Ray Teal

IVA Star Rating : 73
Ray Elgin Teal was an American actor. His most famous role came on the television series Bonanza (1959–1972). He also appeared in several films such as Western Jamboree (1938), The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), The Black Arrow (1948), Ace in the Hole (1951) and Judgment at Nuremberg (1961).

Ray Elgin Teal was an American actor. His most famous role came on the television series Bonanza (1959–1972). He also appeared in several films such as Western Jamboree (1938), The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), The Black Arrow (1948), Ace in the Hole (1951) and Judgment at Nuremberg (1961).


Sunday, 12 January 1902


Friday, 02 April 1976

Actor Filmography

The Hanged Man Judge Homer Bayne 1974
Hacksaw The Rancher 1971
Chisum Justice J.B. Wilson 1970
The Liberation of L.B. Jones Chief of Police 1970
The Doris Day Show Mr. Eric Ekstrom 1968
The Monroes Lait Goff 1966
I Dream of Jeannie Admiral Tugwell 1965
Green Acres Mr. Grimes 1965
Taggart Ralph Taggart 1964
Profiles in Courage Secretary of War Edwin Stanton 1964
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Actor Filmography

The Hanged Man Judge Homer Bayne 1974
Hacksaw The Rancher 1971
Chisum Justice J.B. Wilson 1970
The Liberation of L.B. Jones Chief of Police 1970
The Doris Day Show Mr. Eric Ekstrom 1968
The Monroes Lait Goff 1966
I Dream of Jeannie Admiral Tugwell 1965
Green Acres Mr. Grimes 1965
Taggart Ralph Taggart 1964
Profiles in Courage Secretary of War Edwin Stanton 1964
The Rogues Jim Pyle 1964
Bullet for a Badman Sweeper / Townsman 1964
The Fugitive Sheriff McNary 1963
The Lieutenant Mr. Coolidge 1963
Cattle King Ed Winters / Edwin 'Ed' Winters (Teton Ranch Foreman) 1963
A Girl Named Tamiko Kyle Munce 1962
Empire Mr. Todd 1962
Wide Country Frank Higgins, Mgr. Harry Kemper 1962
Judgment at Nuremberg Judge Curtiss Ives / Curtiss Ives 1961
Everglades! Alvin Greaves, Pete Virdon 1961
Bus Stop George Vansinger 1961
Ripcord Executive 1961
87th Precinct Sam Thorpe 1961
Ada Sheriff Kearney Smith 1961
Kraft Mystery Theater Sheriff Blaney 1961
One-Eyed Jacks Barney 1961
The Absent Minded Professor Man in Street Interviewee 1961
Posse from Hell Banker 1961
Klondike Augie Teege 1960
Route 66 Sheriff Ames 1960
Thriller Sheriff Wiley 1960
Inherit the Wind Jessie H. Dunlap 1960
Home from the Hill Dr. Reuben Carson / Dr. Carson 1960
Shotgun Slade Sheriff Peter Matt Miller 1959
The Alaskans Ezra Granit 1959
Dennis the Menace Mr. Phillips 1959
The Twilight Zone Mr. Franklin 1959
Men Into Space Gen. Sam Warren 1959
Laramie Bartender 1959
Riverboat Sheriff Clay 1959
Bonanza Sheriff Roy Coffee 1959
Markham Phil Fletcher 1959
Rawhide Hennegan, Sheriff 1959
Cimarron City Fred Knight 1958
77 Sunset Strip Captain Hobart, Lt. Harper, Pete Collier 1958
Girl on the Run Lt. Harper 1958
Bat Masterson H.G. Cogswell, Virgil Gardiner 1958
Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse Sheriff Blaney, Sheriff 1958
Lawman Judge Leonard Whitehall 1958
The Rifleman Albie Finley 1958
The Texan Sheriff Dave Travers 1958
Bronco Jeb Donner, Tom Biggert 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Nebro 1958
Gunman's Walk Jensen Sieverts 1958
Saddle the Wind Brick Larson 1958
The Tall Stranger Cap 1957
Decision at Sundown Morley Chase 1957
Colt .45 Mike O'Tara, Sam Titus 1957
The Frank Sinatra Show Sheriff Tremont 1957
Zorro Vasquez 1957
Casey Jones Pete Dunlap 1957
Trackdown Sheriff Michaels, Ward 1957
The Real McCoys Mr. Rayfield 1957
The Californians Sheriff Benton, Yotts Meyer 1957
The Restless Gun Sheriff, Sheriff Lander 1957
The Wayward Girl Sheriff 1957
Maverick Harvey Stryker, Mart Fallon, Sheriff Bundy, Sheriff Chick Tucker, Sheriff Murray 1957
