Robert J. Wilke

IVA Star Rating : 64

Birth Name

Robert Joseph Wilke


Monday, 18 May 1914


Tuesday, 28 March 1989

Actor Filmography

The Naked Archaeologist Cowboy 2005
Stripes Gen. Barnicke 1981
The Sweet Creek County War Lucas Derring 1979
B.J. and the Bear Mr. Stevens 1978
Days of Heaven The Farm Foreman 1978
Dallas Tom Owens 1978
The Quest Asa Jordan 1976
How the West Was Won Appleton 1976
Starsky and Hutch Mac Johnson 1975
Santee Deaks / Deaks (as Robert Wilke 1973
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Actor Filmography

The Naked Archaeologist Cowboy 2005
Stripes Gen. Barnicke 1981
The Sweet Creek County War Lucas Derring 1979
B.J. and the Bear Mr. Stevens 1978
Days of Heaven The Farm Foreman 1978
Dallas Tom Owens 1978
The Quest Asa Jordan 1976
How the West Was Won Appleton 1976
Starsky and Hutch Mac Johnson 1975
Santee Deaks / Deaks (as Robert Wilke 1973
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf The Sheriff 1973
The Rookies Officer Shaw 1972
Kung Fu Sgt. Bridger 1972
They Call It Murder Sheriff Rex Brandon 1971
The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler Hugh Fielding / Fielding 1971
A Gunfight Marshal Tom Cater 1971
The Most Deadly Game Roark 1970
The Cheyenne Social Club Corey Bannister 1970
The Desperate Mission Gant 1969
Lancer Sam Stryker 1968
The Outcasts Sheriff Gus Harris 1968
Tony Rome Ralph Turpin 1967
The Guns of Will Sonnett Sheriff Dan Butler, Tom Judd 1967
Cimarron Strip Hardy Miller 1967
Rango Walker 1967
Tarzan Colin Yeager, Sean Gillian, Spooner 1966
The Monroes Len Gregger 1966
El magnifico extranjero Sheriff McVey 1966
Smoky Jeff Nicks 1966
Cyclotrode 'X' Scott 1966
Sakima and the Masked Marvel Car Rental Garage Thug 1966
The Wild Wild West Maj. Gen. Titus Ord Baldwin 1965
The Legend of Jesse James Marshal Sam Corbett 1965
The Hallelujah Trail Chief Five Barrels 1965
Fate Is the Hunter Stillman 1964
Daniel Boone Fryman, Jake Manning, Toff 1964
Shock Treatment Technician Mike Newton (as Robert Wilke) / Technician Mike Newton 1964
Hollywood and the Stars Jim Pierce (clip from High Noon (1952)) 1963
The Fugitive Johnny 1963
The Greatest Show on Earth Lou Sirotta 1963
The Gun Hawk Johnny Flanders 1963
The Lucy Show Tom Carter 1962
The Virginian Colton, Conrad 1962
Sam Benedict Lt. Mike Radich 1962
The Dakotas Judge Everett Markham 1962
The Beachcomber Bill Winters, Jason Despol 1962
Frontier Circus Jack Gance 1961
Target: The Corruptors! Keepness 1961
Ripcord Cowboy, Samuel Wilson 1961
The Dick Powell Theatre Bill Mason, Lt. Duffy Cardoza 1961
King of Diamonds Hunter 1961
Blueprint for Robbery Capt. Swanson 1961
The Long Rope Ben Matthews 1961
Spartacus Guard Captain 1960
Stagecoach West Taylor Norman 1960
The Westerner Murdo 1960
Outlaws Meder 1960
My Three Sons Danny Donnigan 1960
Checkmate Edward Scott 1960
The Tall Man Marshal Ben Hartley 1960
The Slowest Gun in the West Billy the Kid Blake 1960
The Magnificent Seven Wallace 1960
Overland Trail Cole Younger 1960
Shotgun Slade Brannigan 1959
Bourbon Street Beat Frankie Mako, Morey, Sheriff Ben Galvin 1959
Adventures in Paradise Riker 1959
Law of the Plainsman Amos Cameron 1959
Wichita Town Johnny Burke 1959
Laramie Bob Laird, Clint Buckner, Gareth, Marshal Gil Fletcher, Slate, Sumner Campbell, The Sheriff 1959
Riverboat Bolesy, Red Dog Hanlon 1959
The Man and the Challenge Old Gene 1959
Bonanza Al Simmons, Brazos, Charlie Sheppard, Marshal Hollister, Sheriff Claude T. Booker 1959
