Eddy Waller

IVA Star Rating : 62
Edward C. Waller was an American film and television actor.

Edward C. Waller was an American film and television actor.


Friday, 14 June 1889


Saturday, 20 August 1977

Actor Filmography

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Grizzled Sidekick 1976
Empire Abel Saunders 1962
Dr. Kildare Dr. Millard Eakins 1961
Outlaws Forsythe 1960
Pony Express Nate 1960
Overland Trail Trinidad 1960
Shotgun Slade the Sheriff 1959
Laramie Mose, Mose - Stage Driver, Mose Shell 1959
Bonanza Harry 1959
The Texan Oldest Rider, Stage Driver 1958
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Actor Filmography

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Grizzled Sidekick 1976
Empire Abel Saunders 1962
Dr. Kildare Dr. Millard Eakins 1961
Outlaws Forsythe 1960
Pony Express Nate 1960
Overland Trail Trinidad 1960
Shotgun Slade the Sheriff 1959
Laramie Mose, Mose - Stage Driver, Mose Shell 1959
Bonanza Harry 1959
The Texan Oldest Rider, Stage Driver 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Pop Cole 1958
Day of the Badman Mr. Slocum 1958
Casey Jones Red Rock Smith, Red Rock 1957
Wagon Train Ned, Sam Frost 1957
The Restless Breed Caesar 1957
Code 3 Pops Anderson 1957
The Phantom Stagecoach Sam Clayton 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Grandpa Charlie Bridger, Pat Rankin 1957
The Night Runner Vernon 1957
Broken Arrow Hank Thompson 1956
Hey, Jeannie! Hoot McCoy 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Press Harper 1956
Fury Hank Enos 1955
Steve Donovan, Western Marshal Deputy Marshal Rusty Lee 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Rawhide Geraghty 1955
The Man from Laramie Dr. Selden 1955
Foxfire Old Larky (as Eddy C. Waller) / Old Larky 1955
Man Without a Star Tom Cassidy / Tom Cassidy (as Eddy C. Waller) 1955
TV Reader's Digest Pa Kimble 1955
The Star and the Story Bleak-top, Frank 1955
The Magical World of Disney Captain Swain, John Finley, Linc 1954
Father Knows Best Will Potter 1954
Lassie Henry Enders, Matt Krebbs, Jonathan Grigsby 1954
Make Haste to Live 'Spud' Kelly 1954
Public Defender Willie Carter 1954
The Far Country Yukon Sam 1954
Waterfront Jonathan Beale, Jonathon Beale 1954
Meet Corliss Archer Miffy 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Andy 1953
The Loretta Young Show Joe Rogan 1953
El Paso Stampede Nugget Clark 1953
99 River Street Pop Durkee 1953
Champ for a Day Phil 1953
Bandits of the West Nugget Clark 1953
The Last Posse Dr. Pryor 1953
Powder River Stable Owner 1953
Savage Frontier Nugget Clark 1953
It Happens Every Thursday James Bartlett 1953
Marshal of Cedar Rock Nugget / Nugget Clark 1953
Desperadoes' Outpost Nugget Clark 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Courtney, Clam-digger, Station Master 1952
Four Star Playhouse Andy 1952
Footlights Theater Clam-digger, Courtney 1952
Thundering Caravans Sheriff Nugget Clark 1952
Montana Territory Possum Enoch 1952
Black Hills Ambush Nugget Clark 1952
Leadville Gunslinger Nugget Clark 1952
Indian Uprising Sagebrush 1952
Schlitz Playhouse Chuckwalla 1951
Cavalry Scout Gen. Sherman 1951
California Passage Waiter 1950
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Rigger 1950
He's a Cockeyed Wonder Pops Dunlap 1950
Woman on the Run Embarcadero Storekeeper 1950
Rustlers on Horseback Nugget Clark 1950
Frisco Tornado Nugget Clark 1950
Vigilante Hideout Nugget Clark 1950
The Furies Old Man 1950
Covered Wagon Raid Nugget Clark 1950
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek Jailer 1950
Salt Lake Raiders Nugget Clark 1950
Code of the Silver Sage Nugget Clark 1950
The Cisco Kid Dr. Bender, Eli Oliver 1950
Father Is a Bachelor White 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Mr. Owen 1950
Gunmen of Abilene Sheriff Nugget Clark 1950
