Jack Tornek

IVA Star Rating : 66

Birth Name

Issy Targownik


Sunday, 02 January 1887


Monday, 18 February 1974

Actor Filmography

Sam Whiskey Townsman 1969
Support Your Local Sheriff! Townsman 1969
The Outcasts Townsman 1968
How Sweet It Is! Club Patron 1968
Hang 'Em High Hanging Spectator 1968
The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band Townsman 1968
Mannix Churchgoer, Gambler, Man in Motel 1967
The High Chaparral Townsman, Barfly, Sebastian Servant 1967
The Guns of Will Sonnett Townsman 1967
Hondo Townsman, Cattleman 1967
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Actor Filmography

Sam Whiskey Townsman 1969
Support Your Local Sheriff! Townsman 1969
The Outcasts Townsman 1968
How Sweet It Is! Club Patron 1968
Hang 'Em High Hanging Spectator 1968
The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band Townsman 1968
Mannix Churchgoer, Gambler, Man in Motel 1967
The High Chaparral Townsman, Barfly, Sebastian Servant 1967
The Guns of Will Sonnett Townsman 1967
Hondo Townsman, Cattleman 1967
Cimarron Strip Townsman, Bob, Gravedigger 1967
Rough Night in Jericho Townsman 1967
Eight on the Lam Dude Ranch Guest 1967
The Ride to Hangman's Tree Show Spectator 1967
Good Times Deputy 1967
Thunder Alley Bartender 1967
Winchester 73 Cantina Barfly 1967
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Townsman 1967
Gunfight in Abilene Townsman 1967
The Invaders Commuter, Townsman 1967
Red Tomahawk Townsman 1967
The Swinger Club Patron 1966
Texas Across the River Turkey Shoot Spectator 1966
Pistols 'n' Petticoats Barfly 1966
Mission: Impossible Official, Townsman 1966
Jericho Cafe Patron 1966
Family Affair Guest 1966
Fireball 500 George 1966
A Big Hand for the Little Lady Townsman 1966
Batman Art Exhibit Patron, Sidewalk Onlooker, Stamp Exhibition Spectator 1966
The Loner Townsman 1965
Get Smart Competition Spectator, Townsman 1965
I Dream of Jeannie Townsman 1965
Honey West Cantina Bartender, Western Actor 1965
The Wild Wild West Townsman, Trial Spectator, Banquet Guest, Convict, Hotel Guest at Fire, Hotel Guest, Party Guest, Passerby, Seaman 1965
Laredo Barfly, Juror, Townsman 1965
The Big Valley Townsman, Townswoman, Bank Officer, Diner Patron, Horse Race Spectator, Mexican in Bar, Party Guest, Restaurant Patron, Ruiz Servant, Sheepherder, Show Spectator, Stage Passenger, Townsman Exiting Church 1965
I Spy Party Guest 1965
My Mother the Car Club Patron, Man Admiring Car 1965
F Troop Townsman 1965
The Bounty Killer Cantina Barfly 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Trial Spectator 1965
Tickle Me Saloon Patron 1965
Harlow Cowboy 1965
Branded Townsman 1965
Roustabout Carnival Patron 1964
Young Fury Townsman 1964
Daniel Boone Settler, Bartender 1964
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Del Floria, Wedding Guest 1964
The Brass Bottle Citizen 1964
He Rides Tall Townsman 1964
Destry Barfly 1964
Gunfight at Comanche Creek Barfly 1963
Kraft Suspense Theatre Townsman 1963
Burke's Law Bartender, Man at Station 1963
The Haunted Palace Lynch Mob Member 1963
The Gun Hawk Saloon Dealer 1963
The Thrill of It All Western Actor 1963
Cattle King Cattle Association Member 1963
Showdown Townsman 1963
The Ugly American Reporter 1963
Papa's Delicate Condition Circus Patron 1963
California Townsman 1963
How the West Was Won Barfly 1962
Tower of London Member of Court 1962
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Man Buying Newspaper 1962