The Deputy Ace Gentry 1959
Never Steal Anything Small Lennie 1959
The Untouchables George 'Bugs' Moran, Dutch Schultz 1959
Rawhide Lafe Thomas, Sheriff McVey, Tom Galt 1959
U.S. Marshal Pat Burke, Harry Brandon 1958
Cimarron City Wesley 1958
77 Sunset Strip Vern Reece 1958
Bat Masterson Bull Kirby, Rod Clements 1958
Lawman Fallon - Bounty Hunter, Lal Hoard, Marshal Tom Haddon 1958
The Rifleman Flory Sheltin, Ward Haskins 1958
Man of the West Ponch 1958
The Texan Asa Kirby, Marshal Bart Pennock, Pete Torrey, Sheriff Tip Latta 1958
Bronco McKee Bucklin 1958
Peter Gunn Joe Webber 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Ben Hooker, Jack Radovitch, Virgil 1958
Colgate Theatre (as Robert Wilke) 1958
Return to Warbow Red 1958
The Tarnished Angels Hank 1957
Man Without a Gun Hackett 1957
Colt .45 Cherry Lane 1957
Tombstone Territory Burt Foster, Jess Caulfield, Todd Gantry 1957
Zorro Capt. Salvador Mendoza 1957
The Court of Last Resort Frank Westover 1957
Captain David Grief Capt. Griffiths 1957
The Walter Winchell File Fisher 1957
The Californians Bill 1957
Maverick Diamond Dan Malone, McCabe 1957
Perry Mason Deputy Sheriff Connors 1957
The Thin Man Duke Martin 1957
Wagon Train Col. Thomas Stone, Jabez Moore, Sgt. Wick (as Robert Wilke), Wesley Thomas 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Casey Bryan, Maj. Blake, Rook, Walt DeVries, Will Tybee 1957
Night Passage Concho 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Jack Simmons, Mike Ross 1957
Hot Summer Night Tom Ellis (as Robert Wilke) / Tom Ellis 1957
Gun the Man Down Matt Rankin 1956
Written on the Wind Dan Willis 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Ethan Robertson 1956
The Vagabond King Officer of the Day 1956
Canyon River Joe Graycoe 1956
The Rawhide Years Neal (as Robert Wilke) / Neal 1956
Telephone Time Boudet 1956
Raw Edge Sile Doty 1956
Backlash Jeff Welker 1956
The Lone Ranger Cassidy (as Robert Wilke) / Cassidy 1956
Screen Directors Playhouse Zecca 1955
Cheyenne Ben Creed, Bob Manson, Carl Banner, Jed Begert, Kelso Prather 1955
Gunsmoke Ab Rankin, Hickock, Kelby, Luke Cumberledge, Pegger, Pitt, Tom 1955
Wichita Ben Thompson 1955
Son of Sinbad Musa 1955
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea First Mate of the Nautilus 1955
Shotgun Bentley (as Robert Wilke) / Bentley 1955
Strange Lady in Town Karg 1955
Smoke Signal 1st Sgt. Daly (as Robert Wilke) / 1st Sgt. Daly 1955
The Magical World of Disney Ben Tilton, Jed - Outlaw, First Mate of the Nautilus 1954
The Lineup Slowboat Murphy 1954
Lassie Mr. Corey 1954
Two Guns and a Badge Moore - Outlaw / Moore - Outlaw (as Robert Wilke) 1954
The Lone Gun Hort Moran (as Robert Wilke) / Hort Moran 1954
The Far Country Madden 1954
War Paint Trooper Grady 1953
From Here to Eternity Sgt. Henderson 1953
Arrowhead Sgt. Stone 1953
Powder River Will Horn (as Bob Wilke) / Will Horn 1953
Cow Country Sledge 1953
The Maverick Massey 1952
The Abbott and Costello Show Mike Brodie 1952
Wyoming Roundup Wyatt - Henchman / Clem Wyatt 1952
Cavalcade of America (as Robert Wilke) 1952
Four Star Playhouse Ben Crane, George 1952
Adventures of Superman Bingham 1952
Cowboy G-Men Joe Blackton, Saxon 1952
Fargo Link - Henchman 1952
Cattle Town Keeno 1952
Hellgate Sgt. Maj. Kearn 1952
High Noon Jim Pierce 1952
Carbine Williams Guard on Train 1952
Laramie Mountains Henry Mandel 1952
Road Agent Slab Babcock 1952
Death Valley Days Ben Holladay, Sergeant Wilks, Sgt. Brill, Sgt. Flanagan, Sheriff Tom McBain 1952
