A.C. Peterson

IVA Star Rating : 67

Birth Name

Alar Aedma

Actor Filmography

SurrealEstate Bernard Nightingale 2021
Superman and Lois Zeta-Rho 2021
Flashback Mr. MacDonald 2020
Tainted Walt 2020
I Know This Much Is True Gene Diogenes 2020
Nurses Abram Ivanov 2020
Romance Retreat Bradley Tiffin 2019
Corn & Peg Pilot Pete 2019
Recall Tony (as Alan C. Peterson) 2018
Condor Store Clerk 2018
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Actor Filmography

SurrealEstate Bernard Nightingale 2021
Superman and Lois Zeta-Rho 2021
Flashback Mr. MacDonald 2020
Tainted Walt 2020
I Know This Much Is True Gene Diogenes 2020
Nurses Abram Ivanov 2020
Romance Retreat Bradley Tiffin 2019
Corn & Peg Pilot Pete 2019
Recall Tony (as Alan C. Peterson) 2018
Condor Store Clerk 2018
Molly's Game Stranger (as Alan C. Peterson) 2017
Spark: A Space Tail Zhong (voice) (as Alan C. Peterson) 2017
American Gods Warden of Newgate 2017
Frontier Governor Threadwell (as Alan C. Peterson) 2016
The Stakelander Bat 2016
Dark Harvest Bernie 2016
He Never Died Televangelist (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Alan Kramer 2015
Lost & Found Music Studios (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
Stonewall Man in Red Dress (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
A Christmas Horror Story Big Earl (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
Patch Town Boss (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
Olympus Minos (as Alan C. Peterson), King Minos (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
Schitt's Creek Andy Roberts 2015
88 Bob (as Alan C. Peterson) 2015
Odd Squad Sea Captain 2014
Pride of Lions LaRoche (as Alan C. Peterson) 2014
19-2 Patrick (as Alan C. Peterson) 2014
The Art Of The Steal Reverend Herman Headly (as Alan C. Peterson) 2013
A Single Shot Cole (as Alan C. Peterson) 2013
Hemlock Grove Templar Owner, Templar's Owner 2013
Rogue Mitya (as Alan C. Peterson) 2013
Cracked Vlad (as Alan 'A.C.' Peterson) 2013
Cold Spring 2013
The Conspiracy Terrance (as Alan C. Peterson) 2012
Copper J. E. Lovrich 2012
The Samaritan Miro 2012
The Case for Christmas Judge Stewart 2011
Sucker Punch Lighter Orderly (as AC Peterson) 2011
Good Dog Dave (as AC Peterson) 2011
Paradox Sir Winston Churchill 2010
Lost Girl Light Fae Elder (as Alan C. Peterson) 2010
The Bridge Elliott Buell 2010
GravyTrain Sgt. Leroy Fatts (as Alan C. Peterson) 2010
Cra$h & Burn Godjo 2009
Defendor Radovan Kristic 2009
Carny Cap (as A.C. Peterson) 2009
Caprica Chiron 2009
The Listener Ed (as Alan C. Peterson), Clive Walters (as Alan C. Peterson) 2009
ZOS: Zone of Separation Krijha (as Alan C. Peterson) 2009
The Lost Treasure Of The Grand Canyon Dr. Gilmore (as Alan C. Peterson) 2008
Tortured Harry Rusick 2008
The Other Woman Stan Weatherly (as Alan C. Peterson) 2008
The Border Malcolm Toal (as Alan C. Peterson) 2008
Murdoch Mysteries Edwin Dodd (as Alan C. Peterson) 2008
Second Sight Dr. Rosenberg 2007
Across the River to Motor City Angelo Boudreau (as Alan C. Peterson) 2007
Perfect Child Barish (as Alan C. Peterson) 2007
Shooter Officer Stanley Timmons (as Alan C. Peterson) 2007
Dress to Kill Uncle Bunny 2007
Obituary Roger Morgenstein (as Alan C. Peterson) 2006
Cradle of Lies Johnny Smith (as Alan C. Peterson) 2006
Martha behind Bars John Morvillo 2005
The Jane Show Alfred Maynard 2004
Snow Mr. Terrell (as Alan C. Peterson) 2004
Stargate: Atlantis Magistrate 2004
The Collector Johannes Müller 2004
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Faux Ghost Patron (as Alan C. Peterson) 2004
Traffic Yuri 2004
The Cradle Will Fall Det. Charley Newkirk 2004
Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story Texas Top Dawg 2003
Deathlands Harvey Cawdor (as Alan C. Peterson) 2003
Agent Cody Banks Dark Agent (as Alan C. Peterson) 2003
Deacons for Defense Gower (as Alan Peterson) 2003
Bury the Lead Ozzie Johnson (as Alan C. Peterson) 2002
