I. Stanford Jolley

IVA Star Rating : 59
Isaac Stanford Jolley was an American character actor of film and television, primarily in western roles as cowboys, law-enforcement officers, or villains. Recognized by his slight build, narrow face, and pencil-thin moustache, Jolley appeared some five hundred times on the large or small screen.

Isaac Stanford Jolley was an American character actor of film and television, primarily in western roles as cowboys, law-enforcement officers, or villains. Recognized by his slight build, narrow face, and pencil-thin moustache, Jolley appeared some five hundred times on the large or small screen.

Birth Name

Isaac Stanford Jolley


Wednesday, 24 October 1900


Thursday, 07 December 1978

Actor Filmography

The Quest Drunk 1976
S.W.A.T. Wino 1975
Night of the Lepus Dispatcher 1972
Circle of Fear The Wolfman 1972
The Phynx General 1970
The Shakiest Gun in the West Bearded Stage Passenger 1968
The High Chaparral Foreman 1967
Cimarron Strip Bellew 1967
Cyclotrode 'X' Blackton 1966
The Restless Ones Judge Dillon / Alvin A. Dillon 1965
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Actor Filmography

The Quest Drunk 1976
S.W.A.T. Wino 1975
Night of the Lepus Dispatcher 1972
Circle of Fear The Wolfman 1972
The Phynx General 1970
The Shakiest Gun in the West Bearded Stage Passenger 1968
The High Chaparral Foreman 1967
Cimarron Strip Bellew 1967
Cyclotrode 'X' Blackton 1966
The Restless Ones Judge Dillon / Alvin A. Dillon 1965
The Wild Wild West Town Doctor 1965
Laredo Jarvis, Old Man 1965
The Big Valley Everett Gibbons, Gallivan, Ogden 1965
A Man Called Shenandoah Kincaid 1965
F Troop Colonel Ferguson 1965
The Bounty Killer Sheriff Jones 1965
Branded Enos Scoggins 1965
Profiles in Courage Man in Crowd 1964
Daniel Boone Tavern Keeper, Townsman 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre Felix, Night Watchman 1963
The Great Adventure Jethro 1963
Burke's Law Butler, Man 1963
The Fugitive Old Man 1963
Arrest and Trial Cemetery Guard 1963
The Haunted Palace Carmody, Coachman (as Stanford Jolley) / Carmody, Coachman 1963
Wide Country Woody 1962
The Virginian Jess Cooper, St. Louis Post Editor 1962
The Firebrand California Ranger 1962
The Dakotas Station Agent 1962
Valley of the Dragons Patoo 1961
Atlantis: The Lost Continent Governor of Rivers 1961
Posse from Hell Charles Hart 1961
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come Settler 1961
Stagecoach West Johnson Bogart 1960
The Tall Man The Stranger 1960
Assignment: Underwater Blodgett 1960
One Foot in Hell Man Demanding Search 1960
The Story of Ruth Reaper 1960
13 Fighting Men Pvt. Ebb 1960
Pony Express Singing Arrow 1960
Ice Palace Mr. Lawson 1960
The Alaskans Beriah Jackson 1959
Wichita Town Hank Balenger, Smokey 1959
Bonanza Harry, Holtzmeier, Jackson, Jonesy, Liveryman, Sam Hostler, Turner 1959
Tightrope Chipper 1959
The Rebel Set King Invader - Beat Poet / King Invader 1959
Here Come the Jets Bartender 1959
Alias Jesse James Conductor #2 1959
Lone Texan Trader 1959
The Untouchables Pete Laffey 1959
Rawhide Caretaker, Doctor, Justice of the Peace, Preacher 1959
Gunsmoke in Tucson Vigilante Leader of Lynch Mob 1958
Man with a Camera Dr. Ben Todd 1958
Lawman Gil Breck, Tom Carver, Wampus Jack, Willie, Ed Sims 1958
The Rifleman Joe Fogner 1958
Bronco Charlie Stover, Lige Andrews, Old Man Shirley, Patch 1958
Northwest Passage Magistrate 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Charlie Martin, Stableman 1958