McHale's Navy Villager 1962
Stoney Burke Observer at Scene 1962
The Lucy Show Baseball Game Spectator 1962
The Virginian Barfly, Townsman, Trooper, Bartender, Carriage Driver, Dealer, Juror, Party Guest 1962
Tales of Terror Wine Society Member 1962
The Wild Westerners Henchman 1962
Escape from Zahrain Townsman 1962
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Townsman 1962
40 Pounds of Trouble Trooper 1962
The Errand Boy Premiere Attendee 1961
Summer and Smoke Cockfight Spectator 1961
Frontier Circus Show Spectator, Balloon Show Spectator 1961
Dr. Kildare Spectator at Scene 1961
Whispering Smith Townsman 1961
Master of the World Man at Balloon Society Meeting 1961
North to Alaska Waiter 1960
Klondike Townsman 1960
Stagecoach West Townsman 1960
The Westerner Townsman 1960
Outlaws Townsman, Bartender, Barfly, Bar Patron, Juror, Party Guest, Payroll Guard, Poker Player 1960
Seven Ways from Sundown Townsman 1960
The Tall Man Townsman, Barfly, Lynch Mob Member 1960
Walk Like a Dragon Barfly 1960
Heller in Pink Tights Cheyenne Townsman 1960
The Miracle Soldier 1959
Shotgun Slade Posse Member, Rider, Townsman 1959
Mr. Lucky Pop 1959
Hotel de Paree Townsman 1959
Law of the Plainsman Show Spectator, Townsman 1959
Johnny Ringo Townsman, Barfly 1959
Laramie Townsman 1959
Riverboat Dock Worker, Fight Spectator 1959
Bonanza Townsman, Barfly, Trial Spectator, Show Spectator, Juror, Miner, Party Guest, Army Clerk, Bartender / Townsman, Board Member, Cantina Patron, Carnival Attendee, Cavalryman on Stage, Court Clerk, Courtroom Spectator, Darrell Gillespie, Gypsy, Hackett Party Guest, Posse Member, Possible Investor, Railroad Executive, Scared Townsman on Horse, Senator at Party, Soldier, Townsman at Dance 1959
Last Train from Gun Hill Barfly 1959
The Scarface Mob Waiter at Tap Dancing Show 1959
Warlock Townsman 1959
Alias Jesse James Train Passenger 1959
Gunmen from Laredo Trial Spectator 1959
The Untouchables Waiter 1959
One Step Beyond Frenchman 1959
Black Saddle Townsman 1959
The D.A.'s Man Barfly 1959
Frontier Gun Townsman 1958
The Sign of Zorro Lancer 1958
The Last Hurrah Man at Campaign HQ 1958
Cimarron City Barfly, Townsman 1958
Bat Masterson Carriage Driver, Casino Patron, Passerby, Railroad Worker, Townsman 1958
Lawman Barfly, Townsman 1958
Yancy Derringer Club Patron, Fight Spectator, Passerby at Depot, Passerby 1958
Money, Women and Guns Townsman 1958
The Rifleman Townsman, Dealer, Gang Member, Preacher at Funeral, Tiffauges Rider 1958
The Texan Bank Robber 1958
Bronco Henchman 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Townsman, Barfly, Man Sitting Outside of Saloon, Soldier, Teller 1958
Once Upon a Horse... Barfly at Wedding 1958
Terror in a Texas Town Townsman 1958
Badman's Country Gang Member 1958
Return to Warbow Convict 1958
Escape from Red Rock Wedding Guest 1957
The Dalton Girls Townsman 1957
Tombstone Territory Townsman 1957
Zorro Townsman, Viceroy's Aid, Lancer 1957
Casey Jones Townsman 1957
Looking for Danger Townsman 1957
Trackdown Barfly, Townsman 1957
The Californians Townsman, Vigilante, Barfly, Club Patron, Roy Howard, Vanquero 1957
The Restless Gun Townsman, Man Getting off Stage, Juror, Man at Auction 1957
Maverick Townsman, Townsman at Speech 1957
Wagon Train Wagon Train Member, Barfly, Townsman 1957
Sugarfoot Gang Member 1957
Bachelor Father Western Actor 1957
Black Patch Barfly 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Townsman 1957
