 1937
History Is Made at Night Commodore Eldridge 1937
Under Southern Stars Robert E. Lee 1937
Sea Devils USS Taroe Commander 1937
Green Light Dr. Booth 1937
Breezing Home Steward 1937
Devil's Playground Submarine Commander 1937
She's Dangerous H.J. Conrad 1937
Dangerous Number Mr. Stark - the Bridegroom 1937
Larceny on the Air Kennedy 1937
King of Hockey Thomas A. White / League President Thomas A. White 1936
Wanted! Jane Turner Andrew Norris 1936
Country Gentlemen Mr. Grayson 1936
Love Letters of a Star Hobbs 1936
Under Your Spell Allen's Lawyer 1936
The Big Game The College Chancellor 1936
Sitting on the Moon Tucker 1936
Swing Time Al Simpson 1936
The Gentleman from Louisiana Roger Leland 1936
China Clipper Secretary of State 1936
Bunker Bean Mr. Barnes 1936
Nobody's Fool George Baxter 1936
Counterfeit Matt McDonald 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Arthur Cedar 1936
It Had to Happen District Attorney 1936
You May Be Next! Bernard Pine 1936
Two in the Dark City Editor 1936
If You Could Only Cook Mr. Balderson 1935
Dangerous George Sheffield 1935
He Who Gets Slapped 1924
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