Perry Mason Joe Downing 1957
Wagon Train Jed Culpepper, Ray Tarback, Shag Dorty 1957
Band of Angels Mr. Calloway 1957
The Adventures of McGraw Lt. Bradley 1957
The Oklahoman Jason - Stableman 1957
The Phantom Stagecoach Sheriff Ned Riorden 1957
The Guns of Fort Petticoat Salt Pork 1957
The Big Caper Real Estate Broker 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Sheriff, Ranger Capt. McNelly 1957
Panic! Police Chief 1957
Utah Blaine Russ Nevers 1957
Wire Service Captain Gormand 1956
Broken Arrow Col. McBride, Fenster 1956
Circus Boy Sheriff Green 1956
The Young Guns Josh 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Sheriff Carson Singletary 1956
The Burning Hills Joe Sutton 1956
Canyon River Mr. Reed 1956
Telephone Time Hurd 1956
The Indian Fighter Morgan 1955
The Desperate Hours State Police Lt. Fredericks 1955
Crossroads Ben Sauter, Dooley, Mike Moran, Sheriff, Wild Bill 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Farmer Clark 1955
The 20th Century-Fox Hour Bartlett, Sheriff 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Ben Tulip, Chief of Detectives, Fire Chief, Jim Hale, Police Detective, Police Lieutenant, Sheriff Briggs, Warden Jacobs 1955
Frontier Kennicut 1955
Cheyenne Maj. Heffler, McCanles, Sheriff Ben Jethro, Sheriff Matt Corbin, Sheriff 1955
Gunsmoke Sgt. Jones 1955
Apache Ambush Sgt. Tim O'Roarke 1955
Rage at Dawn Sheriff of Seymour 1955
Run for Cover Sheriff 1955
The Man from Bitter Ridge Shep Bascom 1955
The Millionaire Roger Willard 1955
The Magical World of Disney Snead, Sheriff Snead, Justice Mackley, Man in Street Interviewee, The Rancher, Frank Oxford 1954
Studio 57 Marshal Frank 1954
Rogue Cop Patrolman Mullins 1954
Lassie Jim Teal, Walt Johnson, Dan Peterson 1954
About Mrs. Leslie Barney 1954
Lucky Me Thayer Crony 1954
Public Defender Kevin Morrison 1954
Waterfront Anthony Carr 1954
The Command Dr. Trent 1954
The Wild One Frank Bleeker 1953
Where's Raymond? Mike the Cop 1953
Ambush at Tomahawk Gap Doc 1953
General Electric Theater Sheriff Sam 1953
Hangman's Knot Quincey 1952
The Turning Point Clint, Police Captain 1952
Montana Belle Emmett Dalton 1952
Our Miss Brooks Jasper Flint 1952
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Mr. Sanders 1952
Cavalcade of America Howard, Mr. O'Hara, Sheriff Harry Payne 1952
Cattle Town Judd Hastings 1952
Carrie Allen - Bondsman / Allen 1952
Jumping Jacks Brig. Gen. W.W. Timmons / W.W. Timmons 1952
The Lion and the Horse Dave Tracy 1952
The Captive City Chief Gillette 1952
Flaming Feather Coconino County Sheriff 1952
The Wild North Ruger 1952
Distant Drums Pvt. Mohair 1951
Warpath Maj. Reno 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Capt. Donovan, Linc Johnson 1951
Tomorrow Is Another Day Mr. Dawson / Henry Dawson 1951
The Secret of Convict Lake Sheriff Cromwell 1951
Fort Worth Gabe Clevenger 1951
Ace in the Hole Sheriff Gus Kretzer 1951
Along the Great Divide Deputy Lou Gray 1951
Lorna Doone Farmer Ridd 1951
Home Town Story Complaining Electrical Worker 1951
The Redhead and the Cowboy Brock / Brock (Union agent) 1951
Oh! Susanna Corporal at Gate 1951
The Great Missouri Raid Union Sergeant 1951
Southside 1-1000 Bunco Agent 1950
Where Danger Lives Sheriff Joe Borden 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Lt. Boyd 1950
Lux Video Theatre Chief Rowan 1950
When You're Smiling Steve 1950
The Men Man at Bar 1950
The Petty Girl Policeman #1 1950
No Way Out Day Deputy in Hospital Prison Ward 1950
Edge of Doom Ned Moore 1950
Our Very Own Mr. Jim Lynch / Jim Lynch 1950
Convicted Cell Block / Yard Guard 1950
Winchester '73 Marshall Noonan 1950
The Asphalt Jungle Cop in Car Barn Slugged by Dix 1950
Harbor of Missing Men Frank Leggett 1950
Quicksand Motorcycle Officer 1950
The Kid from Texas Sheriff Rand 1950