Powder River Rustlers Nugget Clark 1949
Navajo Trail Raiders Nugget Clark 1949
The Lone Ranger Hardrock Hazen, Jim Haskell, Jules 1949
Bandit King of Texas Nugget Clark 1949
The Wyoming Bandit Nugget Clark 1949
Massacre River Joe (as Eddie Waller) / Joe 1949
Lust for Gold Coroner 1949
Frontier Investigator Nugget Clark 1949
Ma and Pa Kettle Mr. Green 1949
Death Valley Gunfighter Nugget Clark 1949
Sheriff of Wichita Nugget Clark 1949
Whispering Smith Conductor / Train Conductor 1948
Renegades of Sonora Nugget Clark 1948
Sundown in Santa Fe Horace Harvey 'Nugget' Clark / Horace Harvey Nugget Clark 1948
The Return of October Stableman 1948
The Girl from Manhattan Jim Allison 1948
The Denver Kid Nugget / Nugget Clark 1948
Desperadoes of Dodge City Nugget Clark 1948
The Strawberry Roan Steve 1948
The Arkansas Swing Boggs 1948
Marshal of Amarillo Nugget Clark 1948
Speed to Spare Charlie Blane, Explosives Driver 1948
River Lady Hewitt 1948
Carson City Raiders Nugget Clark 1948
The Bold Frontiersman Sheriff Nugget Clark / Nugget Clark 1948
Adventures in Silverado Will Thatcher 1948
The Return of the Whistler Sam the Caretaker / Sam the Estate Caretaker 1948
Black Bart Ed Mason (as Eddy C. Waller) / Ed Mason 1948
Oklahoma Badlands Nugget Clark / Nugget 1948
The Wreck of the Hesperus Turnkey 1948
Secret Beyond the Door... Lem 1947
Bandits of Dark Canyon Nugget / Nugget Clark 1947
Dangerous Years Jock Nealy 1947
Louisiana Mr. Davis 1947
Nightmare Alley Farmer Friend of J.E. Giles 1947
Magic Town New Citizen in Crowd 1947
The Wild Frontier Nugget Clark 1947
Wild Harvest Mr. Hatfield 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Old Mariner 1947
Michigan Kid Post Office Clerk 1947
Wyoming Drifter 1947
The Millerson Case Jeremiah Dobbs 1947
Pursued Ben McComber 1947
The Beginning or the End Man 1947
The Sea of Grass Homesteader 1947
A Boy and His Dog Sheriff Kelly 1946
Boston Blackie and the Law Locksmith 1946
Magnificent Doll Arthur 1946
Plainsman and the Lady Fred Willats 1946
Singing on the Trail Lem 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Tom Fremont 1946
Sing While You Dance Lem Aubrey 1946
Rendezvous with Annie Civil War Veteran 1946
Avalanche Sam 1946
Lover Come Back Mr. Russell 1946
In Old Sacramento Wagon Driver 1946
Sun Valley Cyclone Major Harding 1946
Renegades Davy Lane 1946
Little Giant Driver at Air-Pump 1946
Because of Him Gubbins 1946
Abilene Town Hannaberry 1946
San Antonio Cattleman 1945
Rough Riders of Cheyenne Andy Carson 1945
Dakota Stagecoach Driver 1945
River Gang Mr. Fish 1945
The Affairs of Susan Grumpy Man at Bright Dollar / Grumpy Man at Bright Dollar (Uncredited) 1945
The Missing Corpse Desmond 1945
The Man Who Walked Alone Farmer 1945
Under Western Skies Parson 1945
Belle of the Yukon Lynch Mob Member with Rope 1944
Mystery of the River Boat Charles Langtry 1944
Tall in the Saddle Santa Inez Depot Master 1944
Barbary Coast Gent Chad Jenkins - Second Stage Driver 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Doc Blair (as Eddy C. Waller) / Doc Blair 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain Southerner 1944
The Mummy's Ghost Ben Evans 1944
Home in Indiana Bill 1944
Man from Frisco Older Worker 1944
An American Romance Sheriff of Oak Hills 1944
Up in Arms Milkman 1944
Rationing Smith 1944
Ladies Courageous Workman 1944
My Kingdom for a Cook Sam Thornton 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Shopkeeper 1943
Always a Bridesmaid Justice Peters 1943
The Kansan Ed Gilbert 1943
Headin' for God's Country Hank 1943
A Lady Takes a Chance Bus Station Attendant (as Ed Waller) / Bus Station Attendant 1943
Destroyer Riveter 1943
Silver Spurs Davis 1943
Frontier Badmen Auctioneer 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Hansom Cab Driver 1943
