Roy Engel

Actor · Writer
IVA Star Rating : 69
Roy Engel was an American film and television actor.

Roy Engel was an American film and television actor.


Saturday, 13 September 1913


Monday, 29 December 1980

Actor Filmography

Kingdom of the Spiders Mayor Connors 1977
The Amazing Howard Hughes Production Manager 1977
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Daryl Dithers 1976
Switchblade Sisters Jobo 1975
Charley and the Angel Driver 1973
Barnaby Jones Salesman 1973
When the Legends Die Sam Turner 1972
The Waltons Vernon Rutley 1972
Skyjacked Pilot 1972
Silent Running Anderson 1972
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Actor Filmography

Kingdom of the Spiders Mayor Connors 1977
The Amazing Howard Hughes Production Manager 1977
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Daryl Dithers 1976
Switchblade Sisters Jobo 1975
Charley and the Angel Driver 1973
Barnaby Jones Salesman 1973
When the Legends Die Sam Turner 1972
The Waltons Vernon Rutley 1972
Skyjacked Pilot 1972
Silent Running Anderson 1972
The Rookies Menzies 1972
The Last Child Conductor 1971
The Last Movie Harry Anderson 1971
Lawman Bartender 1971
Matt Lincoln Engineer 1970
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors 1st Doctor 1969
Take the Money and Run Prison Guard Captain 1969
The Good Guys Policeman 1968
Here Come the Brides Dr. Harris 1968
Lancer Clem Carven, Sheriff Kling 1968
The Outcasts Major 1968
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Dr. Feeney 1968
Adam-12 Elmo Constant 1968
The Name of the Game Police Sgt. 1968
Mannix Nightclub Customer, Stanley Blake 1967
Judd for the Defense Lou Barr, Sidney Warner 1967
The Guns of Will Sonnett Ralph Johnson 1967
Dragnet 1967 Art Turnbull 1967
The Invaders Dr. Frederick Rogers 1967
Pistols 'n' Petticoats Wyatt Earp 1966
Mission: Impossible Foreman, Judge 1966
Run Buddy Run Police Captain 1966
El magnifico extranjero Bartender 1966
Get Smart The Vendor 1965
The Wild Wild West President Ulysses S. Grant 1965
The F.B.I. Coroner, David Reisman, Travis, George Cobell, Paulie Hoff, Spies, Eldon Hunter, Sam Whitman 1965
Your Cheatin' Heart Joe Rauch 1964
Daniel Boone Dr. Ramsey 1964
Many Happy Returns Man #1 1964
Viva Las Vegas Mr Baker 1964
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World Patrolman / Police Radio Voice Unit F-14 1963
My Favorite Martian Police Captain 1963
The Fugitive Lt. Hodges 1963
Wall of Noise Veterinarian 1963
Billy Rose's Jumbo Reporter 1962
Stoney Burke Farley 1962
The Lucy Show Police Officer 1962
The Virginian Barney Wingate, 1st Rancher, Barney Wilkins, Dr. Hurley, Jacob Brent, Loomis, Mr. Wade, Townsman 1962
Saints and Sinners Insp. Hal Poston 1962
Black Gold Hobey Williams 1962
The Three Stooges in Orbit Welby 1962
Bachelor in Paradise McCracken 1961
Shannon Police Chief Cook 1961
Alcoa Premiere Jim Creighton 1961
Bus Stop Judge, Judge Boynton 1961
The Dick Powell Theatre Cahan 1961
Flight That Disappeared Jameson / Floyd Jamison 1961
Spartacus Roman Businessman 1960
The Andy Griffith Show A Townsman, Conductor, Jess Morgan, Judd, Luther, Mr. Perkins, Townsman, Trumpet Player 1960
My Three Sons Wally Osborne 1960
The Barbara Stanwyck Show Colby 1960
Checkmate The Deputy 1960
Assignment: Underwater Carney 1960
COronado 9 Dave Squires 1960
Wake Me When It's Over General from Pentagon 1960
Hell Bent for Leather Blacksmith 1960
A Dog's Best Friend Sheriff Dan Murdock 1959
The Detectives Roy Carp, Sheriff 1959
