Lane Chandler

IVA Star Rating : 67
Lane Chandler was an American actor specializing mainly in Westerns.

Lane Chandler was an American actor specializing mainly in Westerns.

Birth Name

Robert Chandler Oakes


Sunday, 04 June 1899


Thursday, 14 September 1972

Actor Filmography

One More Train to Rob Party Guest 1971
Peril from the Planet Mongo Ming's Lab Adjutant 1966
Purple Death from Outer Space Radio Room Adjutant 1966
Get Smart Gate Guard 1965
Hank Policeman, Police Officer 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Bryan Comer 1965
My Blood Runs Cold Deputy 1965
The Great Adventure Surgeon 1963
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Sheriff 1961
Gunslinger Town Marshal 1961
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Actor Filmography

One More Train to Rob Party Guest 1971
Peril from the Planet Mongo Ming's Lab Adjutant 1966
Purple Death from Outer Space Radio Room Adjutant 1966
Get Smart Gate Guard 1965
Hank Policeman, Police Officer 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Bryan Comer 1965
My Blood Runs Cold Deputy 1965
The Great Adventure Surgeon 1963
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Sheriff 1961
Gunslinger Town Marshal 1961
Stagecoach West Sheriff 1960
Noose for a Gunman Ed Folsey 1960
Overland Trail Wilson - Miner Trying to Stop Fight 1960
Bourbon Street Beat Sheriff Lacy 1959
The Untouchables Kingan 1959
Rawhide Sheriff 1959
The D.A.'s Man Max Resnik 1959
The Buccaneer Backwoodsman 1958
77 Sunset Strip Chief Crane, Detective, Jeff's Neighbor, Sheriff Marberry, Truck Driver 1958
Lawman Tom Pike 1958
Bronco Tom Finch 1958
Space Master X-7 Ryder 1958
The Left Handed Gun Townsman on Street with Mason 1958
Quantrill's Raiders Sheriff 1958
Colt .45 Sheriff 1957
The Californians Purdy 1957
The Restless Gun Sheriff Croft 1957
Maverick Andy, Gibbons, Lawson, Marshal Richter, Marshal, Sheriff Bill Wright, Sheriff Crane, Sheriff, Stagecoach Passenger 1957
Sugarfoot Marshal, Sheriff Jim Harkness, Sheriff 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Bender - Landlord, J. Brodie, John Tay, Lace, Sheriff 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Mr. Carter 1957
The Storm Rider Doctor 1957
Zane Grey Theatre Stage Driver 1956
The First Traveling Saleslady Rancher 1956
Canyon River Rustler 1956
The First Texan Col. James Fannin 1956
Great Day in the Morning Northern Loyalist 1956
The Rawhide Years Colonel 1956
The Lone Ranger Chip Walker 1956
State Trooper Stanton 1956
Corky and White Shadow Granville Sheriff 1956
The Indian Fighter Head Settler 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Sheriff 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Pete Russell 1955
Cheyenne Bailey, Joe Cooper, Marshal, Paul Floyd, Proudhomme, Sen. Maple, Sheriff Morley, Sheriff Ringler, Sheriff Stone, Townsman 1955
Gunsmoke Guard, Luke, Morgan, Sam, Trumbull, Warden 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Brooks, Dan Woodruff, Outlaw 1955
Apache Ambush Posse Rider 1955
The Mickey Mouse Club Granville Sheriff / serial 'Corky and White Shadow' 1955
Creature with the Atom Brain Gen. Saunders 1955
Tall Man Riding Hap Sutton 1955
Shotgun Fletcher / Marshal Mark Fletcher 1955
The Man from Bitter Ridge Crow's Nester 1955
Prince of Players Colonel 1955