Street Time Maurice Cohen (as Alan C. Peterson) 2002
The Dead Zone Bert / Hefty Man 2002
Greenmail Martin Case (as Alan C. Peterson) 2002
Narc Freeman Franks (as Alan C. Peterson) 2002
Eye See You Gilbert 2002
Mutant X Carson Bailey 2001
Just Cause Arthur Gatlin 2001
Who Is Cletis Tout? Henry Flatt (as Alan Peterson) 2001
Smallville Senator Ed Burke 2001
A Glimpse Of Hell MCPO Ziegler (as Alan C. Peterson) 2001
Freedom Alan Mueller 2000
Dark Angel Warden Terrence Leeson 2000
Andromeda Bodey Gunyon 2000
Soul Food Det. Connor 2000
Beautiful Joe Howdy 2000
Shanghai Noon Saddle Rock Sheriff (as Alan C. Peterson) 2000
New Blood Frayerling (as Alan C. Peterson) 2000
Harsh Realm Cook 1999
Killer Deal Leo 1999
So Weird The Great Incanto, The Great Incanto (archive footage) (as Alan C. Peterson) 1999
Total Recall 2070 Deputy Chief Atkins 1999
Seven Days Gen. Vladimir Sobchak 1998
First Wave Detective Walter 1998
The Last Don II Bazzini (as Alan C. Peterson) 1998
The Defenders: Choice of Evils Vinnie Keefe (as Alan C. Peterson) 1998
Blackheart Mel 1998
Face Down Transit Cop (as Alan C. Peterson) 1997
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Dakota (as Alan C. Peterson) 1997
The Don's Analyst Nicky 'Tits' (as Alan Peterson) 1997
Stargate SG-1 Canon 1997
La Femme Nikita Able Gelner 1997
The Newsroom Bus Driver (as Alan C. Peterson) 1996
Once a Thief The Head (as Alan Peterson) 1996
F/X: The Series Kelly, Bartender 1996
Traders (as Alan Peterson) 1996
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years Cooper (as Alan C. Peterson) 1995
Broken Trust Highland (as Alan C. Peterson) 1995
The Ranger, the Cook and a Hole in the Sky Bigger Hat (as Alan C. Peterson) 1995
The Outer Limits Motel Manager 1995
The Marshal Garth Scuggs (as Alan C. Peterson) 1995
Bad Company Cleaners Clerk (as Alan C. Peterson) 1995
Incident At Deception Ridge Middle-Aged Man (as Alan C. Peterson) 1994
Due South A.D.A. Brandauer, Sneed 1994
Traps Bartender 1994
Intersection Semi-Driver 1994
Madison (as Alan C. Peterson) 1993
The X-Files Mr. Y 1993
Born to Run Pitts 1993
Judgment Day: The John List Story Pete DiCicco (as Alan C. Peterson) 1993
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (as Alan C. Peterson), Velasco (as Alan C. Peterson), Velasco 1993
Highlander Bartender (as Alan C. Peterson) 1992
Shame Joey the Patron (as Alan C. Peterson) 1992
Secret Service Derek (as Alan C. Peterson) 1992
Stay Tuned Wrestling Referee (as Alan C. Peterson) 1992
Forever Knight Christopher Scheer (as Alan C. Peterson) 1992
Christmas on Division Street Mr. Frenzell (as Alan Peterson) 1991
Street Justice Foster 1991
The Commish Mike Torio 1991
Pure Luck Large Man (as Alan C. Peterson) 1991
The Hitman Lemke (as Alan Peterson) 1991
The Runestone 1991
Run Denny Halloran (as Alan C. Peterson) 1991
Mom P.I. (as Alan C. Peterson) 1990
Neon Rider (as Alan C. Peterson) 1990
The New Adventures of the Black Stallion Mr. O'Connelly (as Alan C. Peterson) 1990
Destiny To Order Biker with Crowbar (as Alar Aedma) 1990
Final Notice Norris Cotts (as Alar Aedma) 1989
Booker Lesault, Hank Martin 1989
Renegades Big Ponytail (as Alar Aedma) 1989
Bordertown Cy 1989
War of the Worlds Alien Hunter 1988
Hot Paint (as Alar Aedma) 1988
T and T Detective Thompson (as Alar Aedma) 1988
Sadie and Son Strangler (as Alar Aedma) 1987
Rolling Vengeance Four Eyes (as Alar Aedma) 1987
Friday the 13th: The Series Mike Riley (as Alan C. Peterson), Brother Drake (as Alar Aedma), Louis Hunt (as Alar Aedma) 1987
The Big Town Doorman (as Alar Aedma) 1987
Wiseguy Rico (as Alar Aedma), Rico 1987
Adderly (as Alar Aedma) 1986
Doing Life Cudmore (as Alar Aedma) 1986
Beer Thief (as Alar Aedma) 1985
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Tommy 1985
Night Heat (as Alar Aedma), Ewaschuk 1985
Mrs. Soffel Guard 1984
Seeing Things Jenkins (as Alar Aedma) 1981
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