Carnival Rock Carnival Barker 1957
Man of a Thousand Faces Townsman in Miracle Man 1957
Valerie Townsman 1957
Gun Glory Townsman 1957
Last Stagecoach West Posse Rider 1957
The Adventures of McGraw Casino Patron 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Townsman, Trooper, Barfly 1957
The Storm Rider Townsman 1957
Drango Townsman 1957
The Brass Legend Townsman 1956
Gun the Man Down Townsman 1956
The Peacemaker Josh - Townsman 1956
Man from Del Rio Townsman 1956
Around the World in 80 Days Extra 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Townsman, Barfly, Ranch Hand, Soldier in Town, Trial Spectator 1956
Playhouse 90 Party Guest 1956
Showdown at Abilene Townsman 1956
Broken Arrow Townsman 1956
Flesh and the Spur Barfly 1956
Circus Boy Townsman, Show Spectator 1956
The Adventures of Jim Bowie Barfly, Courtroom Spectator, Diner Patron, Gambler, Man Touring Market, Townsman, Trapper, Trial Spectator 1956
Rebel in Town Townsman 1956
The Oklahoma Woman Townsman 1956
The Proud Ones Townsman 1956
The Rawhide Years Barfly 1956
The Maverick Queen Dealer in Saloon 1956
The Broken Star Barfly 1956
Uranium Boom Townsman 1956
Red Sundown Henshaw's Man 1956
Fury at Gunsight Pass Townsman 1956
Glory Horse Trainer 1956
A Lawless Street Townsman 1955
Top Gun Townsman 1955
A Man Alone Townsman 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Cafe Patron, Club Patron, Mexican, Rodeo Spectator, Townsman 1955
The 20th Century-Fox Hour Trooper 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Townsman, Barfly, Boxing Spectator, Card Player, Hanging Spectator 1955
The Adventures of Champion Townsman, Cowboy 1955
Cheyenne Barfly, Passerby, Ranch Hand, Rancher in Shootout, Soldier, Townsman 1955
The Girl Rush Casino Patron 1955
Duel on the Mississippi Delta Man 1955
Gunsmoke Townsman, Barber, Barfly, Bartender, Mexican Townsman, Party Guest, Posse Member 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Townsman, Trial Spectator, Barfly, Juror, Ring Member, Billings, Casino Patron, Committee Member, Councilman Gale, Cowhand, Farewell Committee Member, Gambler, Granger, Gunman at Hotel, Hanging Spectator, Hank - Man With Mayor, Rowland Ranch Hand, Saloon Dealer, Saloon Owner, Sebastian Henchman, Special Deputy, Town Councilman, Townsman in Tucson, Townsman with Rifle, Mr. Brown - Bennett Associate, Wade Gunman, Wagon Driver 1955
The Gun That Won the West Trooper 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Townsman 1955
Apache Ambush Townsman 1955
The Last Command Alamo Defender 1955
Tall Man Riding Man Who Takes Pearlo's Card Hand 1955
Hell's Island Fight Spectator 1955
Seminole Uprising Trooper 1955
The Man from Bitter Ridge Townsman 1955
Man Without a Star Barfly 1955
Buffalo Bill, Jr. Rifleman, Townsman 1955
Prince of Players Wagon Train Member 1955
Masterson of Kansas Townsman 1954
Destry Barfly 1954
The Magical World of Disney Townsman, Bixby's Driver, Redcoat 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Trooper Walker 1954
The Bounty Hunter Townsman 1954
Dawn at Socorro Casino Patron 1954
The Law vs. Billy the Kid Townsman 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Homesteader with Stokes 1954
River of No Return Prospector 1954
The Lone Gun Barfly 1954
Rails Into Laramie Townsman 1954
Jesse James vs. the Daltons Townsman 1954
The Rocket Man Man at Rally 1954
Battle of Rogue River Trooper 1954
The Far Country Townsman 1954
Ride Clear of Diablo Townsman 1954