Gun Crazy California Border Inspector 1950
Ambush Capt. J.R. Wolverson 1950
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout Capt. McHale / Captain McHale 1950
Samson and Delilah Tax Collector 1949
Oh, You Beautiful Doll Policeman 1949
Rusty's Birthday Virgil Neeley 1949
The Lone Ranger Doc Grayson, Frank Dean, Matt Dooley, Tom Tabor 1949
Once More, My Darling Truck Driver 1949
Blondie Hits the Jackpot Gus 1949
Mr. Soft Touch Squad Car Police Officer / Squad Car Police Officer (Uncredited) 1949
Scene of the Crime Patrolman 1949
The Great Gatsby Cop at Accident Scene 1949
Kazan McCready 1949
It Happens Every Spring Mac - Policeman 1949
Streets of Laredo Henchman Cantrel 1949
Bad Boy Policeman Bob / Bob - Police Officer 1949
The Man from Colorado Bartender 1949
Hello Out There The Husband 1949
One Sunday Afternoon Cop on Bike / Policeman on bicycle 1949
Whispering Smith Seagrue 1948
An Act of Murder Dr. McDermott 1948
The Snake Pit Doctor 1948
Joan of Arc Bertrand de Poulengy - Squire / Bertrand de Poulengy, a squire 1948
Road House Policeman at Bus Depot 1948
The Countess of Monte Cristo Charlie 1948
Black Eagle George 1948
Walk a Crooked Mile Police Sergeant 1948
Daredevils of the Clouds Jim Mitchell 1948
Hazard Plain Clothes Policeman in L.A. / Plainclothesman 1948
I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes Guard 1948
Raw Deal Police Commanding Officer / Police Officer 1948
Fury at Furnace Creek Sergeant 1948
The Miracle of the Bells Koslick, a Miner / Koslick, Miner 1948
The Black Arrow Nick Appleyard 1948
The Mating of Millie Mike 1948
Black Bart Pete 1948
Tenth Avenue Angel Mounted Train Yard Guard 1948
The Swordsman Driver 1948
High Wall Police Lieutenant 1947
Road to Rio Buck 1947
Killer McCoy Welsh's Bodyguard 1947
Louisiana 1947
Roses Are Red Weston 1947
The Fabulous Texan State Police Captain 1947
Unconquered Soldier in the Gilded Beaver 1947
Driftwood Clem Perkins / Mr. Perkins 1947
Desert Fury Bus Driver 1947
Michigan Kid Sergeant 1947
Deep Valley Prison Official 1947
Brute Force Jackson - Guard 1947
Northwest Outpost Wounded Trapper 1947
Champagne for Two Brannigan, Policeman 1947
Cheyenne Gambler 1947
The Long Night Mr. Hudson 1947
My Favorite Brunette State Trooper Sergeant 1947
Pursued Army Captain 1947
Undercover Maisie Man at Union Station / Wolf at Union Station / Wolf at Union Station (Uncredited) 1947
Ramrod Ed Burma 1947
The Sea of Grass Cattleman 1947
Dead Reckoning Motorcycle Cop 1947
The Best Years of Our Lives Mr. Mollett 1946
Till the Clouds Roll By Movie Studio Orchestra Conductor 1946
Lady Luck Sign Painter 1946
The Strange Woman Alex Duncan / Duncan 1946
Three Wise Fools Foreman 1946
Decoy Policeman at Roadblock 1946
The Missing Lady Interrogating Detective with Black Mustache 1946
Canyon Passage Neal Howison 1946
Deadline for Murder Frank 1946
Dangerous Business Plainclothesman 1946
The Runaround Jeremiah P. Cagan 1946
Blonde Alibi Det. Jones / Detective Jones (Uncredited) 1946
A Letter for Evie Cab Driver 1946
The Harvey Girls Conductor 1946
The Bandit of Sherwood Forest Little John 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Albert 1946
Adventure Steve - Maritime Commissioner 1945
Snafu American Legionnaire 1945
Captain Kidd Michael O'Shawn 1945
Don't Fence Me In State Investigator 1945
A Gun in His Hand Police Lt. O'Neill 1945
Shady Lady Andy 1945
Ziegfeld Follies 2nd Subway Policeman ('Limehouse Blues') 1945
Along Came Jones Kriendler 1945
Anchors Aweigh Assistant Movie Director 1945
Back to Bataan Lt. Col. Roberts 1945
The Clock Policeman / Police Officer Standing Next to Mounted Policeman 1945
Gentle Annie Expressman on Train 1945
Diamond Horseshoe Tough Customer at Footlight Club 1945
