George Sowards

IVA Star Rating : 51

Birth Name

George Albert Sowards


Tuesday, 27 November 1888


Saturday, 20 December 1975

Actor Filmography

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Townsman 1967
An Eye for an Eye Townsman 1966
The Wild Wild West Trooper, Workman 1965
The Big Valley Townsman 1965
Branded Barfly, Courtroom Spectator, Townsman 1965
Invitation to a Gunfighter Townsman 1964
The Great Adventure Townsman 1963
The Fugitive Spectator at Inquest 1963
Cattle King Shotgun Rider 1963
To Kill a Mockingbird Courtroom Spectator 1962
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Actor Filmography

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Townsman 1967
An Eye for an Eye Townsman 1966
The Wild Wild West Trooper, Workman 1965
The Big Valley Townsman 1965
Branded Barfly, Courtroom Spectator, Townsman 1965
Invitation to a Gunfighter Townsman 1964
The Great Adventure Townsman 1963
The Fugitive Spectator at Inquest 1963
Cattle King Shotgun Rider 1963
To Kill a Mockingbird Courtroom Spectator 1962
The Virginian Townsman, Trial Spectator 1962
Frontier Circus Circus Worker, Thompson's Driver, Townsman 1961
Posse from Hell Townsman 1961
Klondike Townsman 1960
Stagecoach West Townsman 1960
The Andy Griffith Show Townsman 1960
Outlaws Juror 1960
Seven Ways from Sundown Townsman 1960
The Tall Man Townsman 1960
One Foot in Hell Townsman 1960
Pollyanna Wagon Driver / Wagon Driver (Uncredited) 1960
Shotgun Slade Barfly 1959
The Jayhawkers! Townsman 1959
The Rebel Townsman 1959
Laramie Townsman, Barfly, Stage Driver 1959
Riverboat Gambler in Bar, Mr. Jensen 1959
The Deputy Townsman, Fight Spectator 1959
Bonanza Townsman, Courtroom Spectator 1959
Last Train from Gun Hill Townsman 1959
The Horse Soldiers Wagon Driver 1959
The Hangman Stage Driver 1959
Good Day for a Hanging Juror 1959
Cimarron City Townsman 1958
Bat Masterson Townsman 1958
Lawman Townsman 1958
Money, Women and Guns Townsman 1958
The Rifleman Townsman, Barfly 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Townsman 1958
The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold Barfly 1958
Man or Gun Townsman 1958
Cole Younger, Gunfighter Townsman 1958
The Dalton Girls Townsman 1957
The Tin Star Townsman 1957
Tombstone Territory Stage Driver 1957
Trackdown Townsman, Barfly, Cowhand 1957
The Californians Barfly, Townsman 1957
Maverick Riverboat Patron 1957
Wagon Train Wagon Train Member, Townsman 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Townsman, Cowhand, Stage Driver 1957
Gunsight Ridge Townsman 1957
Forty Guns Townsman 1957
Man of a Thousand Faces Actor in Bullpen 1957
Valerie Juror 1957
Last Stagecoach West Townsman 1957
The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm Shaver 1957
Gun Duel in Durango Stage Driver 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Townsman, Stage Driver 1957
The Storm Rider Rancher 1957
Gun for a Coward Party Guest 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Townsman, Henchman 1956
7 Men from Now Stage Driver 1956
Star in the Dust Cattleman 1956
A Day of Fury Townsman 1956
The Creature Walks Among Us Ranchhand 1956
The Kettles in the Ozarks Barn Dance Guest 1956
The Wild Dakotas Wagon Train Member 1956
The Second Greatest Sex Townsman 1955
Cheyenne Square Dance Caller 1955
Gunsmoke Townsman, Barfly, Waiter, Buffalo Hunter, Cowboy, Juror 1955
Judge Roy Bean Party Guest 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Townsman, Barfly, Bartender, Fight Spectator, Posse Member 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Barfly, Cowhand 1955
Apache Ambush Pioneer 1955
Tall Man Riding Bushwhacker / Townsman 1955
The Man from Bitter Ridge Crow's Nester 1955
Cult of the Cobra Man Calming Horse 1955
Treasure of Ruby Hills Gunman 1955
The Magical World of Disney Adelaine's Driver, Cowhand 1954
