George Chandler

IVA Star Rating : 70
George Chandler was an American actor who starred in over 140 feature films, usually in smaller supporting roles, and he is perhaps best known for playing the character of Uncle Petrie Martin on the television series Lassie.

George Chandler was an American actor who starred in over 140 feature films, usually in smaller supporting roles, and he is perhaps best known for playing the character of Uncle Petrie Martin on the television series Lassie.


Thursday, 30 June 1898


Monday, 10 June 1985

Actor Filmography

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again Elderly Man 1979
Every Which Way but Loose Clerk at D.M.V. 1978
The Bastard Seadog 1978
Lou Grant Caretaker 1977
CHiPs Elmer 1977
Griffin and Phoenix Old Man 1976
Capone Robert E. Crowe 1975
Brother Can You Spare a Dime (archive footage) 1975
Switch Capt. Roberts 1975
Escape to Witch Mountain Grocer 1975
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Actor Filmography

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again Elderly Man 1979
Every Which Way but Loose Clerk at D.M.V. 1978
The Bastard Seadog 1978
Lou Grant Caretaker 1977
CHiPs Elmer 1977
Griffin and Phoenix Old Man 1976
Capone Robert E. Crowe 1975
Brother Can You Spare a Dime (archive footage) 1975
Switch Capt. Roberts 1975
Escape to Witch Mountain Grocer 1975
It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman! Jonathan Kent 1975
The Waltons Bob Allerton 1972
Pickup on 101 Pawnshop owner 1972
One More Train to Rob Conductor 1971
One More Time Bit Part 1970
Love, American Style Harry (segment "Love and the Monsters"), Harry 1969
Here's Lucy Winston Shelby 1968
Adam-12 George Atchison 1968
The Name of the Game Palmer 1968
Buckskin Storekeeper J. Perkins 1968
Mannix Mr. Hotchkiss 1967
Ironside George Bently 1967
Run Buddy Run Carl Jensen 1966
Iron Horse Clegg Garson 1966
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Judge Harley Nast 1966
Batman Grampa 1966
Apache Uprising Jace Asher 1965
Laredo Sam Lowell 1965
Green Acres Doc Stuart 1965
Run for Your Life Fred Mackey 1965
Law of the Lawless Martin 1964
Dead Ringer George / George, Chauffeur 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre Doc Baines 1963
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre Mr. Zwiling 1963
Petticoat Junction Dr. Barton Stuart 1963
The Virginian Hawkins 1962
Ichabod and Me Ichabod Adams 1961
Bringing Up Buddy Arnold Hamilton 1960
The Slowest Gun in the West Simpson 1960
Buick-Electra Playhouse Carpenter 1959
The Twilight Zone Old Man 1959
The Deputy George Lake 1959
Bonanza Gus Schultz 1959
Rawhide Reverend Jess Lincoln 1959
Grand Jury Mel Ross 1959
Decision Georg Thompson 1958
Wagon Train Cleveland 'Clee' McMasters 1957
Sugarfoot Proprietor 1957
Gunsight Ridge Gus Withers 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Captain Billy, Mr. Billings 1957
Spring Reunion Zimmie 1957
Men of Annapolis Feller 1957
Playhouse 90 Townsman 1956
Wire Service Hoggard 1956
Broken Arrow Welsh 1956
Circus Boy Henry Crump 1956
Good-bye, My Lady Reporter 1956
Telephone Time Sad Ben 1956
Fury Sprauge 1955
The People's Choice Clay Hunnicutt 1955
Playwrights '56 Lou Berg 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Partygoer 1955
Frontier Ames 1955
The Girl Rush Kibitzer 1955
Kings Row Carstairs 1955
Gunsmoke Silas Hubbard 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp John McVey 1955
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre Mr. Forney 1955