The Saga of Hemp Brown Searcher with Torch 1958
Decision Russ Jergens 1958
Crash Landing Ed Wheaton 1958
The Long, Hot Summer Houston 1958
Man from God's Country Saunders 1958
Day of the Badman Townsman 1958
Gun Battle at Monterey Idwall 1957
26 Men Cincioni, Girard, Hamp Tanner, Sheriff Roy Danby 1957
Zorro Messenger 1957
Trackdown Dan Loring 1957
The Gray Ghost Clyde Corwin 1957
Goodyear Theatre Doctor 1957
The Californians Morton 1957
The Restless Gun Sam Baggott 1957
Maverick Chauncey, Dakota Cadman, McClure, Sheriff, Stableman, Wolf Kratkovitch 1957
Perry Mason Alan Kirby, Jerome Henley 1957
Wagon Train Briggs, Burro Beetle, Doc Barnes, Harvey Mullins, Jed, Link Foster, Martin, Mr. Jenks, Pederson, Tolliver, Willett 1957
Sugarfoot Phineas Hatch, The Nighthawk 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Sheriff 1957
Gunsight Ridge Billy Daggett / Billy Daggett (as Stanford Jolley) 1957
The Buckskin Lady Sheriff Wilkes 1957
The Adventures of McGraw Clerk 1957
The Oklahoman Storekeeper 1957
Outlaw Queen Conway 1957
The Iron Sheriff Eugene 'Gene' Walden / Gene Walden 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Perlesser, Sheriff 1957
The Halliday Brand Gentry 1957
The Young Guns Felix Briggs / Felix Briggs (as Stanford Jolley) 1956
Three for Jamie Dawn 2nd Jury Room Guard 1956
I Killed Wild Bill Hickok Henry Longtree 1956
The Proud Ones Crooked Card-Player 1956
Wetbacks Fred 1956
The Rawhide Years Lynch Mob Member 1956
Backlash Pot Luck 1956
The Wild Dakotas Tabor (as Stan Jolley) / Tabor 1956
Fury at Gunsight Pass Caldwell 1956
Perils of the Wilderness Henchman 1956
The Violent Years Judge Clara / Judge Raymond Clara 1956
Fury Jake 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Frisco, Sam Haley 1955
Jungle Jim Bremer 1955
The Adventures of Champion Barstow, George Marlowe 1955
Cheyenne Chester, Cpl. McCauley, Elm, Ezra, Jug Wilkins, Smokey 1955
Gunsmoke Attendant, Grandpa, Harry, Jeb, Mims, Sheriff Foley, Tilman, Wendell Beecher, Zack 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Brown, Charlie Andrews, Jim Lawrence, Jim Perkins, Limey Parkhamp, Mine Foreman, Tom Davidson 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Parker, Sheriff Clinton 1955
Wichita John Stanton 1955
Kentucky Rifle Jed Williams 1955
Seven Angry Men Kruger 1955
The Prodigal Murderer 1955
Day of Triumph Simon the Pharisee 1954
The Magical World of Disney Sheriff Adams 1954
White Christmas Station Master 1954
Two Guns and a Badge Sam Allen - Stableman / Sam Allen - Stableman (as Stanford Jolley) 1954
Lassie Tramp 1954
Captain Midnight Sheriff 1954
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Father 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Sloane / Sloane - Assayer, Ch. 12 1954
Adventures of the Falcon Chet Turner 1954
Silver Lode Townsman 1954
The Desperado Mr. Garner / Mr. Garner (as Stanford Jolley) 1954
The Forty-Niners Everett (as Stanford Jolley) / Everett 1954
Mr. District Attorney Benjamin Judson 1954
Stories of the Century Sheriff Bascome 1954
Annie Oakley Henchman Walt, ticket seller at Mexican arena 1954
Tumbleweed Ted 1953
Vigilante Terror Matt Taylor (as Stanford Jolley) / Matt Taylor 1953
Secret of Outlaw Flats Henchman 1953
Calamity Jane Townsman 1953
City of Bad Men Gunslinger at Ringside 1953
Topper The Man 1953
Topeka Doc Mason (as Stanford Jolley) / Doc Mason 1953
Son of Belle Starr Rocky 1953
Rebel City Perry (as Stanford Jolley) / Perry 1953