Circumstantial Evidence Policeman 1945
Keep Your Powder Dry Army Captain - Camouflage Leader 1945
Sudan Slave Trader 1945
Wing and a Prayer Executive Officer 1945
Main Street After Dark Cop at Finale 1945
Wonder Man Opera Ticket Taker 1945
Hollywood Canteen Army Captain 1944
Nothing But Trouble Policeman / Police Officer 1944
The Thin Man Goes Home Second Man Outside Barber Shop 1944
The Missing Juror Chief of Detectives at Line-Up / Chief of Detectives at Line-Up (Uncredited) 1944
The Princess and the Pirate Guard 1944
Strange Affair Truck Driver - Henchman / Truck Driver (Uncredited) 1944
The Soul of a Monster Truck Driver 1944
Cry of the Werewolf Ed, a Policeman / Policeman Ed 1944
Maisie Goes to Reno Policeman / Policeman (Uncredited) 1944
Secret Command Shipyard Worker 1944
U-Boat Prisoner C.P.O. Shaw 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Joe Burke 1944
Once Upon a Time Shipyard Worker 1944
Bathing Beauty Adams Club Maitre d' at 1944
An American Romance Mine Personnel Clerk 1944
Main Street Today Ed, Citizen at Committee Meeting 1944
See Here, Private Hargrove Public Relations Officer 1944
Song of Russia Motorcycle Rider 1944
None Shall Escape Oremski 1944
Lost Angel Guard 1943
Madame Curie Driver 1943
Whistling in Brooklyn Traded Beaver Baseall Player 1943
The Heat's On Stagehand 1943
The North Star German Soldier with Binoculars and Grenade 1943
The Chance of a Lifetime Joe - Policeman / Policeman Joe (Uncredited) 1943
Dangerous Blondes Detective Charlie Temple 1943
Crime Doctor Detective with Pipe 1943
A Gentle Gangster Joe Barton 1943
She Has What It Takes Cop 1943
Slightly Dangerous Pedestrian Lifting Peggy Up 1943
Prairie Chickens Sam / Sam - Henchman 1943
The Youngest Profession Second Taxi Driver 1943
Thousands Cheer Ringmaster at Circus 1943
Tennessee Johnson Sergeant at Arms 1942
Northwest Rangers Poker Player 1942
Overland Mail Phony Indian [Ch. 5] / Phony Indian 1942
Secret Enemies Casey, the Motorcycle Cop 1942
Apache Trail Ed Cotton 1942
Escape from Crime Dude's Gang Member / Gangster 1942
Calling Dr. Gillespie Detroit Policeman 1942
The Big Shot Motorcycle Cop 1942
Fingers at the Window Police Car #12 Driver 1942
Nazi Agent Officer Graves 1942
Captain Midnight Borgman- Henchman #8 1942
Woman of the Year Married Sports Reporter 1942
Wild Bill Hickok Rides Deputy Jack Handley / Beadle (Credits) / Jack Handley 1942
The Bugle Sounds Sergeant 1942
Don Winslow of the Navy Parker - Saboteur Radio Operator [Chs. 4-12] / Gang Radioman Barker 1942
Shadow of the Thin Man Cab Driver 1941
They Died with Their Boots On Barfly 1941
Unholy Partners Waiter 1941
Honky Tonk Poker Player on Train 1941
Sergeant York Marching Soldier 1941
They Met in Bombay Private 1941
Billy the Kid Sammy Axel 1941
Ziegfeld Girl Pawnbroker / Pawnbroker (Uncredited) 1941
Outlaws of the Panhandle Walt Burnett 1941
Kitty Foyle Clarinet Player 1940
The Green Hornet Strikes Again! Chief Guard at Steel Mill 1940
Trail of the Vigilantes Deputy Sheriff 1940
Pony Post Claud Richards 1940
Melody Ranch Henchman 1940
The Trail Blazers Recognizes Emergency Code 1940
Third Finger, Left Hand Cameraman in Ohio 1940
Cherokee Strip Smokey Lovell 1940
Prairie Schooners Wolf Tanner 1940
I Love You Again Watchman 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Shark - Henchman [Chs. 1-2] / Shark 1940
New Moon Bondsman 1940
Florian Soldier 1940
Viva Cisco Kid Josh - Stage Holdup Man 1940
Strange Cargo Guard 1940
Northwest Passage Bradley McNeil 1940
Star Reporter Crook 1939
Western Jamboree McCall 1938
Give Me a Sailor Sailor Playing Clarinet 1938
Zorro Rides Again Pete - Henchman [Chs. 2-3] 1937
Radio Patrol Perkins 1937
Sweetheart of the Navy Orchestra Leader 1937
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