The Magical World of Disney Warlock 1954
Lassie 1st Hunter 1954
Living It Up Policeman 1954
Return to Treasure Island Capt. Cardigan 1954
Adventures of the Falcon Guard 1954
Silver Lode Man at Barbeque 1954
Waterfront Tim Blevin 1954
Stories of the Century Dog Face - Henchman 1954
Annie Oakley Sheriff Stokes 1954
Border River Anderson 1954
Calamity Jane Prospector 1953
Thunder Over the Plains Mike Faraday 1953
The Charge at Feather River Pvt. Zebulon Poinsett 1953
Gun Belt Townsman 1953
Take Me to Town Mike 1953
Law and Order Townsman 1953
Cow Country Ike 1953
Planet Outlaws Army Official 1953
Mr. & Mrs. North Hiram Jones, Yard Captain Richie 1952
The Lusty Men 4th Rodeo Announcer 1952
The Lion and the Horse Sheriff 1952
The San Francisco Story Morton 1952
Rancho Notorious Sheriff Hardy 1952
Gang Busters Chief of Police 1952
The Hawk of Wild River George - Storekeeper 1952
The Big Trees Brother Dorn 1952
The Greatest Show on Earth Dave 1952
The Big Night Printer 1951
Cattle Queen Marshal Houston 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Earl Samson, Ed Hanson 1951
The Well Deputy Stan / Stan 1951
A Millionaire for Christy Tall Reporter 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson The Governor 1951
Racket Squad Police Officer 1951
Along the Great Divide Sheriff 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Sergeant, Sheriff Parker 1951
The Range Rider Harry Cooper, Sheriff Jim Austin, Sheriff McCandles 1951
Santa Fe Gang Member 1951
Prairie Roundup Red Dawson 1951
The Living Christ Series Prison Guard 1951
The Admiral Was a Lady Atendant 1950
The Gene Autry Show Rev. Parker, Sheriff Asa Wendell 1950
Outcast of Black Mesa Ted Thorp 1950
The Cisco Kid Sheriff, Sheriff Sam Dawson 1950
Montana Sheriff Jake Overby 1950
Ambush Doc Horton 1950
Samson and Delilah Teresh 1949
The Lone Ranger Flynn, Mr. Jason, Sheriff, Tex 1949
Tulsa Mr. Kelly 1949
Riders of the Whistling Pines Forest Ranger 1949
The Lone Wolf and His Lady Policeman Detaining Marta and Jamison 1949
Dynamite Aggressive Motorist 1949
That Wonderful Urge Monroe Township Policeman 1948
The Paleface Cowboy Advising 'Lean to Right' 1948
Belle Starr's Daughter Marshal Evans 1948
A Song Is Born Policeman at Twin Oaks Inn 1948
Two Guys from Texas Judge 1948
Red River Colonel 1948
A Southern Yankee Sentry 1948
Northwest Stampede Scrivner 1948
Return of the Bad Men Ed - Posse Leader 1948
The Street with No Name Policeman at Arcade 1948
Big Town Scandal Irate Store Owner 1948
The Arizona Ranger Captain G.W. McNeill 1948
Money Madness Policeman 1948
Campus Sleuth Police Officer 1948
Mr. Reckless Driller 1948
The Big Clock Apartment House Doorman 1948
Caged Fury Policeman 1948
Albuquerque Mr. Clark 1948
Song of My Heart Policeman 1948
I Love Trouble Recording Detective 1948
The Tender Years Dog Handler 1948
Unconquered Member of Court-Martial Board 1947
Heaven Only Knows Miner Townsman 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Billboard Cowboy on Horse 1947
The Corpse Came C.O.D. Prison Guard 1947
The Vigilantes Return Messenger 1947
Duel in the Sun Fence-Line Cavalry Captain 1947
Pursued A Callum 1947
California Man 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Policeman 1946
Terror Trail Duke Catlett 1946
The Dark Mirror Intern 1946