The Marksman Marshal Bob Scott (as Stanford Jolley) / Marshal Bob Scott 1953
I Beheld His Glory Dismas 1953
Count the Hours! Jenkins 1953
Kansas Pacific Workman 1953
Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe Hardy 1953
Your Favorite Story Sheriff 1953
The Lawless Breed 2nd Bartender 1952
Wyoming Roundup Mayor Earl Craven 1952
The Raiders Mountain Jim Ferris 1952
Mr. & Mrs. North Harry 1952
Adventures of Superman Plastic Surgeon, Spike 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Henchman Wade 1952
Fargo Farmer 1952
Yukon Gold Charlie (as Stan Jolley) / Charlie 1952
Dead Man's Trail Silvertown Sheriff 1952
Wagons West Slocum 1952
Kansas Territory Slater (as Stan Jolley) / Slater 1952
Wild Stallion Bill Cole 1952
The Gunman Dan Forester 1952
Rancho Notorious Deputy Warren 1952
Man from the Black Hills Pete Ingram (as Stanford Jolley) / Pete Ingram 1952
Leadville Gunslinger Cliff Saunders 1952
Gang Busters Bank Guard 1952
Rodeo Pete Adkins 1952
Death Valley Days Bart Taylor, Burnley, Evans, Griever, Henry Walsh, J.V. Langley, Miguel, Newmark, Phineas Colby, Sy Dodge, Storekeeper, Tobias Mexican Guide, Union Captain 1952
Waco Curly Ivers (as Stanford Jolley) / Curly Ivers 1952
Fort Osage Sam Winfield (as Stan Jolley) / Sam Winfield 1952
Stage to Blue River Mr. Westbrook 1951
The Roy Rogers Show Jed Collins, Professor, The Lookout 1951
Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere Zarol [Chs. 8-9] 1951
Westward the Women Gambler 1951
Texas Lawmen Bart Morrow (as Stanford Jolley) / Bart Morrow 1951
The Longhorn Charlie Robinson (as Stanford Jolley) / Charlie Robinson 1951
Cattle Queen Scarface - Outlaw Leader / Scarface 1951
Lawless Cowboys Sheriff (as Stanford Jolley) / Sheriff 1951
Whistling Hills Chet Norman 1951
The Red Badge of Courage Veteran 1951
Sky King Charlie, Dr. Sommers, Ben 1951
Oklahoma Justice Sam Fleming 1951
Bonanza Town Borger 1951
Lost Planet Airmen Prof. Bryant 1951
The Thundering Trail Henchman 1951
Nevada Badmen Old Man Waller (as Stanford Jolley) / Old Man Waller 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (as Stan Jolley) (credit only), (credit only), Gang Leader, Henchman, Jasper Enlow 1951
Don Daredevil Rides Again Sheriff [Chs. 1, 4, 10] 1951
The Range Rider Ed Finley, Henchman 1951
Texans Never Cry Red 1951
The Living Christ Series Charcoal Salesman, Demonic Man, Dismas the Good Thief 1951
California Passage Ed 1950
Pirates of the High Seas Turner - Trader [Ch.1] 1950
The Return of Jesse James Commissioner Morton 1950
Desperadoes of the West J.B. 'Dude' Dawson 1950
The Gene Autry Show Henchman Jesse Whately, Joe - Unshaven Henchman, Outlaw Cook 1950
Fast on the Draw Second Bartender 1950
Trigger, Jr. Doc Brown 1950
Sierra Snake Willens 1950
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek Pecos 1950
Rock Island Trail Card Player 1950
Colorado Ranger Charlie - Bartender 1950
Comanche Territory Newcomer at Shindig 1950
Hostile Country Bartender 1950
Space Patrol Dr. Lambert, Jim Todd 1950
The Cisco Kid Gus Brown, Henry Wilcox, Jim Walker, Lawyer A.W. Parker, Parker the Banker, Professor Danforth, Roderick Lamoreux, Sam Carson, Slim Lennox, Willard Parker 1950
The Baron of Arizona Mr. Richardson 1950
Woman in Hiding Conventioneer 1950
Sands of Iwo Jima Forrestal 1950
Bodyhold Henchman 1949
Mary Ryan, Detective Mike, the Chauffeur / Jones 1949
The Lone Ranger Asa Jones, Dave, Don Esteban, Seth, Stark Durfee, Will Motter 1949