Apache Ambush Chandler 1955
TV Reader's Digest Doctor 1955
The Steel Cage Shorty Lanning - Convict (segment "The Face") 1954
The Magical World of Disney Elderly Man Outside Police Station, Grocer 1954
Studio 57 Forney, Mr. Ederly 1954
Lassie Uncle Petrie Martin, Uncle Petrie, Chet Power 1954
It's a Great Life Milkman, Mr. Conroy 1954
The Mickey Rooney Show Toby Napolean 1954
The High and the Mighty Ben Sneed 1954
Rails Into Laramie Grimes 1954
Public Defender Carl Hopkins, Mr. Perroli 1954
Waterfront Mac Benson 1954
Marry Me Again Telegram Messenger 1953
Island in the Sky Rene 1953
The Revlon Mirror Theater 1953
General Electric Theater Keeley, Ichabod Adams 1953
Meet Me at the Fair Deputy Leach 1953
The Abbott and Costello Show First Panhandler, Henry Davis 1952
Hans Christian Andersen Farmer 1952
The WAC from Walla Walla Jud Canova 1952
Our Miss Brooks Mr. Sampson 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Hiram 1952
Cavalcade of America Proprietor 1952
Somebody Loves Me Stagehand 1952
Adventures of Superman Bates, Hotel Clerk, Scratchy 1952
My Man and I Bartender Frankie / Frankie 1952
Woman of the North Country Harris 1952
The Narrow Margin Accomplice Running Newsstand 1952
This Woman Is Dangerous Dr. Ryan / Dr. Bill Ryan (Uncredited) 1952
Rose of Cimarron Deputy Sheriff 1952
Chevron Theatre Bert 1952
Double Dynamite Messenger 1951
Westward the Women Mackeral Face 1951
Dragnet Forrest Simple 1951
Across the Wide Missouri Gowie 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Bartender, Swede 1951
The Whip Hand Jed 1951
Disc Jockey Peerless, Marley's Secretary 1951
The Adventures of Kit Carson Bret Pearson, Dan Carter, Marshal, Steve Brent 1951
Kansas Raiders Willie 1950
Lux Video Theatre Edgar, Eustace Peabody, Fred, Joe, Mr. Hollis, Newspaper Man 1950
Pretty Baby Henderson 1950
Stars Over Hollywood Maxon 1950
Triple Trouble Squirrely Davis 1950
The Happy Years Johnny 1950
The Next Voice You Hear... Motorcycle Officer / Motorcycle Policeman 1950
Space Patrol Fred Masterson 1950
Perfect Strangers Lester Hubley 1950
Singing Guns Smitty - Piano Player / Smitty, Piano Player 1950
Robert Montgomery Presents Ichabod Lewis 1950
Battleground Mess Sergeant 1949
The Lone Ranger Ed Barker 1949
The House Across the Street Carl's Boss 1949
Once More, My Darling Motel Proprietor 1949
Canadian Pacific Telegraph Operator 1949
Adventure in Baltimore Townsman at Brawl 1949
Homicide Police Photographer 1949
Hollow Triumph Aubrey - Assistant 1949
Knock on Any Door Cashier 1949
The Paleface Patient #1 1948
Repertory Theatre 1948
The Girl from Manhattan Monty 1948
Sons of Adventure Billy Wilkes - Asst. Director / Billy Wilkes 1948
Race Street Herman - Waiter 1948
Silver River Mr. Rice 1948
The Pirate Carriage Driver 1948
The Cobra Strikes Joe Gates - Night Watchman 1948
The Hunted Joe, the Bartender / Joe - the Bartender 1948
The Miracle of the Bells Max 1948
Lightnin' in the Forest Elevator operator 1948
If You Knew Susie Reporter 1948
Alias a Gentleman Curly Britt 1948
Reaching from Heaven Bert Kestner / Bert Kestner (as Geo. Chandler) 1948
Road to Rio Ship's Valet 1947
The Judge Steps Out Train Station Agent 1947
It Had to Be You Bus Passenger with Newspaper 1947
Killer McCoy Photographer 1947
Nightmare Alley Hobo at Stan's Left Hand 1947
Magic Town Bus Driver 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Mate 1947
Stork Bites Man Bit 1947
So You Want to Be in Pictures Sammy - Assistant Director 1947
Saddle Pals Pickpocket Dippy 1947