Monsieur Beaucaire French Officer at Palace Gate 1946
The Dark Horse 2nd Policeman 1946
Lover Come Back Bellhop 1946
Two-Fisted Stranger Brady 1946
Rainbow Over Texas Race Judge 1946
Gunning for Vengeance Jim Clayburn 1946
Blonde Alibi Policeman #2 / Policeman #2 (Uncredited) 1946
Little Giant Lost Motorist 1946
Tomorrow Is Forever Hamilton Lab Technician 1946
Behind Green Lights Det. Brewer 1946
Idea Girl Plainclothes Policeman 1946
A Letter for Evie Army Captain 1946
A Guy Could Change Mr. Schroeder 1946
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest Robin Hood's Man 1946
San Antonio Cowboy 1945
The Spider Police Car Officer 1945
Saratoga Trunk Al 1945
The Royal Mounted Rides Again Nick 1945
Senorita from the West Cop 1945
Rustlers' Hideout Hammond - Gambler / Hammond 1945
The Purple Monster Strikes Radio Room Technician 1945
Incendiary Blonde Mounted Policeman 1945
Along Came Jones Boone 1945
Manhunt of Mystery Island Police Insp. Reed [Chs. 1, 8] / Police Insp. Reed 1945
High Powered Worker at Dance 1945
Sagebrush Heroes Colton 1945
Destiny Patrolman 1944
The Great Mike Sam Hildur 1944
Laura Detective 1944
Strange Affair Mounted Officer / Mounted Officer (Uncredited) 1944
Trigger Law Tex 1944
Janie Policeman 1944
Casanova Brown Orderly 1944
Silver City Kid Steve Clayton 1944
Louisiana Hayride Plainclothesman 1944
Trigger Trail Slade 1944
Once Upon a Time Doorman 1944
Waterfront Policeman 1944
Silent Partner Cop 1944
The Story of Dr. Wassell Dutch Officer Listening to Radio 1944
Follow the Boys Ship Officer 1944
Her Primitive Man Native Chief 1944
The Lady and the Monster Ranger White / Ranger White (Uncredited) 1944
Men on Her Mind Frank Tuttle 1944
In Old Oklahoma Card Player on Train 1943
Riding High Cowboy 1943
The North Star Guerrilla 1943
Flesh and Fantasy Satan / Acrobat 1943
Crazy House Policeman 1943
A Lady Takes a Chance Slim 1943
Phantom of the Opera Officer 1943
Tornado Miner 1943
Law of the Saddle Steve Kinney 1943
Alaska Highway Southward-Bound Engineer 1943
Riders of the Rio Grande Townsman 1943
Behind Prison Walls Reagan 1943
Wild Horse Rustlers Hans Beckmann / Smoky Moore 1943
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground Duke Merrick 1943
They Got Me Covered Reporter 1943
Arabian Nights Majordomo 1942
The Valley of Vanishing Men Major Stacy Roberts 1942
Moonlight in Havana Allison 1942
Secret Enemies Agent on Train Standing 1942
Invisible Agent German Sentry 1942
The Pride of the Yankees Mark - Player in Locker Room 1942
Men of Texas Telegraph Operator 1942
Sundown Jim Nat Oldroyd 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Sam 1942
Born to Sing Cop 1942
The Bugle Sounds Cavalry Trooper 1942
Don Winslow of the Navy Henchman Corley / Corley - Henchman 1942
Among the Living Neighbor 1941
They Died with Their Boots On Sentry 1941
Sergeant York Cpl. Savage 1941
Last of the Duanes Bland Henchman 1941
Six-Gun Gold Brad Cardigan / Marshal Brad Cardigan 1941
The Spider Returns Police Lab Fingerprint Man / Police Lab Fingerprint Man [Ch. 14] 1941
Lady from Louisiana Courtroom Police Officer 1941
Sky Raiders Denver Airport Official [Ch. 2] 1941
I Wanted Wings Ranger 1941
The Round Up Taggert 1941
So You Won't Squawk? 2nd Cop 1941
Road Show State Trooper 1941
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Cop Car-Chasing Foranti 1940