Bandit King of Texas Land Agent Willets / Willets 1949
Roll, Thunder, Roll! El Conejo 1949
Haunted Trails Joe Rankin 1949
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass Wilson 1949
Trouble at Melody Mesa Mark Simmons (as Stanford Jolley) / Mark Simmons 1949
King of the Rocket Men Prof. Bryant 1949
Stampede Link Spain 1949
Desert Vigilante Ace 1949
Son of Billy the Kid Henchman Matt Fergus / Matt Fergus 1949
Rimfire Toad Tyler 1949
Ghost of Zorro Paul Hobson - Ch. 6, 7 1949
Gun Law Justice Duke Corliss 1949
The Lone Wolf and His Lady Guard at Diamond Exhibit 1949
Whiplash Prospective Tenant / Artist 1948
Joan of Arc Domremy Peasant 1948
Gunning for Justice Blake 1948
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James Ward [Chs. 9-10] 1948
Congo Bill Bernie MacGraw 1948
The Fighting Ranger Pop Sinclair 1948
Superman Sheriff 1948
Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' Guard 1948
Dangers of the Canadian Mounted Prof. J.P. Belanco[Ch. 2-4, 7, 9-12] 1948
Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains Rance Carson 1948
Oklahoma Blues Beasley 1948
Check Your Guns Brad Taggert (as Stan Jolley) / Brad Taggert 1948
The Prince of Thieves Bowman 1948
The Black Widow Dr. Z.V. Jaffa 1947
The Romance of Rosy Ridge Ad Lester 1947
Land of the Lawless Cherokee Kid 1947
Trailing Danger Curtis 1947
West of Dodge City Borger 1947
Wild Country Rip Caxton (as Stanford Jolley) / Rip Caxton 1947
Wild West Rustler 1946
Silver Range Sheriff Bill Armstrong 1946
North of the Border Ivy Jenkins 1946
The Crimson Ghost Dr. Blackton [Ch. 11] 1946
Son of the Guardsman Sir William Pryor 1946
'Neath Canadian Skies Haley (as J. Stanford Jolley) / Haley 1946
Swamp Fire Coast Guard Skipper 1946
Daughter of Don Q Lippy Monroe (Thug) [Ch. 5] (as Stanford Jolley) / Lippy Monroe - Thug [Ch. 5] 1946
Two-Fisted Stranger Henchman 1946
Terrors on Horseback Grant Barlow 1946
The People's Choice Dan Seymour 1946
Ambush Trail Hatch Bolton 1946
Six Gun Man Matt Haley 1946
Lightning Raiders Henchman Kane / Kane 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Tax Collector 1946
Navajo Kid Honest John Grogan 1945
Prairie Rustlers Matt - Henchman / Matt 1945
Fighting Bill Carson Clay Allison 1945
Flaming Bullets Sid Tolliver 1945
Outlaws of the Rockies Ace Lanning 1945
Jungle Raiders Brent 1945
Frontier Fugitives Frank Sneed 1945
Stagecoach Outlaws Steve Kirby 1945
Secret Agent X-9 Trent 1945
Mr. Muggs Rides Again Mike Hanlin 1945
Gangster's Den Horace Black 1945
Springtime in Texas Marshal Set Rawlins (as Stan Jolley) / Marshal Set Rawlins 1945
The Scarlet Clue - Sidney Toler As Charlie Chan Ralph Brett 1945
The Power of the Whistler Motorist 1945
Crime, Inc. Mobster 1945
The Whispering Skull Duke Walters 1944
Can't Help Singing Jeff 1944
Crazy Knights Crook 1944
Cyclone Prairie Rangers Smoke Ellis 1944
Black Arrow Tobis Becker 1944
A Wave, a WAC and a Marine Makeup Artist 1944
Gangsters of the Frontier Bart Kern 1944
Brand of the Devil Jack Varno 1944
Call of the Jungle Carlton 1944
The Desert Hawk Saladin 1944
Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat Gannet (as Stan Jolley) / Gannet 1944
Detective Kitty O'Day Fenton Arms Desk Clerk 1944
Shake Hands with Murder Mr. Haskins (as Stan Jolley) / Mr. Haskins 1944
Oklahoma Raiders Henchman Higgins 1944
Outlaw Roundup Red Hayden 1944
What a Man! Parsons 1944
Nabonga Policeman 1944
The Phantom Watson 1943
Man from Music Mountain Charles Martin 1943