Suddenly It's Spring Newspaper Photographer 1947
I'll Be Yours Tall Man in Phone Booth 1947
Dead Reckoning Louis Ord 1947
It's a Joke, Son! The Groceryman 1947
Sinbad, the Sailor Commoner 1947
Heldorado Photographer 1946
The Missing Lady Shrevvie 1946
The Last Crooked Mile Roller Coaster Operator 1946
Rendezvous with Annie Sgt. Harrington / Sergeant Harrington 1946
Lover Come Back Walter / Bit Role 1946
Suspense Joe's Pal at Sandwich Counter 1946
Behind the Mask Shrevvie 1946
The French Key Roomer 1946
So Goes My Love Mr. Williams 1946
The Glass Alibi Bartender 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Reporter in Hotel Room / Reporter 1946
Strange Impersonation Jeremiah W. Rinse / J W Rinse, plaintiffs' atty. 1946
The Mask of Diijon Diner Counterman / Diner Counterman (Uncredited) 1946
Little Giant O'Brien (salesman) / O'Brien - Salesman 1946
The Shadow Returns Shrevvie [replaced by Tom Dugan] 1946
A Guy Could Change Gus, Photographer 1946
Pardon My Past Cab Driver 1946
Because of Him Busboy 1946
Strange Confession Harper 1945
The Shanghai Cobra Joe, Coffee Shop Owner 1945
Tell It to a Star Al Marx 1945
Lady on a Train Circus Club Customer 1945
Man from Oklahoma Building Custodian 1945
Captain Eddie Heckler 1945
It's in the Bag! 1st Elevator Operator 1945
Without Love Elevator Boy / Elevator Operator 1945
See My Lawyer Herman 1945
This Man's Navy Bert Bland 1945
The Great Morgan Roger the Valet 1945
Wing and a Prayer Sailor Assisting Projectionist 1945
I Was a Criminal Kallenberg 1945
Irish Eyes Are Smiling Electrician 1944
Tall in the Saddle Saddle Maker 1944
Patrick the Great Bellboy / Bellhop 1944
Bride by Mistake Armed Guard 1944
Step Lively Country Yokel in Night Club 1944
Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore Charlie Miller 1944
Since You Went Away Taxi Driver 1944
3 Men in White Attendant 1944
Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat Hotel Doorman 1944
Buffalo Bill Trooper Clancy 1944
It Happened Tomorrow Bob 1944
In Old Oklahoma Man on Train 1943
Never a Dull Moment Man with Newspaper 1943
Swing Fever Hamburger Vendor 1943
My Kingdom for a Cook Sam, Gas Man 1943
A Scream in the Dark Reporter at Morgue 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Kelly - Reporter 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Fred - Blind Date / Fred (Uncredited) 1943
Hers to Hold Enlisted Man 1943
Don't Be a Sucker Sucker 1943
Gildersleeve's Bad Day Mailman 1943
Lady of Burlesque Jake 1943
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Butler 1943
They Got Me Covered Smith 1943
The Powers Girl Harry, Nancy's Boyfriend / Harry 1943
City Without Men Chester 1943
Secrets of the Underground Lynch the Hotel Clerk 1942
The Great Gildersleeve Messenger / Telegraph Messenger 1942
A Night to Remember Taxi Driver 1942
The Ox-Bow Incident Jimmy Carnes 1942
That Other Woman Man Carrying Rifle in Woods / Charlie 1942
The Forest Rangers Keystone Cop 1942
Here We Go Again Waiter 1942
Highways by Night Gas Station Attendant 1942
Scattergood Survives a Murder Sam Caldwell 1942
Isle of Missing Men Bar Steward / Ship's bartender 1942
Pardon My Sarong George Peabody 1942
Night in New Orleans Taxi Driver / Taxi Driver (Uncredited) 1942
Are Husbands Necessary? Mover 1942
Private Buckaroo Enlistment Sergeant 1942
Castle in the Desert Bus Driver 1942
Roxie Hart Amos Hart 1942
A Tragedy at Midnight Elevator Operator 1942
Obliging Young Lady Skip - the Bellboy / Skip 1942
Call Out the Marines Freddie 1942