Dennis the Menace Fire Chief Dooley 1959
The DuPont Show with June Allyson Detective Morgan 1959
Laramie Bartender 1959
Bonanza Dr. Paul Martin, Doctor Martin, Doctor, Dr. Martin, Dr. Paul Kay, Doctor Paul Martin, Burt / Clyde Quinn, Doc Martin, Doc Tolliver, Dr. Thomas 1959
The Deputy Zandt 1959
Tightrope Charlie 1959
Border Patrol Captain Sullivan 1959
The Untouchables Customer, Fire Chief Dawson, Whelan 1959
Black Saddle Amos Pryor 1959
Rawhide Mr. Amy, Whit Stokes, Bartender (as Roy Engle) 1959
Some Came Running Sheriff 1958
Joy Ride Barrett / Sgt. Barrett 1958
The Colossus of New York Police Inspector 1958
77 Sunset Strip Chris Braso 1958
Bat Masterson Maloney 1958
The Texan Mac Carson 1958
Union Pacific Jansen 1958
Frontier Doctor Si Redmond 1958
Rescue 8 Marty, Captain 1958
Bronco Marshal Nelson 1958
Northwest Passage Shane 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Sheriff Art Hampton 1958
The Gun Runners Caz 1958
The Law and Jake Wade Avery 1958
Destination Nightmare Wally 1958
Satan's Satellites Boat Charter Operator 1958
The Veil Wally (Huffner) 1958
All Mine to Give Mr. Harry Bradley 1957
Colt .45 Marshal Ben Staley 1957
Tombstone Territory Martin Ramsey 1957
Trackdown Jeff, Marshal 1957
The Court of Last Resort Capt. Briggs 1957
The Walter Winchell File Fanning 1957
Goodyear Theatre Capt. Walter Barnes 1957
The Californians Bert Parker, Witness 1957
The Restless Gun Sheriff, Sheriff Roy Willard 1957
Maverick Fred Fowler, Marshal Ratcliffe, Sampson 1957
Perry Mason Detective, Mr. Horty 1957
M Squad Police Capt. Thomas 1957
Wagon Train Broxton, Marshal 1957
Sugarfoot Sgt. Jacey, Sheriff 1957
Death in Small Doses Wally Morse 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Barber, Matson, Piano Thief, Rudy - Bartender, Sheriff 1957
Escape from San Quentin Hap Graham 1957
Date with the Angels George Clemson 1957
The Silent Service 'Cookie' - Ship's Cook, Torpedoman 1st Class James Schile 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Knoxville Officer, Sheriff Anderson 1957
The Storm Rider Major Bonnard / Maj. Bonnard 1957
Not of This Earth Sgt. Walton / Desk Sergeant 1957
Three Violent People Carpetbagger 1957
The O. Henry Playhouse Father Halloran 1957
Whirlybirds Casey Stone, Joe Mitlin 1957
Ride the High Iron Railroad Conductor 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Blacksmith, 1st Man, Ben Wooster 1956
The Sheriff of Cochise Deputy, Sam Roberts, Deputy at Road Block, Deputy Bob Carson, Deputy Bob Tobin, Deputy Bob, Deputy Sheriff Dave 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Sheriff 1956
Frontier Gambler Tom McBride 1956
Tribute to a Bad Man 2nd Buyer 1956
Indestructible Man Desk Sergeant 1956
The Price of Fear Harry - Conductor 1956
State Trooper Sam Ketch 1956
The Houston Story Police Inspector Gregg 1956
Screen Directors Playhouse Train Conductor 1955
Highway Patrol Masterson 1955
My Friend Flicka Forbes 1955
The Naked Dawn Guntz / Guntz (fence) 1955
Ford Star Jubilee General Grant 1955
Cheyenne U.S. Marshal Thad Veck 1955
Gunsmoke Tibbett, Citizen, Ed Greeley, Grimes, Hank, Hoffer, Jed Garvey, Sandor, Sheriff, Syker 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Zack Herrick 1955
The Night of the Hunter Sheriff 1955
It Came from Beneath the Sea Control Room Officer Ordering Drop Nets 1955
Love Me or Leave Me Reporter / Propman 1955
A Bullet for Joey Truck Driver 1955
Strange Lady in Town Deputy 1955
Stage 7 Detective Sgt. Ryan 1955