Return of the Rangers Don Bolton 1943
The Underdog Friendly Soldier 1943
Trail of Terror Henchman Hank / Hank 1943
Blazing Frontier Luther Sharp 1943
Danger! Women at Work Dave Watson 1943
Isle of Forgotten Sins Shooting Victim 1943
Batman Brett - Henchman [Ch. 1-2] / Brett 1943
Frontier Fury Nick Dawson 1943
Wolves of the Range Harry Dorn 1943
The Black Raven Whitey Cole 1943
Death Rides the Plains Rogan 1943
Wild Horse Stampede Commissioner Brent 1943
Corregidor Agitated Soldier at Barricade 1943
Bad Men of Thunder Gap Henchman Horne 1943
The Kid Rides Again Mort Slade 1943
The Rangers Take Over Rance Blair 1942
Dawn on the Great Divide Ed - Henchman 1942
The Valley of Vanishing Men Ed Torrence (ch's 12-13) 1942
Outlaws of Boulder Pass Gil Harkness 1942
Border Roundup Masters 1942
Prairie Pals Ace Shannon 1942
The Sombrero Kid Holden's Killer 1942
Perils of the Royal Mounted Pierre - Henchman / Pierre 1942
Boot Hill Bandits The Mesquite Kid (as Stanford Jolley) / The Mesquite Kid 1942
Murder in the Big House Reporter 1942
House of Errors Policeman 1942
Arizona Roundup Ed Spincer 1942
Black Dragons The Dragon (as Stanford Jolley) / The Dragon 1942
Below the Border Townsman 1942
Man from Headquarters Newspaperman 1942
Road to Happiness Radio Actor 1941
Gentleman from Dixie Kirkland 1941
Father Steps Out Oliver's Secretary 1941
Arizona Bound Stageline Employee 1941
Desperate Cargo Carter 1941
Criminals Within Carl Flegler 1941
Roar of the Press Pedestrian Finding Note 1941
Sign of the Wolf Dog Show Announcer 1941
Emergency Landing Karl 1941
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance Blowtorch Man 1941
Trail of the Silver Spurs The Jingler 1941
Rollin' Home to Texas Red 1940
Arizona Teamster 1940
The Ape Ape Trainer 1940
Queen of the Yukon Miner 1940
Son of the Navy Hotel Clerk 1940
Midnight Limited Frenchie 1940
Chasing Trouble Bresloff 1940
Hidden Enemy German Agent 1940
The Fatal Hour Soapy 1940
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex Spectator Outside Whitehall Palace 1939
Mutiny in the Big House Bill / Convict Bill 1939
Mr. Wong in Chinatown Palisser Hotel Clerk 1939
S.O.S. Tidal Wave 1939
Street of Missing Men Henchman 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up Cantina Barfly 1939
The Mystery of Mr. Wong Charades-Player 1939
Navy Secrets Cabbie / Restaurant Waiter-Henchman 1939
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Doorman 1939
Kentucky Kentucky Derby Patron 1938
A Christmas Carol Man on Sidewalk 1938
Heroes of the Hills Man at Dance 1938
Woman Against Woman Court Clerk 1938
Over the Wall Thug 1938
Maid's Night Out Rollercoaster Rider 1938
Port of Missing Girls Nightclub Patron 1938
The Singing Outlaw Wedding Party Guest 1937
Boy of the Streets Ambulance Attendant 1937
Nation Aflame Butler 1937
A Bride for Henry Party Guest 1937
Atlantic Flight Aviation Crew / Aviation Fuel Pumper 1937
Vogues of 1938 Waiter at Spring Show 1937
They Won't Forget Courtroom Spectator 1937
Kid Galahad Ringsider - 2nd Fight 1937
A Star Is Born Boxing Ringside Spectator 1937
Swing It Professor Piano-Playing Hobo 1937
Dick Tracy Roadside Thug / G-Man / Reporter / Intern 1937
The Old Corral Band Musician 1936
The Bold Caballero Soldier 1936
The Big Show Parade Spectator 1936
Ghost-Town Gold Townsman 1936
Ride, Ranger, Ride Settler 1936
Hot Money Stock Salesman 1936
Special Agent K-7 Man in Bar 1936
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