Remember the Day Telegraph clerk 1941
Hellzapoppin' Movie Cameraman 1941
Design for Scandal First Cabbie / First Taxi Driver 1941
Look Who's Laughing Alex 1941
Miss Polly Townsman 1941
The Great Man's Lady Forbes 1941
Buy Me That Town Smedley Son-In-Law 1941
Man at Large Country Cab Driver 1941
Private Nurse Messenger Boy 1941
Three Sons o' Guns Tailor / The Tailor 1941
Mountain Moonlight Steve Brown 1941
Broadway Limited Photographer at Train 1941
Reaching for the Sun Jerry 1941
Model Wife Mr. Williams / Joe 1941
Repent at Leisure Bus Conductor 1941
Double Date Attendant 1941
Sleepers West Yokel 1941
Tobacco Road Clerk / Hotel Desk Clark 1941
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Bystander Betting Five Bucks 1941
Western Union Herb 1941
Arizona Haley 1940
Charter Pilot Sound Man 1940
Trail of the Vigilantes Railroad Station Attendant 1940
Melody Ranch Taxi Driver 1940
The Mad Doctor Elevator Operator / Elevator Operator (Uncredited) 1940
Dr. Kildare Goes Home Parkersville Counterman 1940
The Return of Frank James Roy 1940
Manhattan Heartbeat Hawker 1940
Edison, the Man Gold Exchange Clerk 1940
Shooting High Charles Pritchard / Charley 1940
Forgotten Girls Stoolie 1940
Abe Lincoln in Illinois Minor Role 1940
Broadway Melody of 1940 Mr. Jones 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk First Clerk 1940
Thou Shalt Not Kill Johnny 1939
The Light That Failed First Man / First Man (Voice) 1939
The Secret of Dr. Kildare Pay Orderly 1939
20, 000 Men a Year Soda Jerker 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Reporter 1939
Everything's on Ice Barber Who Takes Bet 1939
Calling All Marines John Gordon 1939
I Stole a Million Herbert 1939
Beau Geste Legionnaire Cordier 1939
Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation Cameraman 1939
Second Fiddle Taxi Driver 1939
The Jones Family in Hollywood Hotel Clerk 1939
Young Mr. Lincoln Loafer 1939
Exile Express Marvln McGee 1939
It's a Wonderful World Photographer at Ferry Landing 1939
Calling Dr. Kildare Elevator Operator 1939
The Flying Irishman Airport Gas Attendant / New York Airport Gas Attendant 1939
Everybody's Baby G. Randolph 1939
Blondie Meets the Boss Laundryman 1939
King of the Turf 2nd Tout 1939
St. Louis Blues Reporter 1939
Boy Slaves Deputy 1939
Blackwell's Island Man Reading Just Inside Bransom's Office 1939
Jesse James Roy 1939
Secrets of a Nurse Dopey 1938
The Shining Hour Press Agent 1938
The Cowboy and the Lady Reporter 1938
Men with Wings Cody 1938
There Goes My Heart Tailor 1938
The Mad Miss Manton Newspaper Man 1938
Straight Place and Show Cabbie 1938
Valley of the Giants Fireman #2 1938
Three Loves Has Nancy Jim - the Baggage Master 1938
Gateway Reporter 1938
The Shopworn Angel Tommy - Soldier 1938
One Wild Night Rutherford - Bank Teller 1938
Three Comrades First Comic with Singer 1938
Joy of Living Taxi Driver / Taxi Driver (Uncredited) 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Boxing Spectator 1938
In Old Chicago Onlooker 1938
Mannequin 'Swing' Magoo 1938
Man-Proof Reporter 1938
Checkers Man at Racetrack 1937
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry Jim - Racetrack Usher 1937
Nothing Sacred Photographer 1937
Danger - Love at Work Attendant / Garage attendant 1937
Small Town Boy Bill Clipper 1937
Hot Water Photographer 1937
Big City Mr. Briggs 1937
Soak the Poor Briggs 1937
One Mile from Heaven Herman 1937
Saratoga Cameraman 1937
Wake Up and Live Janitor 1937
Riding on Air Barber Shop Hangeron 1937
