Goodyear Playhouse

  • Genre(s):Drama
  • Release year: 1951
Goodyear Television Playhouse is an American anthology series that was telecast live on NBC from 1951 to 1957 during the "Golden Age of Television".

Goodyear Television Playhouse is an American anthology series that was telecast live on NBC from 1951 to 1957 during the "Golden Age of Television".

Original Release

10/14/1951 on NBC

US Release



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# Title Air Date
1 Maestro Sunday, 23 September 1956
2 Missouri Legend Sunday, 07 October 1956
3 All Summer Long Sunday, 28 October 1956
4 Stardust II Sunday, 11 November 1956
5 A Murder Is Announced Sunday, 30 December 1956
6 Nobody's Town Sunday, 27 January 1957
7 The Princess Back Home Sunday, 24 February 1957
8 First Love Sunday, 24 March 1957
9 The Gene Austin Story Sunday, 21 April 1957
10 A Will to Live Sunday, 12 May 1957
11 The Treasure Hunters Sunday, 26 May 1957
12 Your Every Wish Sunday, 16 June 1957
13 The Legacy Sunday, 30 June 1957
14 Backwoods Cinderella Sunday, 14 July 1957
15 Rumblin' Galleries Sunday, 28 July 1957
16 Weekend in Vermont Sunday, 04 August 1957
17 The Dark Side of the Moon Sunday, 18 August 1957
18 The House Sunday, 08 September 1957
19 15 October 1864 Sunday, 15 September 1957
20 The Best Wine (1) Sunday, 29 September 1957


Delbert Mann, Arthur Penn, Vincent J. Donehue, Herbert Hirschman, Paul Stanley, Robert Mulligan, Jack Smight, Gordon Duff, Sidney Lumet, Paul Bogart, Daniel Petrie, Jeffrey Hayden, Dean Whitmore, William Corrigan, Norman Felton


David Shaw, Tad Mosel, Robert Alan Aurthur, Sumner Locke Elliott, Jerome Ross, John Vlahos, Ernest Kinoy, N. Richard Nash, David Swift, Paddy Chayefsky, William Kendall Clarke, Roger O. Hirson, Thomas Phipps, Horton Foote, Harry Miles Muheim, H.R. Hays, Stewart Stern, Louis S. Peterson, Mann Rubin, Robert Anderson, George Baxt, J.P. Miller, Walter Black, Abby Mann, Reginald Rose, John Van Druten, Herman Raucher, A.J. Russell, Louis Pelletier, Edith Wharton, Alvin Sapinsley, William Templeton, Agatha Christie, James Fritzell, Eliot Asinof, William Roos, Jay Presson Allen, Michael Dyne, Henry James, Malvin Wald, John Gay, Harold Swanton, Steve Gethers, Art Wallace, Irving Wallace, Therese Lewis, Clifford Goldsmith, Joseph Schull, Charles K. Peck Jr., Ira Avery, Howard Richardson, Jack Kelsey, Doris Langley Moore, Hoffman R. Hayes, Lionel Shapiro, Geoffrey Kean, Walter R. Brooks, John T. Chapman, William Raymond Manchester, Dale Pitt, Date Pitts, Peggy Lamson, Frances Goforth, E.B. Ginty, Hedda Rosten, Audrey Roos, Arthur Sainer, Robert Arthur, Paul Peters, Jack Jacobs, Jack Paritz, Irving Gaynor Neiman, Turnley Walker, Douglas Taylor, Stephen de Baun, Robert Lewis Shayon, Joseph Liss, Elihu Winer, Gore Vidal



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