Stories of the Century Calvary Escort, Mexican, Posse Member, Vasquez Henchman 1954
Annie Oakley Townsman, Courtroom Spectator, Lynch Mob Member, Townsman Watching Fight 1954
Border River Barfly 1954
War Arrow Trooper 1954
Tumbleweed Townsman 1953
Vigilante Terror Cowboy Forced to Leave 1953
Jack Slade Barfly 1953
City of Bad Men Townsman 1953
A Lion Is in the Streets Courtroom Spectator 1953
Fighting Lawman Barfly 1953
The Moonlighter Townsman 1953
The Stranger Wore a Gun Guerrilla Raider 1953
The Great Jesse James Raid Ambusher 1953
Ride, Vaquero! Townsman 1953
Northern Patrol Townsman 1953
The Last Posse Townsman 1953
Arena Rodeo Spectator 1953
Dangerous When Wet Townsman 1953
The Vanquished Trooper 1953
The Desert Song Riff Guard 1953
Law and Order Townsman 1953
Serpent of the Nile Soldier 1953
Ramar of the Jungle Niijib Helper 1953
On Top of Old Smoky Townsman 1953
Born to the Saddle Prisoner in Cell 1953
Gunsmoke Townsman 1953
General Electric Theater Townsman 1953
The Redhead from Wyoming Barfly 1953
Tropic Zone Plantation Owner 1953
Off Limits Boxing Match Spectator 1952
The Blazing Forest Party Guest 1952
Springfield Rifle Trooper 1952
Something for the Birds Foreigner 1952
Horizons West Rancher 1952
Fargo Henchman 1952
Cattle Town Rider 1952
Hellgate Guard 1952
Montana Incident Townsman 1952
Untamed Frontier Vaquero 1952
Son of Paleface Townsman 1952
Cripple Creek Townsman 1952
Carson City Townsman 1952
High Noon Barfly 1952
California Conquest Bandito 1952
Apache Country Henchman 1952
Clash by Night Reception Guest 1952
The San Francisco Story Townsman 1952
Kansas Territory Barfly 1952
Outlaw Women Badman 1952
Death Valley Days Townsman, Barfly, Miner, Juror, Wagon Train Member, Wedding Guest, Mexican Soldier, Mexican, Trial Spectator, Party Guest, Poker Player, Posse Member, Restaurant Patron, Stage Passenger, Casino Patron, Court Official, Doctor, Frontiersman, Interested Spectator, Juan, Foundry Worker 1952
Waco Townsman 1952
Rose of Cimarron Townsman 1952
The Old West Townsman 1952
The Roy Rogers Show Townsman 1951
Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere Theros Man 1951
My Favorite Spy Merchant 1951
Overland Telegraph Townsman 1951
The Bushwhackers Settler 1951
Valley of Fire Townsman 1951
Slaughter Trail Trooper 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Anna's Mexican Hand 1951
Passage West Saloon Dealer 1951
A Place in the Sun Courtroom Spectator 1951
Snake River Desperadoes Shotgun Rider 1951
Nevada Badmen Townsman 1951
Cavalry Scout Barfly 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Townsman 1951
The Range Rider Townsman, Henchman, Man at Party, Show Patron 1951
Santa Fe Railroad Worker 1951
Valentino Arab 1951
M Carnival Patron 1951
The Great Missouri Raid Townsman 1951
Gene Autry and the Mounties Barfly 1951
Al Jennings of Oklahoma Posse Member 1951
Sierra Passage Waiter 1950
Lightning Guns Townsman 1950
Kansas Raiders Raider 1950
The Return of Jesse James Clay County Townsman 1950
Gunfire Gang Member 1950
Desperadoes of the West Barfly 1950
The Gene Autry Show Townsman, Courtroom Spectator, Fight Spectator, Juror 1950
Snow Dog Trapper at Inquest 1950
The Flame and the Arrow Guard 1950
Trigger, Jr. Man at Auction 1950
Return of the Frontiersman Townsman 1950
The Gunfighter Barfly 1950
Cow Town Townsman 1950
Comanche Territory Townsman 1950
Stars in My Crown Barfly 1950
The Cisco Kid Henchman, Shooting Gallery Man 1950
The Baron of Arizona Townsman 1950