Santa Fe Trail Adjutant 1940
Pony Post Ed Fairweather, Pony Express Rider / Ed Fairweather 1940
North West Mounted Police Constable Fyffe 1940
Junior G-Men Second Cop at Building Collapse / Second Cop at Building Collapse [Ch. 6] 1940
The Howards of Virginia Major 1940
Deadwood Dick Wild Bill Hickok [Ch. 1] / Wild Bill Hickok 1940
Wagons Westward Cavalry Officer at Tom's Arrest 1940
Murder in the Air Flagship Radio Officer 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Dick Forrest 1940
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe Ming's Soldier / Ming's Soldier [Chs. 3-5, 7-8, 12] 1940
Virginia City Irby's Orderly at Libby 1940
Midnight Limited Inspector in Montreal 1940
My Little Chickadee Porter 1940
Pioneers of the West Steve Carson 1940
Charlie Chan in Panama Powerhouse Search Officer 1940
The Green Hornet Bill - Acme Driver [Ch. 7] 1940
Invisible Stripes Detective 1939
Man from Montreal Constable Rankin 1939
Taming of the West Turkey 1939
Saga of Death Valley Roy's Father 1939
Oklahoma Frontier Sergeant 1939
Rio Guard 1939
Calling All Marines Supply Officer 1939
Outpost of the Mounties Mountie Cooper 1939
Smuggled Cargo Orange Grower 1939
The Oregon Trail Corporal in Sherman's Office / Corporal in Sherman's Office [Ch.1] 1939
The Man in the Iron Mask Captain of Fouquet's Guards 1939
Man of Conquest Bonham 1939
Union Pacific Train Conductor 1939
The Law Comes to Texas Captain 1939
Code of the Streets Policeman 1939
Buck Rogers Army Official at Wade's Lab 1939
A Ducking They Did Go Policeman 1939
North of the Yukon Atkins 1939
Southward Ho! Jim Crawford 1939
Secret Service of the Air U.S. Border Patrol Officer 1939
Risky Business Bogus Policeman 1939
Made for Each Other Ranger on Telephone 1939
St. Louis Blues Man in Audience 1939
Blackwell's Island Policeman 1939
The Phantom Creeps Henchman with Rankin 1939
Three Little Sew and Sews Shore Patrolman 1939
Heart of the North Frank - Pilot #2 / Frank 1938
Hawk of the Wilderness Lincoln Rand Sr. 1938
Angels with Dirty Faces Guard 1938
Come on, Rangers! Ken Rogers 1938
The Spider's Web Trigger 1938
Girls on Probation Second Detective 1938
Mutts to You Doug Manning 1938
Crime Takes a Holiday Police Lt. Lee 1938
Campus Confessions Coach Parker 1938
Red Barry Ship Steward / Freighter Officer 1938
Too Hot to Handle Cameraman 1938
Marie Antoinette Revolutionary Officer 1938
I Am the Law Policeman 1938
Many Sappy Returns Policeman 1938
Passport Husband G-Man 1938
Two Gun Justice Butch - Henchman 1938
Heart of Arizona Trimmer Winkler 1938
Over the Wall Boiler Room Guard 1938
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars Flight Commander [Chs. 2-3] / Flight Commander 1938
The First Hundred Years Doorman 1938
Land of Fighting Men Cliff - Henchman 1938
Start Cheering Field Judge 1938
The Daredevil Drivers Policeman 1938
The Lone Ranger Dick Forrest 1938
The Buccaneer Pirate 1938
The Jury's Secret Spectator 1938
Wells Fargo Tom - Wells Fargo Messenger 1937
Tim Tyler's Luck Patrolman Kelly / Patrolman Kelly [Ch. 1] 1937
Rosalie Army Assistant Football Coach 1937
Exiled to Shanghai Train Fireman 1937
She Loved a Fireman Bill Patton 1937
Missing Witnesses Prison Guard 1937
Zorro Rides Again Malloy - Chief Engineer [Chs.6, 8, 11] 1937
Conquest Minor Role 1937