The Go Getter Card Printer 1937
Charlie Chan at the Olympics Ship's Radio Operator 1937
They Gave Him a Gun Taxi Driver 1937
Woman Chases Man Taxi Driver 1937
A Star Is Born Deliveryman 1937
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Counter Clerk 1937
Fair Warning Hotel Clerk 1937
Bars and Stripes Brick Throwr 1937
Time Out for Romance Simpson 1937
Woman-Wise Clerk 1937
God's Country and the Woman Flunky 1937
Pennies from Heaven Waiter 1936
Reunion Jake 1936
The Accusing Finger Reporter 1936
All American Chump Bank Clerk 1936
Libeled Lady Bell Hop / Bellhop 1936
Old Hutch Cigar Store Clerk 1936
Sworn Enemy Lunch Stand Man 1936
Sing, Baby, Sing Hospital Interne 1936
Women Are Trouble Reporter 1936
High Tension Man at Honolulu Dock 1936
Fury Milton Jackson 1936
The Princess Comes Across Film Man 1936
Speed 'Shorty', Bystander at Barn Dance 1936
The Country Doctor Greasy 1936
Here Comes Trouble Purser Brooks / Brooks - Purser 1936
Stars Over Broadway Charlie 1935
Mary Burns, Fugitive Cashier / Stadium Cashier 1935
The Payoff Reporter 1935
It's in the Air Reporter 1935
Welcome Home Barber 1935
Broadway Gondolier Photographer 1935
Don't Bet on Blondes Henry Purdy / Henry Purdy (Uncredited) 1935
The Murder Man Sol Hertzberger 1935
Front Page Woman Reporter 1935
Spring Tonic Taxi Driver 1935
Star of Midnight Witness 1935
While the Patient Slept Evening Bulletin Reporter 1935
The Woman in Red First Reporter 1935
Music in the Air Assistant Stage Manager 1934
6 Day Bike Rider Abner 1934
Happiness Ahead Window Washer 1934
Big Hearted Herbert Murphy 1934
He Was Her Man Highway Service Station Counterman 1934
Fog Over Frisco Taxi Driver 1934
Twenty Million Sweethearts Johnny Klinger 1934
Dark Hazard Soapy Sam Lambert 1934
Hi, Nellie Sullivan 1934
Lady Killer George Thompson 1933
Son of a Sailor Sailor 1933
The World Changes Piano Player 1933
The Kennel Murder Case First Reporter at Police Station 1933
Footlight Parade Druggist 1933
The Power and the Glory Young Member - Board of Directors 1933
Bureau of Missing Persons Homer Howard 1933
She Had to Say Yes Taxi Driver 1933
The Life of Jimmy Dolan Boxing Handler 1933
Elmer, the Great Cubs Player 1933
Picture Snatcher Reporter 1933
The Mind Reader Reporter 1933
The Keyhole Joe - Desk Clerk 1933
The Fatal Glass of Beer Chester Snavely - Their Son / Wastrel Son Chester Snavely 1933
Parachute Jumper Chauffeur 1933
Me and My Gal Eddie Collins 1932
The Bride's Bereavement; or, the Snake in the Grass 1932
Afraid to Talk Pete (bellhop) 1932
The Sport Parade Pullman Ticket Agent 1932
Blessed Event Hanson 1932
Is My Face Red? Reporter 1932
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain Reporter 1932
The Tenderfoot Depot Bum 1932
The Famous Ferguson Case Depot Loafer 1932
She Wanted a Millionaire Hotel Worker 1932
The Beast of the City Reporter 1932
Union Depot Panhandler Wanting One Dollar 1932
The Woman Between Sweet - a Waiter 1931
A Holy Terror Joe, Western Union Clerk 1931
Too Many Cooks Ned / Cousin Ned 1931
Everything's Rosie Jail Guard 1931
Man of the World Fred 1931
Doctors' Wives Dr. Roberts 1931
Only Saps Work Elevator Operator / Elevator Boy 1930
Leathernecking Bit Part 1930
Love in the Rough Taxi Driver 1930
Manslaughter Roadside Observer 1930
The Florodora Girl Georgie Smith 1930
In Gay Madrid Enrique 1930
The Light of Western Stars Slig Whalen 1930
Devil-May-Care Timid Royalist 1929
The Virginian Bug Ears 1929
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