Broken Lance Trial Spectator 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Barfly 1954
The Desperado Stage Driver 1954
The Forty-Niners Barfly 1954
River of No Return Council City Barfly 1954
Bitter Creek Deputy 1954
Stories of the Century Prison Wagon Deputy 1954
Vigilante Terror Stagecoach Driver 1953
Calamity Jane Barfly 1953
So Big Man at Auction 1953
Thunder Over the Plains Soldier 1953
Topeka George 1953
Gun Belt Lynch Mob Member 1953
Law and Order Townsman 1953
Cow Country Rustler 1953
The Homesteaders George 1953
Marshal of Cedar Rock Townsman 1953
Star of Texas Stage Driver 1953
The Redhead from Wyoming Cowhand 1953
The Pathfinder British Soldier 1952
Wyoming Roundup Henchman Driving Wagon 1952
Springfield Rifle Trooper 1952
Canyon Ambush 1st Stage Driver 1952
Horizons West Townsman 1952
The Duel at Silver Creek Posse Rider 1952
The Story of Will Rogers Townsman at Party 1952
Carson City Miner 1952
The San Francisco Story Barfly 1952
Death Valley Days Townsman, Barfly, Settler, Shotgun Rider 1952
Waco Townsman 1952
Flaming Feather Barfly 1952
Bend of the River Townsman 1952
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Townsman 1952
Stage to Blue River Henchman 1951
The Barefoot Mailman Townsman at Dance 1951
Slaughter Trail McBride / Trooper 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Henchman, Townsman, Dixon - Henchman 1951
The Thundering Trail Man in Covered Wagon 1951
Nevada Badmen Townsman 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Townsman, Wagon Driver, 2nd Stage Driver 1951
Apache Drums Townsman 1951
Man from Sonora Stagecoach Driver 1951
Outlaws of Texas Stage Driver 1950
Outlaw Gold Stagecoach Driver 1950
Kansas Raiders Raider 1950
North of the Great Divide Peace Pipe-Passer 1950
The Jack Benny Program Barfly 1950
Silver Raiders Townsman 1950
Wyoming Mail Prisoner 1950
Law of the Panhandle Henchman / Stage Driver 1950
I Killed Geronimo Trooper 1950
Fast on the Draw Barfly 1950
Crooked River Rancher 1950
West of the Brazos Townsman 1950
The Savage Horde Deputy 1950
Colorado Ranger Barfly 1950
Marshal of Heldorado Barfly 1950
Hostile Country George 1950
Over the Border Stagecoach Driver 1950
The Cisco Kid Townsman, Henchman, Deputy Joe, Henchman Jake, Henchman Mike Lyden, Henchman Red 1950
The Daltons' Women Stage Passenger 1950
Copper Canyon Townsman 1950
Ranger of Cherokee Strip Waiter 1949
The Lone Ranger Townsman 1949
The Gal Who Took the West Barfly 1949
Roll, Thunder, Roll! Henchman 1949
South of Death Valley Townsman 1949
Outcasts of the Trail Sam Webster 1949
Stampede Settler at Dance 1949
Son of Billy the Kid Stage Passenger / Posse Rider 1949
Ma and Pa Kettle Party Guest 1949
Ride, Ryder, Ride! Townsman 1949
Gun Runner Henchman 1949
The Man from Colorado Townsman 1949
Strange Gamble Mine Henchman 1948
Desperadoes of Dodge City Wagon Train Member 1948
False Paradise Wagon Driver George 1948
Four Faces West Posse Member 1948
Borrowed Trouble Henchman 1948
Eyes of Texas Henchman 1948
Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains Townsman 1948
Silent Conflict Blaney Rider 1948
Black Bart Stage Driver 1948
The Wild Frontier Townsman 1947
Wyoming George 1947
Hollywood Barn Dance Audience Spectator 1947
Desperate Villager 1947
The Law Comes to Gunsight Townsman 1947
Pursued Townsman 1947
California Coffin Man 1947
Raiders of the South Raider 1947
'Neath Canadian Skies Barfly 1946
Fool's Gold Cowhand 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Henchman 1946
Gunman's Code Townsman 1946
Red River Renegades Henchman 1946
Alias Billy the Kid Townsman 1946
Drifting Along Man at Dance 1946
The Cherokee Flash Townsman 1945
Man from Oklahoma Townsman 1945
Flame of the West Townsman 1945
Springtime in Texas Townsman 1945
The Southerner Townsman 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Gang Member 1945