The Millionaire John - Police Officer 1955
The Magical World of Disney Driver 1954
Suddenly Driver Asking Slim for Directions 1954
Lassie Dr. Wayne Hillman, Forest Ranger, Hank, Highway Patrolman 1954
The Whistler Joe the Mechanic 1954
Executive Suite Jimmy Farrell 1954
The Lone Wolf Police Lt. Browder 1954
The Mad Magician Detective 1954
Mr. District Attorney Hal 1954
The Siege at Red River Union Col. Stag 1954
Public Defender Sergeant 1954
Dangerous Mission Hume 1954
Dragon's Gold Police Sergeant 1954
Killers from Space Police Dispatcher (bit) / 1st Police Dispatcher 1954
Forbidden Al 1953
Three Sailors and a Girl Walter Kerr 1953
The Man Behind the Badge Petosky 1953
I Led 3 Lives Cotton 1953
Thy Neighbor's Wife (as Roy Engels) 1953
The Loretta Young Show Corey Bellman Jr. 1953
Vicki 1st Detective 1953
Champ for a Day Heckling Fight Spectator 1953
I, the Jury Medical Examiner 1953
The Golden Blade Heavy Scientist 1953
The Band Wagon Reporter 1953
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms Maj. Evans 1953
Code Two Police Sergeant Instructor at Academy 1953
Ramar of the Jungle Bart Craven 1953
One Girl's Confession Bar Manager 1953
Count the Hours! Deputy 1953
I Love Melvin Policeman 1953
The Glass Wall Police News Broadcaster 1953
The Magnetic Monster Gen. Behan / Gen. Behan (as Roy Engle) 1953
You Are There Charley Gump, David Hannum, General Ulysees S. Grant, Henry D. Ford, James Flood, Jason Mills, Planter 1953
Jungle Drums of Africa First Constable [Chs.7,12] / First Constable 1953
The Mississippi Gambler Captain of the Sultana 1953
Thunderbirds Mailman 1952
The Black Castle Burgher 1952
Something for the Birds Congressman Roy Farrow 1952
Four Star Playhouse Ground Crew Man, Phil 1952
It Grows on Trees Motorcycle Cop 1952
Strange Fascination Mr. Frim 1952
Breakdown Al Bell 1952
Zombies of the Stratosphere Lawson - Boat Charter Operator [Ch. 3] 1952
Thundering Caravans Frank 1952
Confidence Girl Store Detective Walsh / Walsh - Store Detective 1952
The Sellout Sam F. Slaper 1952
Paula Detective Sergeant 1952
Without Warning! Police Captain 1952
Carbine Williams Prisoner 1952
Death Valley Days Brigadier General Kearny, Captain Morrow, Chisholm, Col. Fremont, Colonel Carrington, Colonel Fremont, Dart, John C. Fremont, Jonas Dunne, Lew Kellems, Lt. Col John Fremont, Maj. Creel, Nate Donaldson, Nate Reed, Sheriff Smathers, Sheriff, Tom Ewing, William Linn 1952
Joseph Schildkraut Presents Cop 1952
Chicago Calling Pete 1951
The Sea Hornet Gus 1951
Schlitz Playhouse News Vendor, Gen. Braxton, Card Player 1951
The Well Gleason 1951
You Never Can Tell Police Turnkey 1951
The Day the Earth Stood Still Government Man 1951
Never Trust a Gambler Undersheriff 1951
The Prince Who Was a Thief 1951
Strangers on a Train Policeman 1951
Fighting Coast Guard Voice from Crowd / Ship-Welder 1951
I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. Jackie's Father 1951
The Man from Planet X Tommy - the Constable / Tommy the Constable 1951
M Police Chief Regan 1951
Missing Women Officer Baumhaus 1951
Rogue River Ed Colby 1951
Wyoming Mail Ticket-Seller 1950
The Killer That Stalked New York Colonel 1950
Outrage Sheriff Charlie Hanlon 1950
Shakedown Waiter Captain 1950
D.O.A. Police Captain 1950
The Cisco Kid Sheriff 1950
The Flying Saucer Dr. Carl Lawton / Dr. Carl Lewton 1950
Red, Hot and Blue Restaurant Patron 1949
Fireside Theatre Jim Travis 1949
The Heat's On Roy 1943
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