The Las Vegas Story Clayton (as Robert Wilke) / Clayton 1952
Indian Uprising Taggart Man 1952
The Roy Rogers Show Hal Creston - Henchman, Jake Lawson, Mark Bender 1951
Overland Telegraph Bellew - Henchman (as Robert Wilke) / Bellew - Henchman 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Roy Murrell, Whitey, Red Fischer 1951
Hot Lead Stoney Dawson / Stoney Dawson (as Robert Wilke) 1951
Sky King Matt Guthrie 1951
Pistol Harvest Andy Baylor / Andy Baylor (as Robert Wilke) 1951
Cyclone Fury Bunco - Henchman / Henchman Bunco (as Bob Wilke) 1951
Best of the Badmen Jim Younger 1951
Bonanza Town Henchman 1951
No Questions Asked Police Sergeant 1951
Gunplay WInslow - Henchman / Henchman Winslow 1951
Saddle Legion Hooker - Henchman / Henchman Hooker 1951
The Range Rider Henchman, (as Bob Wilke) (credit only), Blackie - Henchman, Luke, Pete - Henchman, Sundown Saunders 1951
Vengeance Valley Cowhand 1951
Frontier Outpost Krag Benson 1950
Across the Badlands Keno Jackson (as Bob Wilke) / Duke Jackson / Keno Jackson 1950
The Desert Hawk Camel Driver 1950
Beyond the Purple Hills Jim Conners - Henchman 1950
The Gene Autry Show Charlie Bolton, Henchman Cody, Henchman in Plaid Shirt, Monte - Henchman 1950
Twilight in the Sierras Bus Driver 1950
Kill the Umpire Cactus 1950
Outcast of Black Mesa Curt - Henchman (as Bob Wilke) / Curt - Henchman 1950
The Cisco Kid Barney, Henchman Vic, Judd Storme 1950
The Kid from Texas Henchman 1950
Mule Train Bradshaw - Henchman 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Loser 1950
The Blonde Bandit Police Det. Walker 1950
Coyote Canyon Deputy Sheriff Ed (as Bob Wilkie) / Deputy Sheriff Ed 1949
The Lone Ranger Fred, Henchman, Sam Burke 1949
Post Office Investigator Policeman 1949
The James Brothers of Missouri Townsman 1949
Flaming Fury Patrolman 1949
The Wyoming Bandit Sam - Henchman (as Bob Wilke) / Sam 1949
Laramie Cronin 1949
Death Valley Gunfighter Henchman 1949
Ghost of Zorro Townsman (Ch. 8) 1949
Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc. Zod - Pursuit Plane Pilot [Chs. 10-11] 1949
Homicide for Three Policeman 1948
Sundown in Santa Fe Henchman 1948
Desperadoes of Dodge City Stockman's Courier 1948
Trail to Laredo Duke - Henchman 1948
A Southern Yankee Confederate Soldier Ordering Cease Fire 1948
Daredevils of the Clouds Joe 1948
River Lady Man 1948
Carson City Raiders Ed Noble (as Bob Wilke) / Ed Noble 1948
Dangers of the Canadian Mounted Cpl. Baxter [Ch.11] 1948
West of Sonora Brock - Henchman 1948
The Wreck of the Hesperus Milton 1948
G-Men Never Forget Steele - Phony Detective [Ch. 5] 1948
Last Days of Boot Hill Bronc Peters 1947
The Black Widow Cabbie / Jailer 1947
Michigan Kid Pool Player 1947
Blackmail Policeman 1947
Web of Danger Station Wagon Driver 1947
The Vigilantes Return Henchman 1947
Law of the Canyon Knife-Throwing Henchman 1947
Buck Privates Come Home GI Buddy 1947
Twilight on the Rio Grande Henchman / Moss - Henchman 1947
West of Dodge City Adams - Henchman 1947
The Ghost Goes Wild Burglar 1947
The Pilgrim Lady Doorman 1947
Out California Way Nate 1946
The Crimson Ghost Scott - Armored Car Driver [Ch. 3] 1946
White Tie and Tails Starter 1946
The Inner Circle Cummings - Police Officer / Police Officer Cummings (as Bob Wilke) 1946
Daughter of Don Q Smith 1946
Rendezvous with Annie MP 1946
Traffic in Crime Hogan's Driver 1946
Passkey to Danger Police Sergeant 1946
Badman's Territory Deputy Marshal 1946