Sheriff of Cimarron Square Dance Caller 1945
Marked for Murder Cowhand 1945
The Big Bonanza Barfly 1944
Law of the Valley Henchman 1944
The Old Texas Trail Barfly 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Stage Driver 1944
Trigger Trail Road Gang Worker 1944
Forty Thieves Henchman Joe / Poker Player 1944
Boss of Boomtown Private Blair 1944
The Scarlet Claw Villager in Pub 1944
The Black Parachute Guerilla 1944
Oklahoma Raiders Barfly 1944
Beyond the Last Frontier Henchman 1943
Colt Comrades Rider 1943
Leather Burners Posse Rider 1943
The Desperadoes Dancer 1943
Daredevils of the West Indian 1943
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground Road Worker 1943
Calaboose Cowhand 1943
Dawn on the Great Divide Townsman 1942
The Valley of Vanishing Men Henchman 1942
Red River Robin Hood Barfly 1942
Undercover Man Cowhand 1942
Bells of Capistrano Barfly 1942
Sheriff of Sage Valley Stage Driver 1942
Shadows on the Sage Ranch Hand 1942
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die Henchman 1942
Perils of the Royal Mounted Townsman 1942
Stardust on the Sage Henchman 1942
The Masked Rider Henchman 1941
Hands Across the Rockies Courtroom Spectator 1941
Desert Bandit Jail Spectator 1941
Pirates on Horseback Wounded Henchman 1941
Border Vigilantes Vigilante 1941
Back in the Saddle Barfly 1941
Doomed Caravan Bar 20 Hand 1941
Lone Star Raiders Cowhand 1940
North West Mounted Police Trapper 1940
Cherokee Strip Henchman 1940
Stage to Chino Townsman 1940
Stagecoach War Henchman 1940
Winners of the West Card Player / Card Player [Chs. 6, 11] 1940
Santa Fe Marshal Medicine Show Spectator 1940
Cowboys from Texas Henchman 1939
Law of the Pampas Henchman 1939
Oklahoma Frontier Townsman 1939
The Man from Sundown Guard at Trial 1939
Timber Stampede Logger 1939
Mountain Rhythm Rancher 1939
The Kid from Texas Wild West Show Stage Driver 1939
Dodge City Townsman 1939
Arizona Legion Townsman 1939
Santa Fe Stampede Townsman 1938
Out West with the Hardys Hodges Driver 1938
Rawhide Cowhand 1938
Outlaws of the Prairie Henchman 1937
Western Gold Stage Driver Sam 1937
Empty Holsters Henchman Jim / Jim - Henchman 1937
Wild West Days Townsman 1937
Blazing Sixes Barfly 1937
The Cherokee Strip Townsman 1937
Left Handed Law Cowhand 1937
Land Beyond the Law Henchman 1937
Guns of the Pecos Cowhand 1937
California Mail Henchman 1936
The Sunday Round-Up Barfly 1936
Ride 'Em Cowboy Cowhand 1936
Trailin' West Barfly 1936
Treachery Rides the Range Buffalo Hunter 1936
Three on the Trail Barfly 1936
Song of the Saddle Townsman 1936
The Ivory-Handled Gun Cowhand 1935
The Throwback Gambler 1935
Powdersmoke Range Barfly 1935
Rainbow's End George - Ranch Hand 1935
The Roaring West Cowhand 1935
Border Brigands Henchman 1935
Justice of the Range Cowboy 1935
Sunset Range George Sowards (Cowhand) 1935
The Crimson Trail George 1935
Desert Mesa Henchman 1935
The Rawhide Terror Cowhand 1934
The Prescott Kid Cowhand in Town 1934
Rocky Rhodes Barfly 1934
The Red Rider Barfly / Henchman 1934
The Mystery Squadron Deputy Sheriff [Ch. 12] 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Rustler 1933
The Fighting Parson Cowhand 1933
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo Deputy George 1933
Son of the Border Henchman Bob / Stage Driver 1933
The Whirlwind Cowhand 1933
Clancy of the Mounted Bill - the Wagon Driver 1933
Wild Girl Hangman 1932
The Boiling Point Henchman Guard 1932
Heroes of the West Railroad Worker George / Railroad Worker George [Chs. 1, 11] 1932
Spirit of the West Ranch Hand with Pipe 1932
Lovers Courageous Cowboy 1932
The Local Bad Man Ranch Hand 1932
The Gay Buckaroo Cowhand 1931
Battling with Buffalo Bill George (Ch. 11) 1931
Wild Horse Rodeo Wrangler 1931
The Fighting Sheriff Barfly 1931
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