The Kid from Texas Townsman 1950
Buccaneer's Girl Townsman 1950
Singing Guns Townsman 1950
The Traveling Saleswoman Barfly 1950
Copper Canyon Townsman 1950
The Nevadan Barfly 1950
Davy Crockett, Indian Scout Trooper 1950
Red Desert Townsman 1949
Deputy Marshal Townsman 1949
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon Officer 1949
Bandits of El Dorado Copper City Townsman 1949
The Lone Ranger Townsman 1949
The Cowboy and the Indians Man with Sheriff 1949
The Fighting Kentuckian Militiaman 1949
The Gal Who Took the West Barfly 1949
Haunted Trails Townsman 1949
Trail of the Yukon Townsman 1949
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass Townsman 1949
House of Strangers Man on Street 1949
Rim of the Canyon Townsman 1949
Lust for Gold Barfly 1949
The Blazing Trail Townsman 1949
Stagecoach Kid Barfly 1949
Hellfire Barfly 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Bank Clerk 1949
Laramie Henchman 1949
Canadian Pacific Railroad Worker 1949
The Gay Amigo Bugler 1949
Rimfire Townsman 1949
Riders of the Whistling Pines Dancer at Party 1949
Gun Law Justice Barfly 1949
South of St. Louis Barfly 1949
I Shot Jesse James Townsman 1949
Challenge of the Range Townsman 1949
Ride, Ryder, Ride! Barfly 1949
Badmen of Tombstone Posse Rider 1949
Outlaw Country Posse Member 1949
Thunder in the Pines Lumberjack 1948
The Plunderers Townsman 1948
The Untamed Breed Barfly 1948
Mark of the Lash Barfly 1948
Station West Barfly 1948
A Foreign Affair Canteen Lorelei Customer 1948
Four Faces West Train Passenger 1948
Borrowed Trouble Barfly 1948
Blazing Across the Pecos Townsman 1948
Jinx Money Pedestrian 1948
Triggerman Barfly 1948
Silver River Soldier 1948
Frontier Agent Townsman 1948
Old Los Angeles Vaquero 1948
French Leave Barfly 1948
Docks of New Orleans Sidewalk Passerby 1948
Black Bart Townsman 1948
Albuquerque Barfly 1948
Check Your Guns Townsman 1948
King of the Bandits Henchman Jack 1947
Return of the Lash Rancher 1947
Ridin' Down the Trail Townsman 1947
Marshal of Cripple Creek Barfly 1947
Under the Tonto Rim Townsman 1947
Wyoming Cowhand 1947
Gunfighters Cantina Barfly 1947
Code of the Saddle Henchman 1947
Fiesta Party Guest 1947
Cheyenne Barfly 1947
Border Feud Barfly 1947
Land of the Lawless Gun-Checker 1947
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley Stockholder 1947
Trailing Danger Townsman 1947
Pursued Townsman 1947
Code of the West Barfly 1947
Trail Street Townsman 1947
Last Frontier Uprising Rancher 1947
California Delegate 1947
Raiders of the South Posse Rider 1947
Wild Country Barfly 1947
The Mighty McGurk Worker 1947
The Fighting Frontiersman Townsman 1946
Driftin' River Barfly 1946
Angel on My Shoulder Citizen 1946
The Killers Fight Spectator 1946
Swamp Fire Party Guest 1946
The Desert Horseman Townsman 1946
Colorado Serenade Townsman 1946
The Gentleman from Texas Barfly 1946
In Old Sacramento Posse Member 1946
Joe Palooka, Champ Fight Spectator 1946
Badman's Territory Townsman 1946
The Caravan Trail Barfly 1946
Alias Billy the Kid Townsman 1946
Thunder Town Henchman 1946
Romance of the West Townsman 1946
Roaring Rangers Barfly 1946
Drifting Along Townsman 1946
Gun Town Townsman 1946
The Fighting Guardsman Bandit 1946
San Antonio Townsman 1945
Frontier Gal Barfly 1945
Lonesome Trail Townsman 1945
Navajo Kid Barfly 1945
Saratoga Trunk Man at Station 1945
Lawless Empire Townsman 1945
Northwest Trail Barfly 1945
Dakota Barfly 1945
Fighting Bill Carson Townsman 1945