King of the Forest Rangers Carleton - Forest Ranger [Chs. 1, 4-5, 9] 1946
The Wife of Monte Cristo Minor Role 1946
The Catman of Paris The Catman 1946
Roaring Rangers Outlaw Leader 1946
The Phantom Rider Indian Rebel 1 1946
The Daltons Ride Again Posseman 1945
Rough Riders of Cheyenne Smoke Haley / Smoke - Henchman (as Bob Wilke) 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Curley Roberts - Henchman / Curley Roberts 1945
Bandits of the Badlands Keller 1945
The Purple Monster Strikes Dr. Harvey's Assistant 1945
Hitchhike to Happiness Stage Hand 1945
Trail of Kit Carson Dave MacRoy (as Bob Wilke) / Dave MacRoy 1945
Man from Oklahoma Chauffeur 1945
The Chicago Kid Detective 1945
Bells of Rosarita Deputy 1945
Santa Fe Saddlemates Rawhide 1945
Lone Texas Ranger Henchman 1945
Corpus Christi Bandits Steve - Henchman / Henchman Steve 1945
Earl Carroll Vanities Cab Driver 1945
Sheriff of Cimarron Dobie - Henchman / Henchman Dobie 1945
Great Stagecoach Robbery Stagecoach Guard 1945
The Topeka Terror Lynch-Mob Member 1945
Sheriff of Las Vegas Barfly 1944
The Big Bonanza Rancher 1944
Firebrands of Arizona 3rd Deputy 1944
Faces in the Fog Photographer / Police Photographer 1944
Zorro's Black Whip Bill Slocum 1944
Vigilantes of Dodge City Henchman / Bill (as Bob Wilke) 1944
Sheriff of Sundown Bradley - Henchman (as Bob Wilke) / Bradley 1944
Code of the Prairie Office Henchman 1944
Cheyenne Wildcat Deputy Charlie 1944
Stagecoach to Monterey Barfly 1944
Haunted Harbor 1st Bartender [Ch. 1] 1944
The San Antonio Kid Henchman (as Bob Wilke) / Henchman 1944
Bordertown Trail Henchman 1944
Call of the Rockies Deputy Jim 1944
Marshal of Reno Deputy 1944
The Yellow Rose of Texas Deputy 1944
The Tiger Woman Hill Heavy 1[Ch. 2] / Road Heavy 1944
Cowboy and the Senorita Townsman 1944
Rosie the Riveter Furniture Mover 1944
Hidden Valley Outlaws Rancher 1944
Beneath Western Skies Henchman 1944
Captain America Thug with B-10 [Ch. 4] 1944
The Fighting Seabees Arriving Construction Worker 1944
Whispering Footsteps Bank Customer 1943
California Joe Barfly 1943
Pistol Packin' Mama Bodyguard 1943
Overland Mail Robbery Shack Guard 1943
The Masked Marvel Rental Garage Thug 1943
Bells of Capistrano Roustabout 1942
Spy Smasher Chief Government Agent [Chs. 1-2, 10-11] 1942
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. Cutter Helmsman 1941
Sierra Sue Carnival Spectator 1941
Power Dive Barfly 1941
Country Fair (as Bob Wilke) 1941
Michael Shayne: Private Detective Police Reporter 1940
Hit Parade of 1941 Undetermined Secondary Role 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Henchman 1940
Grand Ole Opry Hillbilly 1940
The Crooked Road Henchman 1940
In Old Missouri Hillbilly / Farmer 1940
Rovin' Tumbleweeds Migrant 1939
Jeepers Creepers Workman 1939
In Old Monterey Man on Wagon 1939
Daredevils of the Red Circle G-Man 1939
S.O.S. Tidal Wave Man in TV Studio 1939
Man of Conquest Texican 1939
Street of Missing Men Henchman 1939
Mexicali Rose Henchman 1939
Star Reporter Reporter 1939
Woman Doctor Ambulance Driver 1939
Come on, Rangers! Henchman 1938
Rhythm of the Saddle Cowhand 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs Marine in Shanghai (Ch. 1) 1938
International Crime Bar Patron 1938
Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Mountie at Picnic 1937
SOS Coast Guard Seaman 1937
San Quentin Young Convict in Yard 1937
That Man's Here Again Extra in Park 1937
San Francisco Earthquake Survivor 1936
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