A Stranger in Town Man in Barbershop 1943
Something to Shout About George Priam - Concert Attendee / George Priam 1943
Cinderella Swings It Lem (as Ed Waller) / Lem 1943
The Mummy's Tomb Police Scientist 1942
Night Monster Jed Harmon / Jeb Harmon 1942
Scattergood Survives a Murder Lafe Allen 1942
Sin Town Forager 1942
Call of the Canyon Dave Crosby 1942
A-Haunting We Will Go Wilcox, Baggage Man 1942
Wings for the Eagle Customer Offered Pie 1942
Juke Girl Motorist Buying 6 Cents of Gas 1942
My Gal Sal Malcolm - Buggy Driver 1942
Junior G-Men of the Air Jed Holden [Chs. 1, 3, 5-6] 1942
Sundown Jim Clem Black 1942
Lone Star Ranger Mitchell 1942
Klondike Fury Blindy 1942
Shut My Big Mouth Happy 1942
Wild Bill Hickok Rides Settler 1942
Don't Get Personal Slim 1942
Road Agent Lewis (Rancher) 1941
Public Enemies Olaf 1941
The Bandit Trail Tom Haggerty 1941
Honky Tonk Fred - Train Conductor #2 1941
Sergeant York Man at Church 1941
Six-Gun Gold Ben Blanchard 1941
Bad Men of Missouri Wagon Train Leader 1941
The Son of Davy Crockett Grandpa Mathews / Grandpa Matthews 1941
Hands Across the Rockies Judge Plunkett 1941
Double Date Truck Driver 1941
In Old Colorado Jim Stark / Woods Cowboy Jim Stark 1941
Scattergood Baines Townsman 1941
Nice Girl? Farmer 1941
Western Union Stagecoach Driver #1 / Stagecoach Driver 1941
Santa Fe Trail Workman 1940
Texas Terrors Judge Charles Bennett 1940
Youth Will Be Served First Prisoner 1940
The Devil's Pipeline Benedict 1940
Brigham Young an with California Gold News / Man with California Gold News 1940
The Howards of Virginia Patriot Scout 1940
Boom Town Hotel Desk Clerk in Burkburnett / Hotel Clerk 1940
Gold Rush Maisie Ben Hartley 1940
Carolina Moon Colonel Stanhope 1940
Stagecoach War Quince Cobalt 1940
You're Not So Tough Griswold 1940
Love, Honor and Oh-Baby! Panhandler 1940
20 Mule Team Horsecollar, the Bartender 1940
Enemy Agent Cellmate 1940
Viva Cisco Kid Stagecoach Driver 1940
The Grapes of Wrath Proprietor 1940
The Blue Bird Birch Tree 1940
Legion of the Lawless Lafe Barton 1940
The Cisco Kid and the Lady Second Stage Driver 1939
Man from Montreal Old Jacques (as Eddy C. Waller) / Old Jacques 1939
Geronimo Private 1939
Allegheny Uprising Jailer 1939
Legion of Lost Flyers Petey 1939
Drunk Driving Slow Driver 1939
Two Bright Boys Sheriff 1939
Konga, the Wild Stallion Gloomy 1939
New Frontier Maj. Steven Braddock / Major Steven Braddock 1939
Mutiny on the Blackhawk Parson 1939
The Return of the Cisco Kid Guard on Stagecoach 1939
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell Storekeeper 1939
I'm from Missouri Mule Man 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up 1939
Jesse James Deputy 1939
Stand Up and Fight Conductor 1939
Out West with the Hardys 'Doc' Carson Hodge, a Veterinarian 1938
The Law West of Tombstone Jenks - Martinez Postmaster 1938
Strange Faces Jeb, Mason City Obit Writer 1938
Think It Over Car Rental Dealer 1938
Flaming Frontiers Andy Grant (Chs. 1-4) / Andy Grant 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Stone 1938
A Criminal Is Born Joe - Cafe Owner, Second Shooting Victim / Cafe Owner Joe 1938
State Police Const. Higgins / Constable Higgins 1938
Call the Mesquiteers Hardy 1938
The Bad Man of Brimstone Trial Witness / Cassiius Bundy 1937
Small Town Boy Sloane 1937
The Big Shot Horace 1937
Sweetheart of the Navy Krump 1937
Secret Agent X-9 Lawyer Carp [Chs. 2, 12] 1937
On the Avenue Shooting Gallery Attendant 1937
Banjo on My Knee Truck Driver 1936
The Public Pays The Association's Landlord 1936
Meet Nero Wolfe Golf Starter 1936
Rhythm on the Range Field Judge 1936
Poppy BIT part 1936
Silver Spurs 1936
One-Way Ticket George the Clerk 1935
The Mind Reader Chauffeur 1933
The Great Gabbo Vaudevillian 1929
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