The Lost Trail Barfly 1945
Song of Old Wyoming Townsman 1945
Marshal of Laredo Townsman 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Barfly 1945
Bandits of the Badlands Townsman 1945
Phantom of the Plains Townsman 1945
Stagecoach Outlaws Townsman 1945
West of the Pecos Townsman 1945
Three in the Saddle Rancher 1945
Gentle Annie Townsman 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Cowboy Audience Member 1945
Under Western Skies Barfly 1945
Belle of the Yukon Miner 1944
Can't Help Singing Townsman 1944
Dangerous Passage Barfly 1944
Oath of Vengeance Townsman 1944
Alaska Miner 1944
Cheyenne Wildcat Lynch Mob Member 1944
Tall in the Saddle Townsman 1944
The Last Horseman Barfly 1944
Spook Town Townsman 1944
Trial by Trigger Barfly 1944
The Scarlet Claw Villager In Pub 1944
Valley of Vengeance Settler 1944
Mojave Firebrand Townsman 1944
Outlaw Roundup Barfly 1944
Klondike Kate Miner 1943
The Renegade Barfly 1943
Law of the Saddle Rancher 1943
Wolves of the Range Bank Customer 1943
Cowboy Commandos Barfly 1943
Buckskin Frontier Townsman 1943
West of Texas Texas Ranger 1943
The Rangers Take Over Barfly 1942
Northwest Rangers Gambler 1942
Seven Sweethearts Wedding Guest 1942
Overland Stagecoach Railroad Worker 1942
Deep in the Heart of Texas Townsman 1942
Vengeance of the West Townsman 1942
Down Texas Way Townsman 1942
Home in Wyomin' Rodeo Hand 1942
North of the Rockies Fur Trapper 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Barfly 1942
Wild Bill Hickok Rides Barfly 1942
Road Agent Barfly 1941
Fighting Bill Fargo Townsman 1941
They Died with Their Boots On Trooper 1941
The Royal Mounted Patrol Fur Trapper 1941
Texas Kansas Barfly 1941
Honky Tonk Townsman 1941
Prairie Stranger Townsman 1941
Rawhide Rangers Townsman 1941
The Texas Marshal Townsman 1941
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe Townsman 1941
Law of the Range Henchman 1941
Hands Across the Rockies Trial Spectator 1941
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals Barfly 1941
Western Union Townsman 1941
Across the Sierras Townsman 1941
Billy the Kid's Range War Road Worker 1941
Beyond the Sacramento Townsman 1940
North West Mounted Police Trapper 1940
When the Daltons Rode Townsman 1940
Gun Code Henchman 1940
Winners of the West Townsman 1940
Adventures of Red Ryder Barfly / Barfly [Ch. 7] 1940
Prairie Law Townsman 1940
Texas Stagecoach Townsman 1940
The Man from Tumbleweeds Townsman 1940
Covered Wagon Trails Henchman at Trading Post 1940
The Cheyenne Kid Barfly 1940
Pioneer Days Barfly 1940
Destry Rides Again Barfly 1939
The Marshal of Mesa City Townsman 1939
The Adventures of the Masked Phantom Henchman 1939
In Old Monterey Townsman 1939
The Oklahoma Kid Would-Be Settler 1939
The Law West of Tombstone Barfly 1938
The Baroness and the Butler Member of Parliament 1938
Riders of the Dawn Posse Rider 1937
Empty Holsters Townsman 1937
Reckless Ranger Sheepman 1937
They Gave Him a Gun German Machine Gunner 1937
Hit the Saddle Barfly 1937
Ranger Courage Settler 1937
Lawless Land Townsman 1936
The Sunday Round-Up Townsman 1936
Charlie Chan at the Race Track Racetrack Patron 1936
Wildcat Trooper Barfly 1936
The Man from Guntown Teamster 1935
Law of the Wild Townsman 1934
The Fighting Champ Townsman 1932
The Mark of Zorro Trial Spectator 1920
20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea Undetermined Secondary Role 1916
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