Alcatraz Island Federal Officer 1937
The Wrong Road Detective 1937
Carnival Queen Advertising Man 1937
The Lady Fights Back Guide 1937
The Firefly Captain of Guards 1937
Sea Racketeers Insp. L. McGrath / Lt. Hays (radio voice) 1937
Confession Actor 1937
Heroes of the Alamo Davy Crockett 1937
Public Wedding Reporter 1937
The Singing Marine Squad Leader 1937
Fly Away Baby Policeman Announcing Miss Sayre 1937
The Road Back American Soldier 1937
Reckless Ranger Ranger Captain Dan Andrews 1937
Kid Galahad Title Fight Knockdown Timekeeper 1937
San Quentin Guard 1937
Law of the Ranger Cal Williams / ? (unconfirmed - pressbook name, Cal Williams) 1937
When Love Is Young Photographer 1937
Sing While You're Able Simpson 1937
Sea Devils Coast Guard Officer 1937
Stormy Trails Foreman Dunn / Dunn - Foreman 1936
Three Smart Girls Police Officer Jack 1936
Four Days Wonder Fingerprint Man 1936
The Plainsman Capt. Wood's Trooper 1936
Law and Lead Cattleman Detective Ned 1936
The Magnificent Brute Steelworker 1936
Rocket Ship Ming Guard 1936
The Black Coin Evans - Airline Official [Chs.1-2] 1936
Idaho Kid Jess Peters 1936
Crash Donovan Henchman 1936
Winds of the Wasteland Larry Adams 1936
Undersea Kingdom Darius 1936
Hearts in Bondage Lt. Gates Jones 1936
Flash Gordon Sharkman / Ming's Soldier 1936
The Return of Jimmy Valentine Finney 1936
The Lawless Nineties Bridger 1936
The Bohemian Girl Soldier 1936
A Face in the Fog Policeman 1936
Public Hero Number 1 Train Conductor 1935
The Outlaw Tamer 'Tex' Broderick 1935
The Phantom Empire Muranian Guard [Ch. 6] 1935
Coyote Trails Man in Bar 1935
North of Arizona Ray - Express agent / Ray Keeler 1935
The Merry Widow Soldier Reporting to Popoff 1934
The Affairs of Cellini Jailer 1934
The Girl from Missouri Cop Arresting Eadie 1934
Tomorrow's Children Courtroom Attorney 1934
Now I'll Tell Gambling House Patron 1934
Sagebrush Trail Joseph Conlon - alias Bob Jones / Joseph Conlon 1933
Roman Scandals Valerius' Soldier 1933
Hold the Press Policeman 1933
The Wolf Dog Ship's Mate Thompson / Police dispatcher [Ch. 11] 1933
War of the Range Henchman Bull Harris 1933
Deluge Jack 1933
Fighting with Kit Carson Army Sergeant [Chs. 10-12] / Army Sergeant 1933
Corruption Assistant District Attorney King 1933
Trouble Busters Jim Perkins 1933
The Eagle and the Hawk Flier 1933
Bogus Bandits Lieutenant / Lorenzo's Lieutenant 1933
Via Pony Express Lieutenant Bob Grey 1933
The Sign of the Cross Chained Christian 1933
The Wyoming Whirlwind Keene Wallace aka The Wolf / Keene Wallace "The Wolf" 1932
The Devil Horse Elliott Norton [Chs. 1, 9, 11] 1932
Guns for Hire Flip LaRue - aka Ken Wayne 1932
The Texas Tornado Tex Robbins - Posing as Wolf Cassidy 1932
Lawless Valley Bob Rand 1932
The Hurricane Horseman 'Gun' Smith 1931
The Primrose Path Danny McGann 1931
Under Texas Skies Singer Martin - Secret Service Agent 1930
Rough Waters Cal Morton 1930
The Lightning Express Jack Venable 1930
Firebrand Jordan Firebrand Jordan 1930
The Single Standard Ding Stuart 1929
The Studio Murder Mystery Bill Martin 1929
The Forward Pass Assistant Coach Kane 1929
The First Kiss William Talbot 1928
The Legion of the Condemned Charles Holabird 1928
The Last Outlaw Rancher 1927
The Idle Class Extra 1921
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